DMX Discusses Potential George Zimmerman Boxing Match

posted Friday February 07 ,2014 at 01:15PM CST | 35 comments

DMX Discusses Potential George Zimmerman Boxing Match

DMX says he's confident he can defeat George Zimmerman in a potential boxing match despite being outweighed by more than 40 pounds.

DMX says that he would win his potential boxing match with George Zimmerman, even though Zimmerman outweighs him by more than 40 pounds.

“It doesn’t matter,” DMX says in an interview with Fox Carolina News. "When you fight with your heart, you’re always gonna win.”

The report says that DMX is 6’ and 160 pounds and that Zimmerman is 5’7” and 204 pounds.

Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, a world kickboxing champion and founder and CEO of the 9Round kickboxing fitness chain, was interviewed about the potential match by Fox Carolina News. He said there is a key component to evaluating fighters. 

“I don’t know how good DMX or his opponent George can take a punch,” Hudson said. "No matter how good you are, if you get hit and you can’t take it, it’s over.”

Nonetheless, Hudson said who he thought would win a fight between the two.

“I’m going to put my money on DMX ‘cause, you know, he’s wiry,” Hudson said. "He’s obviously in better condition probably just by looking [at him]. But who knows.” 

Even though the match has been discussed, DMX says that he is not officially slated to fight Zimmerman.

“I was challenged,” DMX says. "I still haven’t decided if I was really going to do it. But if I did do it, whatever money that was supposed to go to him would have to go to charity...[I] will gladly be the [expletive] out of him.”

In July 2013, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter. He was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin in 2012. Martin was 17. 

The official date, time and location of the boxing match between Zimmerman and his yet-to-be-named opponent are set to be announced February 12. The boxing match is slated to last three rounds. 

Zimmerman has said that he will donate the money he earns for the event to a charity. 

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  • Anonymous
    "Yet Floyd beat the brakes off Marquez" Nobody holds Marquez in the same light as Manny though. Manny has been partying too much and just needs motivation. Are you understanding this, kid, or are you just a Floyd bandwagon jumper who watches a few fights and thinks he's the greatest of all time?
  • holdingcell
    dmx is walking right into zimmermans trap. this a lose Lose situation for DMX.
  • Anonymous
    I hope DMX doesn't go through with this. ... fuck Zimmerman
  • Heat357
    What makes zimmerman a criminal?
  • sumguy
    Please don't promote this. It's only gona put payola in that criminal Zimmerman pocket. It's going to give him press time. He needs to stay broke.
  • Anonymous
    they need to get dmx sober and in the gym before he fight this dude
  • George
  • IROC
    Really sad Black people are entertaining this Racist who got away with murder talking about fighting this dude to put money in his pockets naming rap artist who cant fight one addicted to drugs and another who is into fashion and another who is just a rapper who might could box but needs training you can bet your last dollar this Racist is training , And people on here making lame remarks about Floyd 'Money'Mayweather you can just stop it hes a proven champion , Pacman is full of steriods that big head and muscles popping out his 5'4 frame he looks like a little pony
  • C
    The only reason Zimmerman is doing this is cause he can't get a job. That's why is said Kanye would be perfect. DMX and Game are falling into his trap.
    • Anonymous
      When white men cant get jobs first thing they do is run to niggas
  • Anonymous
    "either one would be suitable" Floyd has been fighting cream puffs, and the one fighter who is his equal he's afraid to fight.
    • Riley Freeman
      Yet Floyd beat the brakes off Marquez who knocked Manny the fuck out...and had another bout go to Manny that EVERYBODY knew should have went to Marquez. Nigga you gay.
    • Anonymous
      cream puffs or not he could still train a nigga to beat the breaks off Zimmerman
  • Anonymous
    What happens if DMX loses to a racist murderer? And what happens if he beats a racist murderer? this ends up bad either way
  • Anonymous
    Looks more like 145. Is this really taking place? lol
  • Denise Valadez
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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Imagine Zimmerman winning though. DMX should train with Floyd man.
    • Anonymous
      If he wants to win he should train with Manny.
    • Anonymous
      either one would be suitable
    • Will $teel
      LOL id I think he should def train wit da dude whose never lost over a dude who keeps losin n KNOCKED OUT nonetheless
    • Anonymous
      If he wants to take a mat nap, he should train with Manny.
  • chris
    I don't think you have to say "accused of murder." We know he killed him. Just say he committed homicide.
    • Anonymous
      Why would you call it a homicide when he wasn't arrested?
    • Anonymous
      because it's still homicide in your mouth
    • Anonymous
      Cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop!
  • onsomerealshit
    Zimmerman = Winning! the more hate/ abuse you throw at him the more your culture looks bad. Plus you're getting him paid. Tough is not going to be the way they describe you. Be smart America.
    • Anonymous
      Zimmerman a slave puppet who cant get no job and running out of the fundraiser money u white racist donated to him so he can cheat his murder conviction.. now he gotta cling on to black rappers and controversy just to have money to live
  • Anonymous
    Good to see this nigga X finally got a drivers license! That should cut down his arrests by about 75%!
  • DX Staff
    As you can see, we clearly don't give a flying fuck if you're hating. We do this shit for a muthafucking living and we not trying to kiss y'all poor asses just so we can go broke. This is our bread and got damn butter here & y'all fucking this shit up. Fuck bitches, get money!
  • Strapead
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    • Anonymous
      FAIL, wheres yo link scrub
  • Jungz
    HELL NAW!!!
  • Hip Hop Fan
    Stop promoting this bullshit!
    • Dx Staff
      Fuck you, nigga! We getting P-A-I-D PAID! PAID PAID PAID PAID PAID! Thorow that money up real high if you feeling the vibe!