Chief Keef Sued For Allegedly Backing Out Of Cleveland Cancer Charity Concert

posted Tuesday February 04 ,2014 at 01:40PM CST | 20 comments

Chief Keef Sued For Allegedly Backing Out Of Cleveland Cancer Charity Concert

Chief Keef backed out of a charity concert hours before he was slated to appear, according to a lawsuit.

Chief Keef allegedly backed out of a Cleveland breast cancer charity concert hours before he was slated to appear, according to TMZ.

Kim Productions says it paid the Chicago rapper at $15,000 deposit to perform at the RapCure cancer benefit in June 2013, court documents say.

The lawsuit claims Chief Keef did not show up on time, which led to the cancellation of the concert and a refund to ticketholders.

Kim Productions is seeking $26,000, which includes the $15,000 deposit and another $2,500 paid to Chief Keef for travel, as well as the cost for the theater, lights, equipment, advertising and ticket refunding, TMZ says. 

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  • imho
    as if cancer children didnt have enough issues their forced to sit thru a retards concert and try to make out bar by bar what hes saying.. 2 Ls for this 1 for hiring chief keef to perform for sick kids 2 for thinking of chief keef.
  • bswag
    You pay Keef 15k for a show ..AND all in advance then you certainly deserve that.
  • Anonymous
    Chief Keef only likes sucking and spewing on breasts, not about lumps on them.
  • Auntie Shequesha
    ohhhhhhhh lawd I done bouwt deez here chief keef tickets fo all 17 of my childrens day cum up to me and be like mama we wanna see dat nigga chief keef and im lik oooooo child u kno I don't get dat check till da first, u kno I gots to git my weave dun n shiiittt. day be like mama we want see dat nigga keef so tukk my big azzz purse out n gave dem niggas like 20 dollars, dat be my crack money but I be fuckin wit dat nigga jamal down da block he got me dat shitt I send my childrens down dat concert and dat mutha fucka gon sho up late fo his shitt? man fuck dat nigga my childrens aint fidden giv me my mutha fuckin 20 dollaws bac n shitt when see dat nigga ima sit my 300 poun black ass on his face, shiiittt
  • Chimpout
    ook ook eek eek
  • Anonymous
    You would think they would get a female rapper to rep a breast cancer fundraiser
  • White is right
    The world will instantly become a better place once this chimpanzee is locked away. Rappers keep showing us that their not capable of living in the modern world and that their genetics will be wiped out soon enough.
    • Anonymous
      fuck locking him away and costing tax payers money someone just shoot him whats a bullet cost. he probably got some payback coming his way anyways
  • Chris Etrata
    When's keef joining gucci in prison?
  • Pfft
    Women have it bad enough suffering with breast cancer. They shouldn't have to listen to Chief Keef. That just makes things a lot worse.
  • Anonymous
    Their first mistake was hiring Chief Keef for a charity event.
    • Anonymous
    • Mega-Mike
      was thinking the same thing, who the fuck hires chief queef for A CHARITY EVENT?
  • Anonymous
    Just pay them the money out of court Sosa, small things to a giant. #3hunna
    • Anonymous
      Keef is not a giant. This is like the 10th lawsuit hes facing for missed shows or child support. If he can't show up to his shows and hes always locked up or on probation the money wont be coming in. He only sold 241k albums in a year.
    • Anonymous
      He's a giant compared to your broke ass.
    • Anonymous
      ^You shouldn't talk/type.
    • Anonymous
      "He's a giant compared to your broke ass." Yeah but I will live to see 30. He will be dead, locked up or broke and addicted to crack.