Isaiah Rashad Says "Cilvia Demo EP" Sums Up His Life In 10 Tracks

posted Tuesday January 28 ,2014 at 02:50PM CST | 26 comments

Isaiah Rashad Says

Isaiah Rashad solely focused on making music following TDE signing, says his "whole life has changed."

With today’s (January 28) release of Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo EP, the Top Dawg Entertainment signee now serves as the first artist from TDE to release a project in 2014. Isaiah addressed his newly-released project during a recent interview with Revolt TV.

The Tennessee rapper commented on taking listeners for a ride on Cilvia Demo EP and compared the project to the feeling that comes with spending a long night with friends..

“I gotta emphasize that this my first project. But in my project Cilvia I just wanna take you on a ride,” Isaiah said. “Imagine like getting off work at like six o’clock, 6 PM. And like you don’t go home. You with your homies. And you get home at 6 AM. That’s what my project is. And I don’t wanna give you like a sum up of my whole life, but I can give you like the past two, three years. I can sum it up in 10 tracks. 10 cool ass tracks and that’s what I’mma give niggas.”

Isaiah signed to TDE early last year, a moment he recently referred to as a “blessing,” and as a result now joins the likes of SZA, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q, and Kendrick Lamar. The Southern emcee briefly spoke on being signed to a label that features one of music’s biggest rappers.

“Imagine being—not necessarily a rapper, but being an artist,” he said. I draw from what’s happening right now all the time. I draw from the conversations that’s happening right now. And all I can think to rap about is I’m around the biggest rapper in the world and my whole life has changed. Like signing [and] being where I’m at really just put me in the middle of all I gotta do is make music. And you never think about how much pressure you can put on yourself when all you gotta do is make music…Rapping and making music [the] only shit that really give me some type of peace of mind.”

Towards the end of last year, TDE head Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith revealed that his label plans on releasing six albums this year. Tiffith shared the news in a post made to his Twitter account on December 22, 2013.

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Comments 26 Posts

  • CPT
    I didnt know what to expect from this album either, but once i sat down, smoked one, and took a listen, I immediately loved it. He's definently got my support now.
    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...
      Same here, man. Same here.
  • Anonymous
    Still can't get past that wack ass cypher verse & his last 2 leaks were terrible
    • Anonymous
      that r.i.p. kevin miller song goes hard
  • Anonymous
    I couldn't fit what happened yesterday in 10 tracks. These dudes need to get over themselves
    • Anonymous
      lol that would be the most boring 10 tracks of all time
  • Mee Jones
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  • Anonymous
    I meant to say big fan of Rashad, but big fan of Kendrick to lol
  • Anonymous
    Big fan of Kendrick, but I think you meant 14 tracks Rashad, it's a 14 track EP, and btw it's a EP, does that count on the 6 album releases?
    • Anonymous
      you cant call it an ep if theres 14 tracks LOL thats basically an album some cats put out albums with 8 or 9 songs these days
    • Anonymous
      its basically 10 don't take it so literal. the intro is nothing crazy in terms of content, and the remix to shot you down is a bonus. the project itself doesn't really feel like an album tbh, its all over the place, so an EP is pretty much what it is.
    • Anonymous
      anything less than 10 songs is an ep, 10 and up is an album
  • Anonymous
    dude sounds verrry similar to kendrick this mite b a problem for him
    • Anonymous
      or it might be the greatest thing for him and his family ride the wave and get the money
  • DJ Game
    if all it takes is 10 tracks to sum up your life, I really have no interest in anything you have to talk about. Also, why would you release more music if you wrote about everything already in 10 songs. im confused.
    • Anonymous
      I think your'e taking it a little too literally
    • Anonymous
    • d-nucks
      stop over thinking shit and just listen to it...if you dont' like it..move on
    • jat
      If you really have absolutely no interest in listening to his 10 tracks just because he summarized all of his life struggles thus far, you are being an ignorant fuck. Listen to his music before you say shit.
  • Anonymous
    I read rumors that the black hippy members were not getting paid their royalties. I read they were planning to leave TDE in 2014 and sue him for getting raped out of money.
    • da
      Where the fuck did you read that?
    • HELLO
    • Anonymous
      I attended the grammys and k dot told me he was getting screwed over by the label.
    • Listen
      No one here is going to believe that you went to the Grammys and Kendrick just decided to tell you something he has never mentioned before. Nice try though.
    • Anonymous
      Everything you just said describes Drake and Young Money.
    • Anonymous
      royalties from what niggah? LOL