Russell Simmons Says Kendrick Lamar "Is Absolutely A Better Rapper" Than Macklemore

posted Tuesday January 28 ,2014 at 12:35PM CST | 94 comments

Russell Simmons Says Kendrick Lamar

Russell Simmons also says that he wishes he would have been a part of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love."

Russell Simmons said he understands why Macklemore did well at the Grammys Sunday (January 26), including winning Best Rap Album for The Heist, the Seattle rapper’s album with Ryan Lewis. But the Def Jam Recordings co-founder said that he thinks Kendrick Lamar is a better artist.

"Kendrick is absolutely a better rapper, and Macklemore had one of the most inspiring, socially conscious songs of the year and that is what did well for him,” Simmons said during an AMA yesterday (January 27), likely referring to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love,” which was nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammys. "He’s a great rapper, but there is no evidence anywhere that he’s a better artist than Lamar."

Nonetheless, Simmons says that he wished he could have been a part of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” single and that Macklemore has what he’s looking for in Hip Hop right now.

"Lyrics & social consciousness,” Simmons said. "Someone with lyrics & flow like Kendrick, with the social message of Macklemore. Poets should touch peoples’ hearts, and possessing that ability is what’s most important."

Macklemore says that his four Grammy wins Sunday have both positive and negative aspects, including winning Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city

“It’s the blessing and the curse, a little bit more the curse,” the Seattle rapper said during an interview with New York radio station Hot 97 that was published yesterday (January 27). “First and foremost, Kendrick [Lamar] is a friend of mine. He’s somebody that I love his music and, in my opinion, had the best Rap album of the year. And knowing how the Grammys usually go, I knew that there would be a great chance that we’d win that award and, in essence, rob Kendrick. That’s what happened tonight. It kind of sucks. I think we made a great album. I think that Kendrick made a better Rap album.”

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  • SOmething
    What's better than Macklemore? Well the song In this comment for starters!
  • Anonymous
    "Macklemore said Kendrick had the better album and that he robbed him. Thats gotta count for something" Do the see the grammy committee changing their minds?
    • Anonymous
      they dont have to. the people know who had the best rap album of the year. thats why he went plat while your fav rapper didnt
  • Anonymous
    "no one gets into the rap game to stay broke and underground" True, everybody acts like Kendrick is above the usual clichs and he's not.
    • Anonymous
      You couldn't be more wrong. " I thought I wanted jewelry and cars, but as soon as I got a taste, I realized it wasn't fulfillment. A thrill is being as creative as possible and supporting the people I love."
  • Lil Ass Tricksta
    Funny how everybody got a problem with Kendrick losing, except Kendrick himself.
  • Anonymous
    macklemore had the more successful album with more popular singles and did it independently...kendricks album was better but it shouldnt be a surprise mackelmore won
    • 614grind
      Well said.
    • Anonymous
      You can't say it's better if it didn't win.
  • gzqgzqg
    big sean > macklemore
    • Anonymous
      oh gawd
  • Mee Jones
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  • Anonymous
    "No way man, Kdot won't sellout" Aside from DMX, they all do.
    • Anonymous
      no one gets into the rap game to stay broke and underground some people can reach greater audiences without sacrificing their artistic integrity while others simply have none to being with
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    No it took him that long to figure that out really, come on Russell everyone know that
  • twoholla
    The thing is the GRAMMYS was never made for US (ppl of color) or to represent US. Recently Chuck D performed & was interviewed on the Arsenio Hall Show, where they showed clip of him the first time on that show as a young Chuck D & he stated in snippet that if we're not careful, WE LOSE RAP LIKE WE LOST JAZZ. Chuck D also stated, that one time, RAP was the only voice that Blacks had to communicate with each other & the world because politically & socially that wasn't happening. Suprisingly someone else who is echo-ing similar sentiments, yet in a more abrasive & controversial way is LORD JAMAR. I don't agree with the way he is saying it but it's basically the TRUTH. All forms of American Music (Rock N Roll, Blues, Jazz, Soul) which all came from the Blacks experience in America has all eventually been co-opted once corporate entities & the mainstream have been able to fully exploit it & 'CASH-IN' on it. So in other words, Blacks & other ppl of color will create a new artform of music (like they've done so many times before) that critics will cite as not being music (remember the early days of Rap?). But in the meantime, I think the best way we all can 'KEEP RAP' is to start getting our 'rapfix' from listening to & supporting the 'underground' & focus less on the the corporate-sponsored & most popular emcees. There are thousands upon thousands of DOPE emcees & crews out there who are staying true to the core values of the Hip Hop culture. If we support them with our interest, money, & support, more & more crews will focus on crafting better worthwhile timeless music!
    • SpeedoMonkey
      I agree Hip-Hop needs to be revamped to be more lyrical again, but I also don't think it's right to say that only blacks can use it. Look at Eminem. I mean, if that were the case, Basketball would be a whites-only sport. I say get rid of all the twerking/sellout rappers, and promote the good underground guys. Continue to support guys like Hopsin and K Dot, and this genre will get back on its feet. I think this year will be a good one by the way, with a new Slaughterhouse, D12, Kendrick Lamar, Wu-Tang, and Hopsin album in the works, as well as several more artists. Most of ya'll won't like it, but Macklemore is also releasing a new album this year or the next, and yes I agree he "robbed Kendrick." At least he acknowledges it. But I do think Hip-Hop needs to go back to it's old lyrical and genius ways, but this time not bring in gang violence. Rap about violence sure, but we don't want our favorites dying. That just means less music.
    • A Person
      Maybe its just me, but I really don't have too much of a problem with lyrics talking about violence. I mean, it is a real issue that people have to deal with, and part of hip hop is the authenticity, the view of all sides rather than just the positive. Nas, Outkast, Wu Tang, Raekwon, Run The Jewels and a bunch more are dropping albums this year that I am hyped for. (and Elzhi...) On another note, I really never cared all that much for Hopsin. Not that he is bad, but he just doesn't seem all that great to me.
    • Anonymous
      hip-hop should just make their own awards show like country music did! the country music awards are a fucking huge thing now. with no many multi millionaire ceo's in rap i don't see why they couldn't make it happen. NEW RULES
    • Anonymous
      Chuck D is a bitter rich old man who pretends to hate the very system that was so good to him. The Grammy's award achievements, and Macklemore achieved more than Kendrick did. End of story.
    • Skool 4 Klownz
      ^They tried that with The Source Awards back then. Problem was that it was during the peak of gangsta rap and too violent. They could do it now since gangsta rap is not as popular as it was. @twoholla. I understand what you sayin, you know history repeats itself. We'll just create some new sound and get it to pop off.
    • Anonymous
      "and Macklemore achieved more than Kendrick did. End of story" Macklemore said Kendrick had the better album and that he robbed him. Thats gotta count for something.
    • Anonymous
      "The thing is the GRAMMYS was never made for US (ppl of color) or to represent US." neither were the oscars... things change. macklemore won because the album and songs were very popular not because he is white.
    • Anonymous
      And chuck d is a legend and one of the best to do it. But why is there this 'take it from us' attitude when it comes to music. Genres aren't owned by particular people. Should all the white kids who bought a hip hop album get their money back? Or is it okay to support it but not to want to be a part of it? Their argument is stupid.
  • SpeedoMonkey
    I hate how people label Macklemore as a "pop artist." Sure, his singles were pop-orientated, but if you listen to some of his other tracks, you'd see he has a different side to him. Just look up "Jimmy Iovine." I may not agree with his stance on gay marriage, and K Dot should'v won, but Macklemore is talented. He just comes at the industry from another angle, and no, I don't care if you like it. I honestly prefer Eminem, Hopsin, and those kinda rappers above him. But hey, I think his whole career is a giant misconception. The guy is shunning corporations, standing up for indie artists, and we treat him like crap because his viewpoints differ ours. If anything, we can at least be proud of his struggle to make it independently. But nahh, ya;ll can think what you want. Just hit me up when you get his success independently.
    • Anonymous
      "and we treat him like crap because his viewpoints differ ours. If anything, " all while give lil wayne a pass for kissing men on the mouth and wearing girls pants
  • ztata
    Rick ross > macklemore
    • Anonymous
      if we're talking about weight and cholesterol sure
  • Anonymous
    "That's what happens when you make pop music" Well then I guess your Kendrick better get wise and do the same thing.
    • Anonymous
      No way man, Kdot won't sellout.
    • Anonymous
      he had drake on his album. he is already on the way.
  • Anonymous
    "lil wayne and birdman kiss each other on the mouth and got a pass but black people are mad at a song about equality and gay rights.... they of all people should understand that, seeing how their ancestors were all slaves." yeah two weirdos with multiple children by multiple women have a weird kiss fetish in their personal lives and the world moves on......two white rappers have a rap music video promoting gay marriage and they win Grammies and the world stops spinning. a white homosexual even made the comment that all Black peoples ancestors were slaves and that equality based on skin color is the same as equality on fucking another man in the anus or two women licking each others vagina.
    • Anonymous
      see what i mean? hes giving them a pass calling it a weird kiss fetish because he's racist and bitter. you cant tell me wayne and birdman are not flaming homos. the children are a cover up.
    • Anonymous
      if lil wayne made same love the same racists would be praising him.
    • Anonymous
      birdman is a fucking child predator/ pedophile/ homosexual but people are mad about a gay rights song LOLOLOL
  • No shit nigga!
    I think Beanie Sigel is harder than Drake too
  • muzno
    Macklemore is the worst artist of this era
    • Anonymous
      Nah, that'd go to Chief Keef.
    • Russell Simmons
      I think Kenthrick is better too but thop hating on Macklemore. He hath talent
    • Anonymous
      there are plenty a lot worse than macklemroe. keef, drake, montana, current wayne etc.
  • mpOl
    Mack isn't THAT bad, sure he isn't as great as kendrick, sure his album isn't a classic like Kendrick's album... but he isn't trash
  • grevolutionarlu
    Like msot peopel are saying, macklemore deserves to die for winning with a 5/10 album
  • g
    Macklemore isn't even top 5 of this gen
  • Inspecteur Gadget
    cacklemore too trash
    • Anonymous
      cacklemore. I haven't heard that one before. do you have any other original lines for us?
    • macklemore is a fag
      ya how about analmore you fucking faggot