Fabolous Says A Macklemore Win At The BET Hip Hop Awards Would Be Surprising

posted Monday January 27 ,2014 at 04:00PM CST | 23 comments

Fabolous Says A Macklemore Win At The BET Hip Hop Awards Would Be Surprising

Fabolous credits Macklemore for being "a good artist," says his commercial appeal fits into what the Grammy Awards celebrate.

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous took time to address fellow emcee Macklemore’s numerous wins at last night’s (January 26) Grammy Awards during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take today (January 27). When asked if Macklemore is overrated, Fab gave props to the Seattle lyricist for being a good artist and setting a good example for independent artists.

“I wouldn’t say he’s overrated,” Fabolous said. “I think he’s a good artist. I think he makes great music. And he’s one of the new artists that’s came in on the independent wave. So, I think he’s definitely done a lot for that whole wave too as well. So, I think he’s a good artist.”

In regards to Macklemore’s recent Grammy wins, Fab revealed that he would have been more surprised if Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won at an awards show similar to the BET Hip Hop Awards. He then credited the duo’s four Grammy wins on the pair being “more commercial.”

“If it would have been maybe at the BET Hip Hop Awards [it would have been] surprising," he said. "I think he’s more commercial and it fits in the kind of music that the Grammys celebrates and is looking for…There’s guys who’ve had tremendous success who’ve never won Grammys…50 Cent has sold millions and millions of records he’s not a Grammy winner because of maybe his style of music or whatever. But I think Macklemore fits in there."

During last night’s Grammy Awards, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took home Grammys for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Song.

In a series of text messages sent to fellow Grammy nominee Kendrick Lamar following the awards show, Macklemore stated that he “robbed” the Compton rapper of a Grammy win.

"You got robbed," Macklemore said via text message. "I wanted you to win. You should have. It's weird and sucks that I robbed you."

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Comments 23 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Fuck viacom
  • Dash
    I love the cowardly comments that come from the scariest peckerwoods who remain anonymous..Anyhow If macklemore was five shades darker,those grammy awards wouldn't of been handed to him.
    • Anonymous
      i love the butthurt comments by nerdy niggars
  • DJ shadowmack
    Black people step ya game up no no let me changed that commercial black rappers step ya game up
  • Anonymous
    Where was all the outrage when The Carter 3 beat Jay Nas and Lupe for a Grammy? At least Macklemore's music has some substance.
  • smh
  • Anonymous
    macklemore got all this credit for being unsigned, yet grammys and everyone else ignored Blu Below The Heavens a few years ago and that was best album of that yr...shame
    • TaZzZ
      The difference is that it never cracked radio, charts, and you could barely find a physical copy anywhere (trust me I searched). Mack made a great business move by making a major distribution deal and getting the push to radio and mainstream media. Not to discredit Blu because I think that album is one of the best of the decade, but that album wasn't promoted as it should and thus never took off. Plus, Mack caters far more to mainstream radio sensibilities than Blu ever has (he barely masters his more recent work). Theres not really a comparison there, its less about unsigned and more about an independent artist breaking radio and changing the way rappers operate business-wise (look at Chance turning down deals left and right, to name one)...
    • wds
      plz dont talk about blu. white rappers only.
  • Anonymous
    lol it hasnt been called Cold Pizza in like 2 yrs
  • Anonymous
    BET better not even acknowledge macklemore, they dont acknowledge Tyler The creator and the rest of Odd future, they better not even mention macklemore who is trash
    • TaZzZ
      You just mentioned Tyler and OF and then called Macklemore trash? Cmon man, Tyler is sophomoric at best, adults can't relate to his content 90% of the time. Mack is a much better songwriter and chooses far more accessible production, a far better formula for success, especially in the mainstream... Not saying Mack will ever be accepted in the world of BET, especially if he continues to talk about content that makes people so fucking uncomfortable, but he has a better chance than Tyler...
    • Anonymous
      once you get past his attempt to shock, tyler and earl for that matter has BARS, i think Wolf, tylers last album was good and far less extreme.
  • j
    It's a shame neither are really respectable when you see antoine dodson at the bet's and macklemore winning at the grammmys. Both are fucked up. Outside of rap, the grammys gave Taylor Swift best female vocal performance a few years ago when anyone with half an ear can hear she can't sing in key. Kendrick got snubbed at the grammy's and maybe now music industry people (who are the ones who vote) will pay attention because of his performance with Imagine Dragons. Like he wasn't on their radar before and that's what it takes to get noticed. Sad, Sad, Sad
  • Anonymous
    The BET Hip Hop Awards don't count.
  • Los
    When did they start showing cold pizza again?
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    We have our awards and they have theirs.
  • Anonymous
    Ha,why?...just because that fake king of NY didn't win some fucked grammies?
    • Anonymous
      jay-z did win 1
    • regal84
      Because a white rapper pushing a pro gay agenda won over the kid that had the most critically acclaimed album in a decade..
  • Anonymous
    its called first take not cold pizza. ESPN could sue for that. better change it
  • No1FabFan
    Fab is direct,nice for pointing straight out the truth