Ice Cube's "Ride Along" Set To Make $40 Million At Box Office This Weekend

posted Saturday January 18 ,2014 at 11:35AM CST | 46 comments

Ice Cube's

Ice Cube's "Ride Along" is poised to be the #1 movie at the box office this weekend.

Ice Cube’s Ride Along film earned $14.4 million in its first day of release yesterday (January 17) and is expected to earn about $40 million during the four-day weekend, reports.

Ride Along, which also stars Kevin Hart, is expected to be the #1 movie at the box office this weekend,’s story says. 

If Ride Along hits $40 million during the Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend, it would be the second-highest opening film during the holiday, after 2008’s Cloverfield, which opened with $46.1 million.

Ice Cube’s next album, Everythangs Corrupt, is slated for a May 13 release.

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  • Concerned
    Just wanted to see if the site was planning on fixing the comment section? Maybe require registration. Stop focusing on ad revenue and focus on your readers' opinions. It's infuriating to see all the removed nonsense and all the instigating from immature commenters. Just my opinion though.
  • A Nigga On Cube's Dick
    Fuck you niggas hating on Cube, dude is still one of the G.O.A.T's no matter what y'all say!
  • Rochelle Foote
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  • retarded people watch cube
    Cube cant act or make movies. His movies are for retarded people. He aint funny at all, but dumb american people laugh about everything here, in europe we dont watch that crap. I will not be suprised if you dumb amricans give him in the future an oscar.
    • Wow
      Stfu...Lean how to spell and write first, retard.
    • retarded people watch cube
      @ wow lean???????
    • Katt Williams
      @Wow Thou shall not talk shit about others when your ass is doing terrible.
    • Anonymous
      yeah, everything europeans put out is classic. get over yourself.
  • 666 devils
  • jasonnns
  • rabbit mask devils 666
    666 crazy devils
  • Anonymous
    That would be good, consedering the fact that they spent 80 million to make this bullshit movie
    1 - YOUR BOY KEVIN FART 2 - Katt Williams 3 - Dave Chappelle 4 - Chris Rock 5 - Bill Cosby
  • Jaheim
    Yeah, this nigga better stick to acting, cause any song he made after 1993 is TRASH.
    • Anonymous
      Natural Born Killaz
    • Jaheim
      ^^ Like I said, TRASH.
    • Anonymous
      that song is trash? lol. I wouldn't want to look through your cd collection.
  • Anonymous
    There's a new group call cb4 wit: officer ricki. wale. plies. n gunplay
  • Anonymous
    Good for them! Ice Cube makes some thoughtful funny stuff! Kevin Hart is highlarious he's right up there as best comedian around. As far as all time black comedians... 1. Eddie murphy 2. Richard prior 3. Chris rock 4. Dave Chappelle 5. Katt Williams 6. Kevin. Hart
    • BX2DaDeath
      Have you ever heard of Redd Foxx?
    • BX2DaDeath
      Murphy Pryor Foxx Rock, Chapelle, Williams and Hart are amateurs.
    • Anonymous
      You must REALLY be on crack to find Kevin Hart a funny nigga
    • Anonymous
      Dave amateur naww
    • Anonymous
      Katt Williams? lol
  • Anonymous
    An Ice cube movie? You cant pay me to watch that garbage. 17% on rotten tomatoes lmao.
    • Lex
      17% on Rotten Tomatoes? So what? You let some site create your opinion? Go watch it yourself. Maybe you'll like it.
  • Anonymous
    This is Cube's first genuine success in a long while. Everything else has been mediocre
    • Anonymous
      21 Jump Start was a success.
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      Ahhh... forgot about that.
    • Anonymous
      Are We There Yet? TV series
  • Mylie
    Ice Cube still has it!
    • True
      He does. It's good to see people supporting him. I needed a break from 12 years a slave type movies (nothing wrong with them). I need some feel good African American movies.
    Anyone seen this is it any good? Kevin Hart aint funny to me nigga stays doin corny jokes
    • Anonymous
      I thought I was the only one who thought that. Kevin Hart to me is extremely overrated.
    • Its loaded
      Hes trash not funny at all lot of ppl agree the comments on worldstar on his videos are funny niggas just obliterate his short ass
  • Anonymous
    This is definately Hart's time to shine.
    • Anonymous
      i dont get why hes so big, is it because he's a midget?
    • Anonymous
      Because he's hilarious.
    • Anonymous
      hilariously short
    • Anonymous
      hilariously corny.
  • Anonymous
    that'd be dope, congrats