Actor-Musician Jared Leto Would Marry Kanye West Over Kim Kardashian

posted Friday January 17 ,2014 at 05:15PM CST | 19 comments

Actor-Musician Jared Leto Would Marry Kanye West Over Kim Kardashian

Jared Leto says that he knows Kanye West better and that, "we always have an interesting conversation."

On a segment of MTV’s “Would You Rather," actor-musician Jared Leto said that he would rather marry Kanye West than Kim Kardashian.

“I know Kanye better,” Leto says during the interview. "There’s a basis of a relationship, and we always have an interesting conversation. And being able to talk to your spouse I could imagine as being a really important thing to do. You have to have an eternal conversation, if you're going to be in a relationship. You have to be with someone you can talk to about anything, forever. So, I'd have to pick Kanye."

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  • s
    I agree with the below comments. DX has turned into a gossip column. I wish I didn't click on it, but I did.... So Editors, if you see this all I can ask is that you Don't print more stories like this. You had something but your hanging on by a thread
  • Mylie
    What kind of fucking shit is this HHDX? you call this news? what a fucking joke. i love this site been here for years but shit like this pisses me off!
  • Jim
    I don't usually comment but I have to say something about how fucking stupid this "Story" is. I used to really enjoy HIPHOPDX for the news and interviews but really they've turned the material into a joke. HIPHOPDX is closer to The Onion than The Source
  • Me
    They said fuck competing with hiphop sites...they after that MTO fan base!
  • Anonymous
    Troll bait!!!!
    SMH at these gay ass HHDX editors
    • me
      Straight up
    • Soren Baker
    • La'Taurus Harrison
      You're supposed to comment, right?
  • No integrity
    What a cuntish site. Last visit ever here. Cunts
  • Anonymous
    DX isn't trying anymore. This article is nothing but troll bait. Site is going the way of RapBasement.
  • wadsdwd
    someone get this fag out of here.
  • HipHop DX
    This is a faggot site.
  • Sensaye Sixkiller
    For those wondering if HipHop DX has lost all integrity and's your proof. This is desperate that it's sad. Is Kanye really that fuckin' important? I mean come on...they'd pick up a snot rag Kanye left behind and due an 'exclusive' on the color of his boogers. What the fuck is going on here? This isn't even another hip-hop artist commenting on him. This shit just oozes desperation and lack of material. You motherfuckers are in desperate need of some fresh, creative minds over there.
    • HipHopDX
      And you are in desperate need of moving out of your mother's basement, fella. Wake up and smell the coffee. This is relevant news, the kind of hard hitting journalism that people want to read. Next week, we're posting a 3 part article on what type of cereal Lord Jamar likes to eat! Stay tuned!
  • Anonymous
    This might be the most irrelevant and useless article Hip Hop DX had ever posted.
  • Anonymous
    no homo
    • ^
      Yes homo. Proves that Kayne is gay.
    • Anonymous
      no it proves that leto is bisexual or gay