Juicy J Announces $50,000 Twerk Scholarship Winner

posted Monday January 13 ,2014 at 02:45PM CST | 32 comments

Juicy J Announces $50,000 Twerk Scholarship Winner

Juicy J Names Zaire Holmes winner of his $50,000 Twerk Schlorship, even though she did not twerk in her application video.

Juicy J has announced that Zaire Holmes is the winner of his $50,000 Twerk Scholarship. Holmes is a 19-year-old student biology student at State College of Florida. 

Holmes did not twerk in her application video. “A lot of people thought that you had to twerk,” she said to Juicy J during his announcement video. "But you actually had to read the rules.”

“Read the rules,” Juicy J says. "See, that’s what you get for shakin’ your ass, thinkin’ you’re gonna get some money. It’s not always about shakin’ your ass."

In her video application for the scholarship, Holmes says that once she gets her AA from State College of Florida, she plans to transfer to the University of South Florida or the University of Florida. Holmes says the scholarship will cover her lab expenses.

“It’s surreal, but blessings come to people who wait, so I’m just going to be real chill and real humble,” Holmes says in the announcement video. "I kinda envisioned something like this happening in my lifetime.”

In his video, Juicy J explained why he selected Holmes for the scholarship. “I came from nothing,” he said. "I came from six people living in a two-bedroom apartment, hustling. [You] kinda remind me of myself coming up when I was 19. I was like really, really working hard.”

Juicy J’s announcement video and Zaire Holmes’ scholarship application videos are as follows:

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  • Anonymous
    HELL yea Juicy J
  • nessi
    WOW, and i thought this scholarship was all about twerking. and I was mad at the person sponsoring this, but now this man is a good person. Twerking will get you know where in life. Just because a girl have a nice body,that girl is nothing unless she make something of herself
    • marcmills
  • cool dude
    respect to Juicy J
  • R.Pgh
    Glad he didn't pick someone shaking their ass.
    • coffee brown
      that would've been one major face palm for the African American culture
  • Violator
    Congrats Zaire, you deserve it boo, great entrance video
  • fuck you J
    Fuck you juicy jay yo bitch ass piece of shit! makin young lost girls shake they asses for $ like strippers! You promote drugs and dumb down the community's!! why would yall listen to dudes that call they selfs 666 mafia they tellin yall they devils. wake up black people! if i saw you in person juicy jay i'd punch a whole threw your face!!!
  • COCA
    WORD UP SON!!!
  • mgruppe.com
    This is what happens if you think you know, instead of knowing. The media did the work for J. and dumb hos played themselves. Story put a smile on my face.
  • Anonymous
    Professor Juicy J is teaching these dumb bitches that reading is fundamental. People were making a big deal out of this and they didn't even read what it really took to win. Typical
  • Anonymous
  • aevjkvnqw
    lmfao J just trolled every lil slut out there
  • Good Black Brother esq
    I can feel her beautiful humble spirit and. Juicy J did a great deed and I salute him.
  • Anonymous
    fuck yeah Juice man
  • Anonymous
    She has nice tits
  • rodjilius
    i mean you cant blame them for actually twerking.. this is coming from someone who makes money off of applauding girls for shaking their asses.. but it is good to know someone who deserved it made it and that he was willing to do that
  • Anonymous
    Juicy got em with the fine print... Glad it went to sum1 who deserved it
  • Kathy Dillow
    just before I looked at the check four $8021, I didn't believe that my best friend was like they say realy receiving money parttime from there new laptop.. there neighbour haz done this 4 less than thirteen months and just now paid the loans on there house and bought a top of the range Lotus Esprit. check it out... www.Tec80.Com Cause he's been in the game for the long term and still succeeding! Keep going homie!
  • jasonnns
  • anonymous
    This was hilarious, bitches degraded themselves for nothing.
  • To juicy j
    If you've got money and wanna help ppl,just do it,don't make'em shake their asses like bitches before you help'em
    • juliaperry
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    • Anonymous
      didn't you hear him say read the rules, the were stupid and degraded their ownselves. The winner played it smart because she worked for it by not twerking and set an example to the others. Juicy j was showing people that there is another way to earn money instead of degrading yourself. Well done juicy.
    • fuccya
      So she set an example to thousand dumb twerking bitches? I doubt. They aint ashamed right now and wont mind doin it again and again coz theres real twerking contests out there and thats the easy way. For dumb to grind. Kinda sad, lol. Props to Juicy J & smart girl tho, doin right thing.
  • dentaldamboy
    If he were to really give a scholarship based on twerking, Miley would win because she has the biggest ass in the world. Shakira and Beyonce ain't got nothing on her.
  • Anonymous
    Good for Juicy J. He gets to pick a good young girl to give the scholarship to instead of girls just shaking there asses, and he got to watch videos a bunch of hot high school girls sent into him shaking there asses while doing it. A win win for Juicy J.
    • Anonymous
      lmao hell yea
  • DrebinSlevin
    Juicy J just trolled a bunch of wanna be Miley rachet chicks and I ain't even mad.
  • Doug
    Good for her and Juicy J. I've gained even more respect for him now. He's shaping up to be one of the GOATS - why? Cause he's been in the game for the long term and still succeeding! Keep going homie!
  • Anonymous
    good for her