Rap Genius Returns To Google After Misguided SEO Strategies

posted Saturday January 04 ,2014 at 04:33PM CST | 22 comments

Rap Genius Returns To Google After Misguided SEO Strategies

Rap Genius returns to the first page of Google search results after being removed due to misguided SEO strategies.

After a dispute in which Rap Genius self-deemed themselves as overstepping their boundaries and deserving "to get smacked," Google reinstated Rap Genius' SEO rankings.

The lyric website giant issued a statement recently explaining their actions saying:

"To Google and our fans: we’re sorry for being such morons. We regret our foray into irrelevant unnatural linking. We’re focused on building the best site in the world for understanding lyrics, poetry, and prose and watching it naturally rise to the top of the search results." The statement would go on to explain what happened in their eyes and promised their "misguided SEO strategies" would not happen again.

Originally, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, chose to remove the lyrics-dedicated website from being included on the first page of Google when a search is performed. They were accused of using a link scheme disguised as an “affiliate” program to alter their rankings on Google and specifically siting Rap Genius' lyric pages that contained songs off of Justin Bieber’s newly-released album, Journals.

Rap Genius was also targeted by the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) to either obtain licenses to publish lyrics or remove copyright lyrics from their sites.

Read Rap Genius' full statement here

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  • B Clown
    They're so sorry...But they got an even higher profile through this feud, and now have a deal signed with the big boys. I bet they're sorry all the way to the bank
  • 666 devils
  • Audrey Bucci
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  • Soetted
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  • DamnBee
    Damn. Now I get it. Looking at the picture of these three homosexuals they were probably like "what is this rap stuff?" and created a site to figure out what the lyrics meant. Blacks catch another L for having the rap game ripped off by white folk.
    • Anonymous
      2 of em aint even white they're like persian or some shit.
  • bird mask leather face
  • Anonymous
    those guys are the new level of hip hop
  • haha
    the three fags in the picture are the guys who run Rap Genius?
    • smdh
      we need our sit back
    • smdh
      i feel you ..and i know what ya thinking .. we need our shit back
    • Anonymous
      yes 3 rich boy culture vultures
  • jasonnns
  • myers 666
  • jasonnns
  • jasonnns
  • Anonymous
    I was wondering about that, every time I searched for lyrics, rapgenius wasn't there anymore I was thinking what had happened.
  • Anonymous
    they got off pretty easy... i thought google would have kept them off the main page for at least a month
  • Anonymous
    It's OK rapgenius as a site sucks anyway
    • Anonymous
      Name a site who does what they do better or even anywhere near as good.
    • Anonymous
      what do they do exactly? provide incorrect song lyrics and annotations to suburbans white kids who cant understand rap lyrics??? yeah they're the best at that!
    • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homiez worldwide!
      I noticed that too about RapGenius. Not so "genius" since sometimes the lyrics are WAY off. Not all that great of a site.