Scarface Says Hip Hop Is Intentionally Being Dumbed Down

posted Friday December 27 ,2013 at 03:45PM CST | 189 comments

Scarface Says Hip Hop Is Intentionally Being Dumbed Down

Scarface feels Hip Hop has become dumbed down because the genre was becoming too great.

While appearing on The Combat Jack Show this week, Houston rapper Scarface shared the details of a conspiracy theory he feels directly involves today’s Hip Hop. According to the Geto Boys emcee, today’s music, particularly Hip Hop, is being dumbed down by those with power.

“I be looking at shit like a conspiracy…That’s the way I feel about music, man,” Scarface said. “You know what I mean? I feel like the powers that be are intentionally dumbing down our craft, man. I feel like they dumbing us down. Because the dumbest shit I ever heard is on the radio right now.”

He further elaborated on his conspiracy theory as he commented on “urban Hip Hop” versus “suburban Hip Hop,” and spoke on how “dumb” Hip Hop has become. Scarface later suggested that the powers that be are dumbing down the genre because it was becoming too great.

“To paint the picture that I’m trying to paint to you guys is it seems like all our shit is sounding really stupid and really, really dumb. Really, really corny,” the Texas rapper said. “And then, you know, you got the other shit that sounds really, really [great]…I wanna say this shit as diplomatic and as responsible as I can…When urban Hip Hop sounds like this and suburban Hip Hop sounds like that, I kinda feel fucked up. You know? It’s like our shit fucked up and the powers that be pour salt on the wound…I don’t even look at it as a threat or it being too fucking powerful. I just look it as being too fucking great.”

Scarface made similar comments earlier this year during an interview with Hardknock TV when he informed those watching that the people in control of Hip Hop are white and Jewish.

"I feel like we losing it," he said. "I feel like the people that are in control of what Hip Hop does is so fucking White and so fucking Jewish and so they don't give a fuck about what the culture and the craft really is about."

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  • Chris1
    Rap music in the 1980's was just part and parcel of urban black music with Rap alongside/Electro/ House/Detroit/Washington Go Go/Miami Bass all sort of coming under the Hip Hop umbrella for a time but now it's all about videos and the bling with some dance troupe giving us the same old boring choreographed dance and watching Eminems videos is like some unfunny comedy show while he is trying to shadow box (God I love to see a rapper sing without using his has as a expression). Not only that but these same old/new boring Rap formula has also sadly influenced World Music as watching any video from Jamaica/Trinadad, Brazil, Panama, Ghana, Nigeria etc etc all all just rapping in there native tongue and weaving there hands about while some good looking tarts shake there bootys (YAWN) and now can not tell the diffrence from Reggae/Ragga/Soca/Hi Life as they all look and sound the same which is some copycat Rap shit. Come on black USA you invented Jazz/Blues/Soul/Funk/Disco etc so invented some new music as Hip Hip has went on far too long.
  • Anonymous
    rap used to be about the albums, now its only one hit wonder single songs. Its hard to find a good cohesive album anymore.
  • Anonymous
    Wait a minute, I got an idea. You know why this shits dumbed down? Nobody buys records anymore, its all fake digital shit you can download for free. So big execs say fuck it, we cant make money moving real shit, the only money is the radio. So they write this stuff strictly commercial lowest common denominator so they can make some money. In a way, the internet freedoms I love have killed hip hop excellence. Rock really is the same way. Bring back the fucking samples, bring back the real lyrics. Tame One and the Weathermen are good, but theyre not that new..
  • Anonymous
    New kids from the block new to hiphop '' the old generation'' wants to keep hiphop alive and kicking so thats why they come out they cant just standback and watch it fade into smoke. In parts of they kindof built this shit from the ground up. And if they dont this once great music genre will fade like others ....
  • A Trillionaire
    Scarface looks like a mother fucking bass
  • Brian Goldberg
    Maybe if Scarface didn't sound so ignorant when he talked and he had a name that was more thought-provoking then stealing fame from an old movie he could have as much influence as those distant Jewish guys.
  • Byronman1
    Lots of the "New Generation" gets offended at the truth. The reality is people who aren't from the hood or unaware of African American culture of the 90's simply won't get what Face is saying. Yes Face sold records about drug dealing and killing, He also had thousands of conscience records such as "In Between Us", "Can you hear me?" and "People don't believe" feat. Ice Cube which spoke on social issues way back in 1994. You young cats don't understand the game has changed. We didn't have internet and shit back then. All we had was Rap City and Yo MTV raps. Hell I didn't even see video's; didn't have cable. Music was all about the lyrics. Now it's all about the hook, some singing, and NO SUBSTANCE. We didn't care if it played on the radio. Now shit is MADE FOR THE RADIO. Times have changed and Real Hip Hop is African American culture...of course people in London, or wherever isn't trying to hear that, but that's where Hip Hop came from.
    • ribbon
      love this....well put.
  • Ribbon
    If we didn't have the internet, what would we do? it's easy to comment, but it's hard to commit, especially to the truth....
  • Ribbon
    well I agree whole heartedly...yes this is the dumbing down of all things not just this music. I know it's hard to deal with the truth but hip hop is being used as a dummy tool and the people that support it are the "crash test dummies"...
    • Byronman1
      Ribbon man these people kill me; Hip Hop used to be used as a teaching tool, information for the hood, the masses. Yeah we had "Commercial Rap." That was club shit, dance shit, that shit didn't get points in the hood. Wu Tang always got more respect than Puffy. (Puff Daddy back then) You new school cats all twisted up in the glam and glits. Think just because Lil Wayne has some slick shit to say he's king. Please! Lil Wayne 30 years old riding on skateboards? GTFOH what ghetto you know where that shit pops off? Since when was it MANY AND KINGLY TO WEAR SOME FUCKING TIGHT ASS JEANS!!!! You new dudes kill me; you don't know shit. I aint hating, I'm laughing. I don't have a problem with some cat way in London bumping OUR SHIT. I have a problem with you new cats who just up and think you can change the rules. Yes there are rules to this shit. You act like Scarface NEVER spoke about GOD, never spoke wisdom about getting an education, and taking care of family. How would you know? Playing that bullshit you hear on the radio proudly...I still don't play the radio in fact just like Ice Cube said way back in 1990-TURN OFF YOUR RADIO!
  • Ash
    One of the few rappers keeping true hip hop alive today is Necro. Long live necro. Bring back true hip hop. Respect to Kool G.
  • A Moment Of Clarity...(Jay-Z)
    The music business hate me 'cause the industry ain't make me Hustlers and boosters embrace me And the music I be making I dumb down for my audience And double my dollars They criticize me for it Yet they all yell "Holla" If skills sold Truth be told I'd probably be Lyrically Talib Kweli Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense (But I did five Mil) I ain't been rhyming like Common since When your sense got that much in common And you been hosteling since Your inception Fuck perception Go with what makes sense Since I know what I'm up against We as rappers must decide what's most important And I can't help the poor if I'm one of them So I got rich and gave back To me that's the win, win The next time you see the homie and his rims spin Just know my mind is working just like them (The rims that is)
  • Anonymous
    "authentic" hip hop died in 1977
  • Anonymous
    I don't know, i don't feel anythings changed, its just some people get fed up that it hasn't. lyor cohen was in there from at least the 80s. I think it was "sold out" since Sugarhill gang ripped off Melle Mel and blew hip hop the fuck up.
  • COfknSIGN!!
    Face is ABSOLUTELY correct! Hip Hop... OUR culture.... is just the next thing that has been TAKEN from us...just like everything else! its happening again and its fkn mind numbing! If your old enough youve seen this movie before and its sickening! Its about feeding the pop culture beast, and thats all you, the guy disagreeing, is brainwashed to do! All you wanna do is name drop rappers to refute where hes coming from! Nowadays white folks and suburban kids hide behind hip hop being "universal" and disregard what the culture actually encompasses. There is no voice of any struggle or injustice or fight of any kind when it comes to hip hop in 2013, so to make it SEEM like the fight is still on pop culture has taken on the fight for gay rights and other bullshit and attached HIP HOP CULTURE to it to make it SEEM 1 in the same! hip hop IS pop culture now, and its all cleaned up and "politically correct" and you idiots help them run game on you! white folks was on ALL the hip hop sites, talkin nuff shit, DEFENDING george Zimmerman and stereotyping TM just last year! That wouldnt have EVER happened before in hip hop EVER...until now! Now look at how psycho chicken george is! oh no this was your "oj simpson" right?...nevermind the 400 yrs of...nevermind... The people running around claiming to be apart of the culture are gutless and have no backbone. You rally behind trends & facades to seem important. your just a stat. an algorithm. a tool. Its all about social media and 1 hit wonders in the music industry and thats all your brainwashed to accept musically! When somebody like me says he tired of fake thug rappers, guys like YOU agree only your talking about BLACK RAPPERS period! The only people "winning" are the prison systems, white/jewish people, the record labels and the companys whoring these stupid artist out! The people who dont see anything wrong usually dont have a mind of their own anyway and taught to fall in line! Thats what you do! Thats all you do! Your a jr anarchist in training mimicking the same oppressor you claim to be against...and you hide behind hip hop trying to change things up and make it your own so you can exist within it! you dont stand for ANY of the principles, you dont know ANY of the history or knowledge, you DO NOT regard it as a culture, you dont acknowledge ANY of the 5 elements, you have no respect, you have no desire for any form of freedom or refinement, youve erased the core principles the CULTURE was founded upon in favor for the corporate paradigm and your full of hatred for the actual culture...I say leave, kick rocks, go create your own thing since you hate thugs or street niggas or black people or whatever it is about this culture. if you dont understand ...well maybe its not to be understood then...
    • HNIC
      I concur. Never thought i'd see it happen to my beloved hiphop in my lifetime. The saddest part is it's now used as a tool against us. Young brothas couldn't even tell you the elements, let alone whiteboys. The medium has always been the message, and they have some of the most influencial hiphop people over the black community promoting ignorance as a badge of honor. The movement in its current stage does not represent the essence of our culture anymore. The shackles have moved overtime from our legs and arms pre civil war, to the justice system in the jim crow era, to our fucking minds in the new millennium. Young cats these days think being smart and having some fucking sense is anti-black. They'll be quick to disregard hiphop has "backpack" rap and then proceed to do the superman while yelling "soulja boy's my name" repetitively. They now pay select house negros like Jay Z (i.e. Barney's) to crack masta's whip and keep this the tradional way of thinking if you're running the streets. A whole generation of young cats enslaved by ignorance. It's time for another movement.
  • Foremat
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  • wow
    okay tell us something we don't know please. Why every song on the radio gotta have someone singing on it?
  • Anonymous
    dumb down the flow for u to loose control but since u don't get the point i really want your soul unrecognizable with your eyes closed them whites have a plan for u but cant be man to man wit u the blood sacrifice got me popping my collar but its the best way to double my dollars
  • Anonymous
    Hip hop is not being dumbed down. We've ignored out weakest (dumbest) links. And now population is out hand there's more weak links than strong ones. And usually the weak links like dumb music.
  • Anonymous
    Say what you want but Scarface hasn't stooped low enough to do a song with 50 Cent yet.
  • Anonymous
    That was deep. Especially at the end
  • Anonymous
    just wait 2 years until i blow up
  • Anonymous
    i dummed down my flow and doubled my dollars! - HOV
    • Anonymous
      That's because minorities think it's cool to be dumb and pussy to be smart! Brainwashed fools trained to hate on their own and support shit that doesn't belong to them. Smh
  • AllMyHeroesHateMyWHiteBlood
    Him and Lord Jamar shoul get a show on Fox together. This is a smart as hip hops ever been. Our best is Kendrick. Our biggest influence is Kayne. This is coming from a generation of MC hammer
    • Edo G & Da Bulldogs
      For you even mentioning MC Hammer shows nobody should take your comment serious in the first place..
    • Johnny Blaze
      Dudes completely right. I mean look no further then 2 chainz. When he was Tity Boi, he could actually rap, but wasn't making money and wasnt very well known. Now, he changed his name to 2 chainz, dumbed-down his flow 100% and is now one of the more popular artists