ScHoolboy Q Says Jay Z Won Battle With Nas

posted Monday November 25 ,2013 at 06:00PM CST | 139 comments

ScHoolboy Q Says Jay Z Won Battle With Nas

ScHoolboy Q feels people rooted for Nas during his feud with Jay Z because he was the underdog.

TDE spitter ScHoolboy Q may consider Queensbridge emcee Nas his favorite rapper, but according to the Los Angeles-based artist, he feels Nas lost the battle against Jay Z.

When asked who won the battle between Jay Z and Nas during an interview with Vlad TV, Q was quick to label Jay Z the victor in the battle between the two New York artists. While speaking on the beef between Jay and Nas, ScHoolboy Q commented on Jay’s ability to recruit others to “his roster" during the feud.

“Honestly, I think Jay Z won,” said Q. “Everybody say Nas won, but honestly I think Jay won. I mean Nas is my favorite rapper, but Jay Z he was pretty scandalous. He didn’t let it go. When Nas kinda was letting it go, Jay Z didn’t let it go. He was still throwing a little [jab] out there. And like adding people to his roster. Nas was going simply at Jay. Like one time he mentioned someone else…Jay felt some type of way after ‘Ether.’ You know what I’m saying?”

Q later commented on Nas being the underdog in his battle against Jay Z, who he referred to as the better rapper, and cited that point as being one of the reasons why people list “Ether” as one of the highlights in the lyrical feud.

“Cause Jay is the best rapper and everybody don’t wanna believe that Jay—even though Nas is my favorite, but Jay he’s like LeBron, Jordan, Kobe,” he said. “People just wanna say ‘no’ or hate. People just wanna hate on Kobe. Like ‘He’s old.’ Fuck that, he just had 35 points…Nas was such an underdog. People wanted Nas to win. But, I mean, at the end of the day more people said Nas won. So honestly, what I’m saying is kinda irrelevant. I’m just going off what I feel. Cause I think people are caught up in him being an underdog.”

Prior to speaking on the battle between Jay and Nas, Q spoke on his appreciation for Nas as an emcee and the rapper’s ability to craft material that he feels would be considered classic in today's music.

“He was rapping crazy like in 93, 92,” said Q. “People don’t understand the verses he was kicking would be like something classic now. Like that was like 92 when people—when even Snoop Dogg and them was rapping ‘one, two, three, and to the four. Snoop Doggy Doggy and Dr. Dre is at yo door.’ You know what I’m saying? Nas was kicking some whole other shit around that time. Like he was reading a book as he was writing his raps. It was crazy.”

As one of the most talked about feuds in Hip Hop, the feud between Nas and Jay Z lasted several years and resulted in the release of several diss records including “Takeover,” “Ether,” and “Supa Ugly.”

Years after the feud between the two rappers was ignited, both Jay Z and Nas would go on to work at the same label together and collaborate on a handful of records including the Magna Carta Holy Grail track “BBC” and reportedly the Timbaland-produced “Sinatra In The Sands.”

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  • Shorty
    The word ether and stan(I know Slim shady did the track but nas took the word Stan to whole new level of use) are used on a regular basis cause of nas
  • Solo
    Jay won the battle... Nas had the upper hand by responding. He had a chance to listen to Jay's "Takeover" and sit and contemplate about how to go about making a record. Then when Jay challenged him to a real battle, he declined and wouldn't respond anymore. How Jay really killed Nas is by making everything he said come true tho. "R-O-C WE RUNNIN' THIS RAP SHIT"... How many years later and Jay is still runnin this rap shit. Nas couldn't sell 100,000 copies right now. Look at Jay's influence in the game (Kanye, Jeezy, Ross, Rhianna, Cole) all coming from under Jay's wing. What happened to Nas' career? Jay told him "All that thug rappin and gimmicks, I will end it"... That became reality. Ether was just filled with a lot of funny ass lines making fun of Jay but Jay in real life destroyed Nas' career...
  • Anonymous
  • hiphop4eva
    I'm a big Jay Z and Nas fan and I can honestly come to the conclusion that Nas won the battle. Not based on my personal feelings, but based on how each one of them went into the battle. On Ether, Nas was more less stating facts about things Jay Z did or just kept it real about some fake shit he was on whereas Jay Z just took jabs at Nas, Made fun of him and situations like that with his Baby Momma. If you really break down the lyrical depth, Ether is a Harder Track and Nas really won on the elements of battle. A lot of people on here don't understand that or what battling or being an emcee is all about. That's why Kendrick did the Control verse to get cats back on the real hip hop shit
    • lowprofile
      funny you would say tha cause thats what I always argue for with regards to the beef but vica versa on the contrary I believe tha jay came with the facts on takeover whereas nas came with jabs on either... calling jay-z gay, ugly,fat lips, I rock ho's your rock fellaz i can go on forever whereas on takeover jay z mention nas falling off from illmatic (which he admits was classic), had a spark when u started but now u straight gabarge which at the time was public perception everyone was sayin nas had switched from his original style for a more commercial feel. On ether nas says "U my brother u traded your soul for riches" as an insult 2 jay z, if u listen to Hate Me Now by Nas he's basically defending why he is selling out which is what he blaed jay z for.. after a track like You Owe Me Nas should not even be aloud to point out sellouts as to who won the beef will always been divided based on individual perception, one thing for sure though that beef basically resurrected Nas career
    • lowprofile
      everyone defednding nas saying he's an MC and jay is a rapper might be too young to remeber that jay z once challenged nas to a battle but nas declined opting for them to rather release albums on the same day for the fans to decide based on sales (this is your so called i do it for tha art and not the money nigga)... even though these albums did not come out the same day jay sold more
    • hiphop4eva
      you bring up a fair point @lowprofile but again thats just my personal opinion, I believe Nas took it a level deeper with Ether than Jay did with his track. And again this is coming from a fan of both artists. I'm not a "Jay Z only and don't like Nas" fan or a "Nas only and don't like Jay Z fan, I have collections from both artist. I respect Jay Z as a good hip hop artist and he has unprecedented live performances at his shows. In a whole Jay is probably the top of his game regarding live performances, overall success and music. But lyrically as far as deep lyrics and overall emcee I have to go with Nas. Just a personal thing, Nas has said some really deep stuff that helped me in my life. And Jay has too but Nas is just a little deeper lyrically to me. And I just find Ehter to be more of a battle contender title.
    • Anonymous
      @lowprofile To be fair, the fact is when Jay challenged Nas to a public battle, public opinion was that Nas had won the beef with a KO and it seemed Jay was trying to save face. Anyone, know anything about fighting or beef is that you don't accept a challenge from a combatant you just destroyed.
  • die_Drake_die
    i might be the biggest nas fan on this site (pause). i was unsure if nas could come back after "takeover". but nas DID actually win the battle over jay z. even jay z admits it. they even have the video on youtube with beanie sigel saying how shook jay z was going in the studio after that time
  • StrongNigga
    Nas is the greatest of all time! Ether the greatest battle record of all time! One battle record, it was over! Enough said...Nas won this battle with a better concept and word play. Jay used elementary words and went after the dudes baby mother. Too cold, it is not a battle on wax then, it becomes personal. It is a code out there as men, we don't go after people's baby moms and someone's mother. Keep it on wax! Ether was intelligent. It was a honor to listen to. Shit is a classic! Nas is on a mantel all ready! Dude is enshrined! He is the true King of New York period! He gives a rat ass because of record sales and who has more! We are not part of that cloth. We are from the streets! Hip hop is from the streets! Nas tells stories that you can imagine and feel the real ness! Dude is deadly with a pen! You can't mess with that!
  • Anonymous
    Sound waves taste weird.
  • Hija
    • Peeze
      Typing in CAPS is annoying. It's not about the money, and Jay Z killed Nas. But folks love to hate you when you're on top.
  • Anonymous
    People always talk about ether, but the first diss track nas had over that Rakim beat was ill as hell too.
    Don't know about that Q...Ether was a tuff tune.. Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear on instagram. Dropping real soon. IG: endlessambition_streetwear Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear
  • Henry
    Dudes a Donkey for that one. jay won hahhha ..
  • Anonymous
    how did jay win when he said he got stronger after ether.
    • Peeze
      The same way Rocky got stronger after fighting the giant Russian dude - but he still kicked his ass. Nas is great. Jay is greater. That garbage ass Ether crap. smh.
  • Anonymous
    fu*k all you faggots, Nas murdered Jay on 2 Songs, the first one was in 1996 an underground song called 'No Love Lost' search it and listen to it. It was on Shaqs LP but the Nas Verse was cut off for whatever reasons. Jay's verse was way better than his todays bullshit, but Nas fucking killed this nigga, and 5 years later he straight killed him again so fuck all you negus that say jay won!!!
  • The Wise One
    Do u all not remember Jay MURDERD AND I MEAN MURDERED Nas on the song "Blueprint 2" on the album The Blueprint 2"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      WTF?? Bro - Ether killed Jay. That was it - battle over.
    • Stillmatic classic shit
      took near 2 years to respond and jay says he don't write anything down nigga is a lying fuck-boy. nas>>>>jay and these days jay aint even top 10 nas still as good as illmatic days
  • superugly
    Y'all must've forgot that "Super Ugly" ended it all
    • Anonymous
      Yeah, when Jay's own mother made him apologize after...LOL! How embarrassing is that? Even she knew Jay crossed the line.
    • Anonymous
      ^ excatky - Ether kills everything. Best diss record of all time/
    • Jayzcrying
      I pretty sure this is how the beef ended, if you can't remember
  • killa
    All i see is ppl mentioning Ether this Ether that... i guess everyone forgot about Takeover? i prefer Takeover then Ether thats for sure. banging track too.
    • Anonymous
      No-one is saying 'you have been TAKEOVERED, its etherd.
    • Anonymous
      ^ excatly
    • killa
      Please! Last i check jay-z tookover nas by signing him lol.
    • spaz
      Congratulations on being the one person who thought takeover was better then ether. You get the Schoolboy Q award of mental retardation.
    • killa
      ya one person..learn how to count moron/ pretty sure schoolboy's opinion is waaay more valid then urs too..
  • booboo water
    Q you should keep your mouf shut the more you talk u loose fans u not great u sound like a DUMB IGnorent person lay off the dope boy.
  • Milky Shit Cunks
    Jay Z raps about dumb superficial shit never heard him make a song about the kids he's a devil..Nas is a all around great who gives you more food for thought Divine lyrics..Jay Z is a selfish devil and the fact that most of yall praise this nigga who call hiself Jahova yall some dumb ass sheep..
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Jay won the battle of social status, when it comes to business, relevance, appearances, finances etc. But Nas, won the verbal battle, because he's a better lyricist, and that's just fact.
  • Anonymous
    Are you dead ass right now Schoolboy Q? Many people were not rooting for Nas because he was an underdog. It was more of seeing what he was going to say because it was a while before he responded. Nas came out before Jay and Jay-Z really blew when Nas was 3-4 albums in. Jay-Z is really the late bloomer in the scenario so it was only right, Jay-Z had to go through Nas to get the crown. So "Ether" it was a snatch back of the crown. Nas already had the crown. No matter what people want to say, Nas is the better MC. Nas doesn't talk about the drugs and hustle as much as Jay and Nas isn't as arrogant and arrogance is something that truly helps in Hip-Hop today. But on skills alone, Nas is the best. Jay-Z can make money all day long but Nas has a catalog of higher quality.
  • nuc
    know those dudes who look tired, unhealthy, broke and unshowered with their huge cheap broken, fixed with tape headphones on the subway ? those are the trolls of this site.
  • Anonymous
    Just release your fucking album already
  • nspeez
    This is an easy argument. Ether shitted on Jay. Period. Listen to Jay-Z interview afterwards. Dude sounded like he wanted to cry. Even his right hand man Memph Bleek even said it was a dark day for the Roc when Ether dropped. You know its a killer when your own squad said that. Yeah it didnt end his career or nothing, but straight battle wise Nas won clearly. And that fact that Jay kept trying to come back with more wack disses made it even worse for him. It was like ok dude stop trying its over. And no Jay didnt sign Nas you idiots.
    • Anonymous
      nas got bodied on super ugly
    • Anonymous
      how come no one says u got super ugly'd