Method Man Explains Why He Doesn't Want His Albums Reviewed

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Method Man Explains Why He Doesn't Want His Albums Reviewed

Method Man says that he flows and that he doesn't rap.

Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man, one of the few artists to collaborate with both Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G., has been noted for his delivery ever since 1993’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). His distinctive lyrical style led to the creation of songs such as "Method Man," in which he showcases a melodic form of rapping.

Method Man spoke about his rap style recently, differentiating himself from other rappers.

"I don't rap, though," Method Man said during an interview with XXL. "I'm serious. I don't. I don't rap. I flow. I'm a flow-er. You've got rappers. You got MCs, and then you got flow-ers. I'm a flow-er. How can I describe it? Busta [Rhymes], he's a flow-er. He's wrapped up in his cadence, you know what I mean? Yeah, I fall into that category, I don't rap, G. I'm an MC and I'm a flow-er."

Specifically, Method Man cited "How High" as an example of his flow-er style.

"How else would you start a song about marijuana?" he asked. "Jimi Hendrix, 'Purple Haze' [sings] 'Excuse me as I kiss the sky...' [Laughs] Come on, this shit is plain shit, you know. I pride myself on certain things, and people especially, when people try to take certain things away from me and say sideways shit like, 'All he does is flow, or he rhymes but it don't make any sense…’ There's a lot of nuance and shit right there."

Method Man Doesn't Want His Albums Reviewed

Method Man also discussed critics and people who review his albums.

"And that's why it gets me so fuckin' mad when someone can just criticize an album of mine when I'm not actually there to convey where my thoughts were at the moment," he said. "If you don't know what kind of lifestyle I'm leading at that point in time, if you're right there--like what's this guy's name, Cameron Crowe, they did the Almost Famous movie about him. Remember, when he wrote about artists, he went on tour with the band. He really got a feel for who they were and where their mind was at so when he listened to the album, he had a perfect understanding of what's going on. We take that shit for granted."

Method Man spoke about the importance of listening to an album without any previous notions of the artist, using Kendrick Lamar as an example.

"I'm not saying that the people who review these albums or even write the articles aren't fans, but they gotta learn to put preconceived notions aside and just come with an empty slate and actually just come into that person's world,” Method Man says. “Sometimes it's beautiful when you don't have to invite them and they come in. Kendrick, that first album, I knew nothing about that kid, but after the first album, I feel like I know him now. But sometimes, especially a sophomore project, or your third and fourth album, sometimes it has to be explained, because some people have a preconceived notion from your first album. And this is the main reason I don't want to be up for reviews, or anything, because I'm never gonna be happy about it. I don't care if it's four star. I don't care if it's the best fuckin' review ever, because I'm still gonna find something wrong with it."

Method Man and the rest of the Wu-Tang members have spent this year celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers). Method Man called the milestone "bittersweet."

Method Man’s upcoming project, The Crystal Meth, does not have a release date.

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  • rimowa ???
    ?????????????????| ????????|??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????|???????????????????????????? "??????????? "!???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????|???????? ?????! rimowa ???
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  • Prick James
    Meth reads Naruto, he talkin like Itachi.
  • Anonymous
    people are stupid tical the prequel is his worst album meth didnt like what diddy did to it meth dont even like it
  • xx009
  • xx009
  • h77jhj
    fuck wu tang
  • Anonymous
    TICAL O: THE PREQUEL II coming next!!!! love Mef and he's the only Wu who can get live and make it mean something (Ghost is better on record but has his moments) but come on... With some of the dogshit he's dopped, son NEEDS the criticism.
  • Anonymous
    Tech Nine said it best on Rittz's album, he said you should be involved in the album if you want to critique it. If your not, you have no right.
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    To be realistic, some MCs are just beyond review, Meth is definitely one of em.
    • Anonymous
  • Manny Faces
    For the most part, albums reviews don't mean shit anymore. At all. For anyone. But magazines will keep writing them, because people will keep clicking on them, and people will keep arguing about them.
    • Justin Hunte
      I disagree. The previous purpose of the album review may no longer matter. We don't need an album review to tell us whether an album we're excited about is worth buying, for example. We no longer rely on magazines with exclusive access to preview upcoming projects. We all get the album on Leak Day anyway. Album reviews now serve more as a message board or community gathering point for people who are fans or interested in the artist or album to share thoughts and opinions. It's the same process that was solely relegated to lunchrooms or after school programs or barbershops, only now it happens in Comments Sections and over social media networks. We no longer lean on the typical review for insider information or to help make a decision, sure. It's now a conversation starter. We lean on it for commiseration. There's absolutely value in that.
  • insanemacbeth
    "I don't rap. I flow." METICAL is sikk, but like sooooooooooo many, got your style from RAKIM.
    • Anonymous
      Meth is more like Chuck D with cadence switches, if you hear some Rakim in there is because all 3 are from Long Island.
  • Anonymous
    Method Man never did a song with Pac. Method Man did that song with tha Dogg Pond and Inspektah Deck. Pac heard the song and deleted the verse by DAZ and added his own verse.
    • Anonymous
      Duhhh..It's called doing a song with the person if your both on the same song together. How it gets to that point in irrelevant
    • brollya
      he stil was on a song wit pac... it dont matter wat happened..... "my mind made up" is a classic track...
    • hippaToDaHoppa
      They never actually linked up in the lab and collaborated. They put in work together. That's the point.
    • hippaToDaHoppa
  • Whorida
    Best Wu-Tang/affiliated albums: 1. Wu-Tang Clan "Enter The 36 Chambers" 2. Raekwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" 3. Method Man "Tical" 4. Gravediggaz "6 Feet Deep" 5. Gza "Liquid Swordz"
    • Florida
      damn man, we don't carte about your list.
    • Drake Til Infinity
      How is Ghostface not on there? Several Ghost albums are better than Tical.
    • Anonymous
      Most slept on Wu/afiliated albums Killa Priest "Heavy Mental" Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet wars" Cappadona "The Pillage" RZA "Birth of a Prince" Masta Killa "No said date" Inspectah Deck "Controlled substance"
    • Anonymous
      no said date is crazy good and its called uncontrolled substances ... fans no jack shit about the wu probly why they not doing a 20th anniversary album
    • Anonymous
      liquid swords is the best one
  • jasonnns
  • micheal myersss
  • 666
  • jasonnns
  • crazy chain saws 666
  • Anonymous
    Biggie, rakim, krs one, big daddy Kane, jay, eminem are some of the best when it comes to cadences. Or flow. Method man aswell. Treach was a beast with his wordplay and flow. Arguably the best ever. But without question biggie is the best when it comes to a rappers flow. The way he bent words or moulded words to make it seem like every word was rhyming. His voice was part of the beat. Which is a very hard thing to do. Eminem, pharoahe monch etc are some others whose wordplay and flow is almost flawless. The difference I guess with eminem and everyone else I mentioned is slang. Eminem will rhyme simple words or words that everyone understands but artists like gza, pharoahe, biggie, meth etc spit slang words spit with hidden meanings double meanings etc so there skill sometimes is regarded more highly.
    • dufus
      biggie was wack please dont metion him in the same category as Em... probably one of the most overated artists of all time nice flow but simple punchlines
    • Anonymous
      Jay-Z is a sucker on the mic!
    • Anonymous
      Stop putting Em in those categories, specially since he is a rip-off of Treach
    • Anonymous
      Gift of Gab, Best flow ever. Listen to protocol or dreamin.
    • cinavenom
      Yeah man c'mon with that Eminem, he is no where near those other five you mentioned. Remove Eminem and replace with KGR and now you're talking.
    • D-Train
      Staying on you flow topic,Tame one, Masta Ace, Grand Puba, Big Pun, Big L, Snoop, slim kid Trey all have great flows....Pharoah Monche has the best imo...
    • Anonymous
      gift of gab sucks
  • West Virginian
    my sister
  • West Virginian
    Meth is one of the realest.
  • Anon
  • Anonymous flow-er
  • Wiggawitfiggas
    KING KENDRICK killin the game! even in the eyes of an OG!
  • LOX
    My fav meth album was 4:21 the day after. Meth albums usually have sum wack track selection especially that tical 2000 the fuckin production on there was horrible lookin like a angel dust smoking knight in the video
    • Justin Hunte
      Agreed. 4:21 is one of the most under appreciated projects of the 2000s. Meth had a lot to get off his chest on that one and he did so over his best collection of beats since Tical.
    • imho
      i was just listening to a few songs off that last night on my pod. that albums fire def underrated i think its top 3 meth albums