The RZA Talks Wu-Tang Members' Contributions On Album, Raekwon Responds

posted Sunday November 10 ,2013 at 01:00PM CST | 216 comments

The RZA Talks Wu-Tang Members' Contributions On Album, Raekwon Responds

The RZA reveals who's shown up the most for The Wu-Tang Clan's newest album, though it seems Raekwon disagrees.

Earlier this year, The Wu-Tang Clan announced that it would be releasing its sixth studio album, A Better Tomorrow.

In a recent interview with Grantland, Wu-Tang mastermind The RZA spoke about the notion that other Wu members should follow his lead, as the group ascended under his initial plan. "Well, I think if I was one of the other members, if I wasn't RZA, I would fall in line," said RZA. "Because it worked! It ain't work one time. It worked multiple times. It worked more than it failed. The batting average is good. And at the same time, I'm not so egotistically conceited whereas I'm not gonna fall in line if someone else came with a great plan. And that's where I feel a little remorse as this day is approaching."

RZA continued, explaining how his efforts to get every Wu member on board for the new album has been difficult. "It's like, wow, I kept trying to pull people together," he said. "I spent a lot of money and a lot of time this year. I put my movie career on hold for the first half of the year because I was focusing on making this. I went down to Memphis, I went down to Philadelphia, I came back to the East Coast to reopen the Wu Mansion [RZA's old house in New Jersey, where a bulk of post–36 Chambers material was recorded]. I invested thousands of dollars to rebuild it so that we can have a place to record a new album. And when I scheduled that to happen, only a few good brothers showed up."

RZA specifically named names, stating that Ghostface Killah and Raekwon were either largely or entirely absent  from the recording process. "And one of the guys who showed up the most was Method Man," said RZA. "He showed the most tenacity, he was the most vocal, he showed up the most, and he got the most lyrics on the new album. He's already recorded eight or nine songs. He’s been on it. You know, I give Cappadonna credit, he’s been really on it. U-God has been present. Masta Killa be representing. Inspectah Deck has been somewhat present. Ghost has been, you know, 20 percent present. And Raekwon hasn't shown up at all. When you look at somebody like Masta Killa and U-God, they seem to have that original hunger to complete the legacy. I respect that everybody [is] busy with they own lives. I started with a plan that I thought would work. Now maybe my plan not working."

After reading the article, Raekwon took to Twitter to respond:

This is the latest in a long line of conflicts between RZA and Raekwon, as well as Ghostface Killah. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, RZA addressed Ghost and Rae's absence at Rock The Bells performances. “They’re bullshitting,” he said at the time. “There’s no reason for them not to be here."

Additionally, Ghost and Rae were among the harshest critics of Wu-Tang's last album, 8 Diagrams.

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  • Da Majectic 12
    Yo even even thought of some more: 9th Prince Dreddy Kruger Pop da Brown Hornett
  • Da Majectic 12
    F*** Rae and Ghostface. If I was the RZA I would call up the following affiliates to take their place Warcloud Killa Priest Killa Sin Jus Allah Street Life These guys have great flows if not better anyway..their word play and lyrics are also top notch. Come up RZA pull some strings yo
  • Corey
    I hope the Wu would give us 1 last great album, and hopefully Outkast would do the same, after that they can do whatever the hell they want. 1 last great album.
  • Anonymous
    They'll release this new album but I think it'll be fall of 2014. Which is better since they won't have to rush it. On a side note Meth layed that much material...#Epic we need that Crystal Meth to boss
  • Tracy Putnam
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  • Anonymous
    Word RZA should b able to fall back a lil and let other niggas have more input on the sound. plus nigga need to compensate these niggas right. You cant be payin Rae and Ghost the same as Masta Killah. Staright up. These niggas been puttin in work.
  • Mario
    Rza beats been corny for awhile aint noone checkin for sons beats no more for real.....maybe a track or two not no whole cd...he aint hungry no more ..time to let some young creative nickas make that shh hot...ghost and rae production been better than that last wu 8 diagrams was horrendously wack production was some spaced out hippie shh
  • Anonymous
    Niggas talkin about SWAG? Bro ur corny. U have no idea what WU did for hip hop. Go back to listen to ya disney rap. These niggas brought the game to the next level. Pioneers. And they still could shit on these lil skinny jean wearin niggas who have never struggled in their life. These niggas came out the real hustle. WU FOREVER. Lets see where ur lil corny pop rap niggas are in 20 years. They will be irrelevant. These niggas are legends.
  • Anonymous
    these have beens need to lay down the mic for good, 1997 was a long time ago. people on that 2013 swag these days. Gucci
  • DjeA
    What about the GZA ?
  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo
    .....Nah for real! Rza needs to replace Rae for Nas and Ghost for Red man. I kid u not, this will be an even better colour to the plate
    • theBavarianIlluminati
      Most genius comment I've seen here on HHDX.
  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo
    WTF.....Rza built that house named Wu, why do Ghost and Rae play it sour like that. Rza gave all the members musical and creative directions and now this shit? Fuck it, just put it out with the other members...This act of Rae and Ghost is dissrespectfull to the other Clan members asswell....fuck it, replace 'em with Action Bronson and Roc Marciano.
    • Anonymous
      LOL no one would even notice the difference if they got Bronson on there instead
    • Anonymous
      Are you kidding me GFK is 10x better then Action Bronson lyrically right now. Action is a watered down version of Ghost he just doesn't have the overall wordplay of Ghost not even close.
    • Anonymous
      to say 10x better is pushing it
    • Anonymous
      Nah 10x better is about right for an artist in most people Top 10 ever to a virtual nobody known mainly for biting said rappers style.
    • Anonymous
      GFK is in most peoples top 10? thats news to me
  • R.Pgh
    I don't see what good it does calling your boys out in the media. Also, I thought 8 Diagrams was good. It wasn't 36 Chambers or Forever good, but good none-the-less.
  • W
  • Anonymous
    who cares? these are some old men who are 45 or 50 years old and still rapping about selling coke on the streets???? Grow the fuck up
    • Anonymous
      People like you are the reason hip hop/rap has become a cesspool of mediocre shit with no integrity . Fuck off and go listen to chief keef
    • Anonymous
      Anon 1@ You are the same cat who will big up Em but disrespect the originators or founders of this, we understand it's that Elvis syndrome but we ain't falling for it. Keep trying though.
    • blaklex
      Didn't know there was a shelf life on an artist making music! Good music is good music bottom line.
    • Jahorse
      Really? You think Wu just raps about selling coke in the streets? Go back and listen to their shit, they are possibly the smartest lyricists out there.
  • Game
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    • Anonymous
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      Yeah man - he definitely lost. Like have you seen the statistics - you know, the statistcis that say that 50 is still one of the richest rappers out there. Richer than 90% of the current "hot" stars and richer than 99% of the veterans. So yup...i'm sure that he is not loosing sleep over some white boy who tries hard to troll him. Infact, he is probably fuckin 2 bitches right now, putting 100 dollar bills in their pussies. Game? hahaha - that dude who is getting raped everytime he drops an album? Tht dude who has 30 guest rappers in every album? The Game, who signed with young money? lol, really? :D Damn, kids on the internet hella dumb. Also, u try too fuckin hard kid, it's the same shit every day...for real, how patethic is that...damn
    • Fuck Outta Here
      I never really was a big 50 fan, but you sound like a bitter ass hater. Did he fuck your mom or something? 1. Everyone was selling more in 2003. It was before bootlegging really blew the fuck up. If you look at stats across the entire music industry you can see that EVERY ARTIST has sold consistently less. Fuck, Em went Diamond in 2002, but has last several albums "only" went 3x platinum. It's the nature of the industry. 2. Game's 1st album went 2x plat, then he had a gold album, since then his sales tanked out as well. What exactly did he win?
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      The International Diamond Club is elite group of rappers who have sold 10+ Million not only in the U.S. but, world wide. Including 50 Cent, Will Smith, Tupac, The Notorious BIG, Eminem & Outkast. Some of you may be thinking what about Nelly, Lauryn Hill, Kanye West and many other Muti-Platinum selling artist? International sales did not scan 10+ Million. To this date 50 Cent's 2003 debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin' has sold over 15,915,010 world wide. 8,489,000 copies sold in the U.S. alone. Will Smith's 1997 album Big Willie Style which spawed the hit's "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" & "Miami" has sold over 16,085,250 copies and ove 9 Million in the United States. Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G both have sold well over 19 Million records world wide. Tupac's All Eyes On Me and The Notorious B.I.G's Life After Death. The 2003 album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below became Outkast' bigges album todate coming in at over 13 million sold as of August of 2010. The Marshall Mathers LP was Eminems second studio album going on to sell over 25 Million copies world wide, making him the highest selling artist in rap/hip-hop. Side Note: 50 Cent is the only one on the list to have two albums reach Diamond status world wide: 2003's Get Rich Or Die Tryin & 2005's The Massacre
    • Anonymous
  • Dentaldamboy
    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. What some of you may not know is Michael Jackson was planning on signing to YMCMB at the time of his death. He had even changed his stage name to Mic Jackin. He was planning on releasing 2 Major albums of hard hitting Trap shit, one a collaborative album with Lil Wayne titled Trap Kids. Since Michael's demise Cash Money records have actually teamed up with NASA and are creating a Global headquarters in Space and on the Moon. The reason for this is to create a new genre of hiphop called "Zero Gravity Rap". Lil Wayne was hospitalized because during his first zero gravity rap training session he rapped so hard he created a Blackhole that nearly engulfed him. The universe was not ready for his talent so it tried to take him, luckily all it got was his chain and a couple of Big Mac vouchers. All you haters are gonna be sorry soon YMCMB will be so big it will have its own gravitational pull meaning you will be drawn into it no matter what you do.
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    • Rittz
      Fuck Swag!
  • TZA
    C'mon Wu, get at all together, do it for us.
  • sam snead
    So basically what you are telling us is that all the same problems you all had 6-7 years ago are still the same and the album is not going to be worth my time or $, Ok thanks for the heads up.