Yelawolf Denounces Lord Jamar's Comments Regarding Homosexuality In Hip Hop

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Yelawolf Denounces Lord Jamar's Comments Regarding Homosexuality In Hip Hop

Yelawolf also calls Macklemore a Pop act and agrees and disagrees with Lord Jamar's statements about White people as guests in Hip Hop.

Yelawolf recently addressed Lord Jamar's statement that White people are guests in the house of Hip Hop.

"In one instance he's right," Yelawolf said in an interview with VladTV. "From his perspective, I could see where he...I can agree with him on one side of it. I think he's right. White artists are definitely a guest when it comes to the culture of Black America's musical arts, whether it be Hip Hop, Blues or even Rock & Roll if you wanna look at it that deep. You've gotta go back a long way to feel that way though.

"On the flip side, yeah, we're guests, if you look at the roots of everything, but that's like saying here's a house that we built as a people," Yelawolf said. "We built this house, Black people. And then a few generations ago, it's been rented out. It's been renovated. It's been changed. Black people, White people, Asian people, people all over the world has been to this house, lived in it, used it, abused it, fixed it up. It is now a different home. It doesn't matter who laid the first brick. Now you have to just embrace the fact that this house is better now that different ideas have come in to put a different window in there, a different roof on it to change this, to change that, to make it more livable. It's all about perspective. That's my perspective. I feel like, as a White rapper, the house that I've been a guest in hadn't been no fuckin' good time sleepover. I haven't exactly had the fuckin' red carpet laid out for me. I had to fight for my spot. But, it is what it is.

"Everybody has a place," Yelawolf added. "I've always felt protective of the culture of White rappers because you want to protect the steez of it and make sure that that circle of artists are to a certain par, at least to your opinion. But, all that has changed. It don't even fuckin' matter no more. It's not like when I came up. These kids aren't going to the hood club in the middle of Bankhead like I was doing to try to get respected. They're not taking the same steps. It's not comparable to how I came up. The people I was rollin' with, the things I was doing and how I came up is totally different." 

The specific quote Yelawolf was referencing was made by Lord Jamar in September, when he was interviewed by

“Okay, White rappers, you’re coming to this almost as a guest,” Lord Jamar said. “Okay, matter of fact you are guests in the house of Hip Hop. Just because you have a hit record doesn’t give you the right as I feel to voice your opinion. White rappers, those of y’all who really studied the culture, that truly love Hip Hop and all that, keep it real with yourself, you know this is a Black man’s thing. We started this. This is our shit. We’ve allowed you, those of you who’ve proved your skill and all that, we’ve allowed you to come in and kick your shit, make yourself known. You know what I mean? And if you have enough respect for the culture we fuck with you. But don’t push it too far."

During his recent interview, Yelawolf was also asked to address Lord Jamar's statement that homosexuality has no place in Hip Hop.

"To say homosexuality has no place in Hip Hop is ignorant," Yela said. "That ain't got nothin' to do with him being Black, or White, or nobody. That's just stupid. What the fuck are you talking about, man? It's music. You could talk about any fucking thing you want to. That is the beauty of it all."

Yelawolf was referencing Lord Jamar's comments about homosexuality the Brand Nubian rapper made during the September interview with

“Yeah, I say Rap is gay friendly," Jamar said. "Making a song like that is like feeling that you have the same footing as any other Hip Hop artist and to me you don’t. You don’t. Like I can’t go to somebody else’s house and even though they let me wear their clothes and eat their food, that’s not my house. That’s their house. And I can’t get so comfortable in their house that I feel like I can now start talking house politics…To me when people like Macklemore come out with songs like ['Same Love'], I know he loves Hip Hop and all that, but he’s trying to push an agenda that him as a White man feels is acceptable.”

During the interview, Yelawolf was also asked how he feels about Macklemore's success.

"I don't feel any kind of way because I don't really understand that style," he said. "It's more Pop to me."

Yelawolf was involved in a dispute with Macklemore over the use of a similar logo design. Yelawolf said he confronted Macklemore about it in August.

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  • Anonymous
    1 word to sum up this interview....xanax
  • Anonymous
    Obama is actual a butler the real president is WHITE
  • Anonymous
    meant black rapper at the beginning when i was talking about Vanilla Ice
  • Anonymous
    I meant Vanilla did more to destroy hip hop than any *black rapper
  • Anonymous
    @anonymous Vanilla Ice has done more to make a mokery of and destroy hip hop culture than any white rapper. People are acting as if there is no history of white people appropriating black culture and then excluding blacks from it, Think rock n roll. Thats why black people are so protective of our artforms. We dont want to be excluded again. That being said, yah hip hop has changed and it is more multiculral now, but it is still a black thing. As much as white people dont like to hear it, they are guests and that simply will never change. It's black art made to express the black worldview. Most inner city black hoods, My old neighborhood included,are extremely homophobic and not very freindly places for gay people. Mainstream black culture is largely homophobic, and i can see ow some blacks would be touchy about an outsider (macklemore) criticizing that aspect of our culture
    • Anonymous
      most homophobes are fags deep down
  • Kilal
    Rascism is in every culture, this old man has still got a chip on his shoulder.
  • porn_inducer
    i don't know what he's talking about with his "These kids aren't going to the hood club in the middle of Bankhead like I was doing to try to get respected." quote. i've lived on bankhead for years and didn't hear of this clown until em picked him up. he needs to focus more on what got him fame: being pretty
    • Anonymous
      you think dude is pretty? LMAO no homo but he was far from pretty when he started gettin recognized. long hair, neck tattoos.....wasnt no justin bieber
  • insanemacbeth
    just caught wind of this. just to educate the white breddas on this site commenting on this post; even EMINEM on 'RAP GOD' is using 5% ideology (in the hook), and JAMAR is a 5%-er. i believe that JAMAR is right to a point; but then again the culture that JAMAR emerged from has defo changed. hip-hop is worldwide, now. just shows the diminishing influence of the 5%-ers, i guess. both WHITE, and BLACK people have abused the culture...and it's too big a monster, now. be real to yourself, i say!
    • Anonymous
      black people (mainly from the south) have done more to destroy and make a mockery of rap music and the culture than any white rapper has ever done
    • Anonymous
      "just shows the diminishing influence of the 5%-ers, i guess" ^ Jay was just walking around taking pictures, accepting awards with the white shirt and a chain with the universal flag on it so although we can talk about the person, the math is still there
    • insanemacbeth
      to respond to both ANONs; JAMAR is coming primarily from a N.Y.C. perspective. i myself, being from LONDON UK, was highly influenced by the 5%-ers in the late 19880s/ early 1990s. but hip-hop/ rap is so much bigger than the N.Y. mentality TODAY. the question then, is what do we do? keep the essence of hip-hop? or be true to oneself? because there are sooooooooo many hip-hop lovers, who have a different worldview, to the 'N.Y. state of mind'!
  • Anonymous
    Jamar is a clown. What kind of mature grown man threatens people on twitter because he doesnt like their views or opinions? LMAO
  • Anonymous
    Yo I can't believe Lord Jamar who's in his 40's caught some feelings over this shit and threatened Yelawolf on twitter. I'm glad to see Yelawolf clowned him and told him to try that shit at one of his upcoming gigs!
  • they blocking me
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    • Anonymous
      he asked why white people done have melon in their skin. he set himself up for dat
    • Fuckin' Magnets
      Good questions, you should just youtube ICP's 'Miracles' for the answers.
    • Anonymous
      omg, he made a spelling mistake! his whole culture and race should be shamed! but ya knew he meant melanin tho.......meanwhile, their parents are saying: omg! the obamacare website (not the INSURANCE) is horrible! this president should be impeached! lol lmao rofl
  • Slimster!
  • Anonymous
    Obama is a guest in the white house, he is no president, Its al fake.
    • Anonymous
      every president is a guest in that house. white or black
  • Break
    Americans.... My god! Without a doubt the dumbest people in the world. Jokes on you.. Shame on y'all! I should thank god every day for me not being born an American! Your country is an embarrassment for the entire human race! GROW UP!
    • Anonymous
    • ruggidterrain
      Roger that, but not all Americans think that way. Every country....and I do mean EVERY country has their ignorant, backwards thinking populace. We Americans just have more freedoms to express it.
  • James Kraft
    This page is exactly why anonymous message boards are hard to find. Cowards flock to them to say the most ignorant, hateful shit they can think of while hiding from any consequences. Good times.
  • Truth Speaker
    White people and homosexuals are both suspect. The majority of nations where gay marriage is legal are societies in which Whites make up the numerical majority and have the most power. White men love dick in their booty and are willing to legislate in favor of it. Rappers like Macklemore and Eminem are faggoty. Whites and homosexuals don't really pose a threat in terms of numbers globally, in fact the former is in decline that's why they are trying to support their own through legislation. People of color should band together and rise up against our suspect oppressors. We can keep the hot White women as sex slaves though. Real talk.
    • Anonymous
      black people are gay too dog. who you think does all that butt fucking and raping in prison! its not the little white guys LOL
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    • Jason Collins
      Truth Speaker, I'd love to have you over to my place so we can discuss this over a glass of merlot. Bring a box of magnums.
  • Anonymous
    White artists are definitely a guest when it comes to the culture of Black America's musical arts, whether it be Hip Hop, Blues or even Rock & Roll if you wanna look at it that deep. You've gotta go back a long way to feel that way though. B U L L S H I T
  • Theplaintruth
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    • Anonymous
      and who cares? at the end of they day we rule the world #whitepower
  • BeatzGrymm
    Yelawolf ain't fuckin w/Lord Jamar!!! Slow down with that bullshit!!!