Troy Ave Promises "New York City The Album" Is Classic

posted Monday November 04 ,2013 at 12:30PM CST | 29 comments

Troy Ave Promises

Troy Ave says he will give fans money back if "New York City The Album" isn't the best project released in over a decade.

Troy Ave says he is so confident about his new album, New York City The Album, that he will give fans their money back if they feel it is not the best album released in over a decade.

During a recent interview with the Village Voice, Troy Ave talks about why he feels confident about his upcoming release and why he is not nervous about its reception.

"There's no nervousness," Troy says. "I know that it's good. We been on the highway with police flashing lights behind me. That's the real anxiety type of feeling. This is going to be a classic. This is the best representation of New York City Rap in over a decade. I promise. I'll give people their money back if it's not the best in over a decade. I got the classic sound and I'm improving on it. This album is like a classic car, like a Mercedes Benz, but this is the new body that came out.

"I'm going to show and prove," Troy continues. "You can fuck with everything straight through. Every type of word people use to explain this album will be exclamatory words. I never lie to people. That's why my word is so good in the streets. You can't come where I come from and still be out here, living or be respected, if your word is not good."

During the interview, Troy Ave also spoke about what he is looking for in a record contract. 

"I need to be put on a platform to make more money than I already make," Ave says. "I'm not going to sign and play second fiddle to nobody. I want the whole building behind me. Whoever does it will probably be looked at as a genius and fucking promoted. We hustlers, man. The label just puts you on a bigger block. Say, you buy a brick of coke for $38,000 on a one-block radius. You can break it down and make $100,000. What the record label does is put you on 100 blocks, but you'll pay about $70,000 for the brick. So, instead of making $70,000 profit, you make $300,000. Anybody can deal. Hustling is making more out of it."

Troy Ave released New York City The Album today (November 4). The project features songs including "Classic Feel," "New York City" and "Me Against The World." The album also includes guest appearances from Raekwon, Pusha T, N.O.R.E. and Scram Jones, among others. 

Troy Ave has released several projects, including three installments of his Bricks In My Backpack series. The third installment is his most recent release. It arrived in 2012.

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Comments 29 Posts

  • Powda
    can we get a final "powder" adlib count for the album? i need to know how many "powder" adlibs there is before i give this a shot!
  • da supplier
    its 5 am and u know a nigga bored i seen this troy ave dude im like fuck it ill give one song a try...all imma glad i did nigga cold son
  • TRE
    This is actually really damn good. I was sleepin on this dude.
  • Anonymous
    he shouldn't even record that album if dats the case...he know dat shit wont top jay-z's albums much less anything from nas..
    • Anonymous
      He can easily top Jay-Z and Nas. They both have not made a classic album in years.
    • For real
      Jay z hasnt made a classic since 1998 and nas last classic was stillmatic in 2001
  • Anonymous
  • Harlem's Reckoning
    Sweet Jesus this album is dope
  • Anonymous
    powder powder
  • Ja Rule Army
    Sorry dude but shit it aint gon getting no airplay. Can't wait to bump this tho
  • D-Block
    Why don't hiphopdx post the free stream from livemixtapes on here so ppl can judge fuckin hell there are sum amateur retards running this site. Album sounds fuckin dope as well
  • Pfft
    Well I ain't gotta worry about getting a receipt from this mofo, cuz this nigga ain't getting a dime! When the last time a New York rapper besides Nas & Jay had a CLASSIC album that wasn't no garbage ass mixtape? Exactly.
    • Anonymous
      LiveloveAsap was a classic mixtape, same with Joey Badass 1999. Plus Jay-Z and Nas have not made a dope album in over 10 years!
    • TRE
      You had me until the last part. Hip Hop is Dead, Untitled, The Black Album, American Gangster, Distant Relatives??
    • Anonymous
      None of those albums you named are classics with the exception of the Black Album! Hell, even Kendrick Lamars debut is better than all those albums you named. My whole point is that the Jay-z and Nas of the past 10 years can be easily outdone and surpased.
    • TRE
      I See you but you said dope not classic, and imo Distant Relatives is damn near classic and I would listen to it any day over GKMC. Same with Hip Hop Is Dead. With that said i just listened to this tape and i thought it was really dope
    • Anonymous
      Surpass by whom/what? if so, then why hasn't any artist/album surpass Nas)(') and Jay('s)? Fuck outta here
    • Anonymous
    • Nas fan
      Hip hop is dead was a joke, will i am? Really?
    • TRE is dope when he wants to be an each song had dope concepts. obviously not his best work but i still fuck with it.
    • Pfft
      Before Troy Ave starts running his mouth about his album being a classic, maybe he should put it out first and let the fans decide, because he's setting himself for disaster making a bold ass claim like that.
  • Rebecca Dickson
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  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.
    PEACE to Man, Woman and Child Kid is nice, I remember one of the first joints I heard him on, he had the Curtis sing-song thing and the latter's drawl, but then it might be because he has the slow-flow type thing. That said, he has improved and might be better than all of the new (North. East. West.South )cats in this rap shit. He needs to have one of those established and successful NY artists to give him that push (hint: Jay prove Pap wrong, bro.)
  • ????
    Troy who?
    • Anonymous
      Your mama should know, bitch ass fruit.
    • Ja Rule Army
      You really can't be this stupid!
  • ju beats
    Finally a true New York artist not like these so called rappers claiming but all they say is trap and trill or rapping over some south beats or female artists making pop but say they queens n kings no way TROY showem how is done
  • Anonymous
    powder, powder, all rite all rite, powder
  • Scan
    I will just cut to the chase and download this for free