Kendrick Lamar Features Lil' Kim In New York Powerhouse Performance

posted Sunday November 03 ,2013 at 08:30AM CST | 24 comments

Kendrick Lamar Features Lil' Kim In New York Powerhouse Performance

Kendrick Lamar brings Lil' Kim out for New York's Powerhouse concert.

Kendrick Lamar brought Lil' Kim on stage during his set for New York's Powerhouse concert. 

Kendrick Lamar referred to Lil' Kim as "influential" when introducing her to the audience.

"Where Brooklyn at?" Lil' Kim said as she greeted the New York crowd. 

Lil' Kim joined Lamar on stage for a performance of her verse on "Get Money," a selection off Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s 1995 album, Conspiracy.

Lil' Kim also performed her verse from "It's All About The Benjamins (Remix)" off 1997's No Way Out album by Puff Daddy & The Family. 

Lamar was also joined by TDE members, SZA and Isaiah Rashad during his set.

Lil' Kim's longtime rival Nicki Minaj also performed at the event. She performed alongside 2 Chainz.

A video clip of Lamar's performance with Kim and an image of Lil' Kim after the set can be viewed below, via New York radio station Power 105.1's Instagram account.  

Additional clips from the concert can be found below via Elliott Wilson's Instagram account.


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  • Highlight of the event
    Kendrick was one of the best main sets there. All the others lacked stage presence..
  • Highlight of the event
    Lil' Kim KILLED the set! She brought the dead voice and Grunts!!! To the fucking idiots commenting upon her relevance & appearance, She's the motherfucking queen & can never have that taken away from her. all these basic ass new rap hoe's are recycling her old shit tryna emulate queen bee! Selling her soul to perform at powerhouse? or... She's performing at her HOME TOWN. And It's no secret she's had surgery. It's the pre-concevied materialistic people who weigh looks upon anything that have a problem with it.
    • The lowlight of life itself is when your mom didn't swallow you ans cursed us with you and your posts...
      Stop being such a fucking groupie.I could imagine you wiping your mouth as you typed that you moron."Pre conceived materialistic people"?Someone was excited to use big words they heard intelligent people formulate in conversation and never bothered to learn the definition and context of how they should be used.Hooked on phonics does not work for everybody.So fuck the whore you idolize who hates herself so much she needed to destroy her appearance and that pussy K-Dot who Switzerland who supported his movement from the jump.King of NY will always be Frank white...
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  • Just saying
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  • Anonymous
    no one knows papoose in brooklyn. fact.
  • Anonymous
    wow. that ass!
  • Lil Kim gets no love in NY
    The nerve of this no mother having whore.He disrespects the legacy of the late great Frank White and you go co-sign his performance in NY...Been lost all the respect in the world for this whore but this is a new low even for her.It's a shame to see how far she'll go to remain relevant.Still selling her soul after all these years after she sold her pussy and still does so to this day.Fuck Kendrick and believe real NY cats (and not these skinny jean blouse wearing emo bitches out chea either) A]aint fucking with him no more after that sideways verse he spit for publicity...
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  • mature
    kendrick showing respect
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  • Anonymous
    Bringing the pumpkin out for Halloween, nice.
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