Nelly Discusses Dr. Dre Studio Session, Possibly For "Detox"

posted Saturday November 02 ,2013 at 03:00PM CDT | 52 comments

Nelly Discusses Dr. Dre Studio Session, Possibly For

Nelly says he and Dr. Dre came up with "certain things he may use on 'Detox.'"

St. Louis, Missouri based rapper Nelly was recently in the studio with Dr. Dre.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, Nelly was asked about his studio session with Dre and what project the two were working on. He hinted that they were working mostly on Dre's album.

"Just ideas he was gathering, I guess for Detox or for whatever project we were doing," Nelly said when asked if they were working on Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox album. "We were basically vibing out."

Nelly also said the two were creating ideas together for use on each of their projects.

"We were just coming up with ideas," he said. "A lot of times you may just be in there collaborating and seeing whatever comes up. So the ideas we were doing were just random ideas and things that we were coming up with–certain things he may use on Detox, certain things he may use (otherwise). Dre works in mysterious ways."

Nelly Speaks On The Mesh Of Country Music And Hip Hop 

During the interview, Nelly also addressed fusing Country with Hip Hop.

"I think people are looking at things wrong when they try to do that," he said when asked about Hip Hop and Country music collaborating. "It's not about one music embracing another, it's about fans that appreciate the collaboration. It's not about Country music embracing Hip Hop or Hip Hop embracing Country music, that's not what that's about, it's for people that like the collaboration.

"Everybody's not going to like the collaboration," he continued. "Everybody don't like R&B mixed with Hip Hop. As funny as that may sound because you see it happen all the time, everybody don't like it, and it's the same thing with every genre of music. It just so happens that that came together and we had a lot of people that supported it."

Nelly has had endeavors in the Country music scene. Aside from his 9-times Platinum-selling debut album, Country Grammar, featuring themes of country life, in April he was featured on a remix of the highly popular single "Cruise," by Country music duo Florida Georgia Line.

Watch Vlad TV's full interview with Nelly below:

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  • Young Guwop
    Detox being released on Neveruary 31st. lol!!! This proves it by Nelly working on it.
  • THor
    No longer looking forward to Detox as long as there is Nelly in it
  • Anonymous
    with possibility of Nelly on Detox, it just made the anticipation of the project unpleasant
  • 000000
    lassie cassie
  • 000000
    cassies posin ivy video doesnt like the 4 page letter video. tress
  • 00000
  • 00000
    fuck eminam paul wall and beyonce and 50 cent
  • 00000
    fuck missy elliet fuck ludacriss
  • Detox is a myth
    Detox is never going to get released, the longer he takes, the longer we expect an amazing album and it probably won't live up to the hype, I remember on Game's "The Documentary" album he said "look out for Detox" on one of the tracks, that was like in 2005! LOL
    • Chris Etrata
      Eminem also said on encore (both album and song) "Don't worry, Detox will arive." That was in 2004.
  • Donna Gabriel
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  • Anonymous
    Detox is never coming out.
  • Mortis
    Fucking dumb. Detox will NEVER come out. Drake will come out as a fag before Detox comes out.
    • I don't know about Drake
    • Chris Etrata
      There's one thing you forgot. Drake, Birdman, Wayne, Tyga, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Chief Keef will all come out to the world before detox does.
    • Anonymous
      That's true bruh!!
  • sxxx4
  • sxxx4
  • sxxx4
  • Anonymous
    god no
  • Anonymous
    A Dr. Dre-Nelly collab would be amazing, 2 legends
  • Anonymous
    Come on, Nelly. We all know you the topic was it possible to sell 15k on a major label, while you were a multi-platinum selling star like a decade ago. Oh, and about that cheap-ass, ugly, unfinished tattoo you had on your forearm. Shit looks like it has been made by some random homeless crackhead with a prison-made tattoo set ...
  • sxxx4
  • sxxx4
  • E
    Country + Rap = Crap
    • Chris Etrata
      Correct. C(for country) plus rap equals crap.
    • Anonymous
      ^^I think we got it the first time. No need to elaborate.
    • Anonymous
      bwahahaha @ chris etrata
    • Chris Etrata
      The joke was lame, I know. Anyway, will detox ever come out?
    • imho
      lmaoo @ the explaination haha
  • jasonnns
  • micheal myers demons 666
    • Hum
      Well that wasn't even a joke, you just repeat what everybody understood the first time, your comment was useless as fuck
  • Anonymous
    What a faggot. Show a little more respect for the legend you piece of shit. It would be any rappers dream to be in the studio with Dre. And This guy better not be on Detox if it ever comes out. Shit ass rapper
    • John mickins
      Be easy bruh. It ain't c'mon out so who gives a shit
  • Anonymous
    Is it me or this guy has no neck? This pussy better not have a fuckin verse on detox.
    • Mail Male
      While he making moves, you worrying about if he got a neck or not. lol. Faggot ass nigga, you Jimmy the Cricket suit-wearin' ass motherfucker; you short Colin Powell haircut, havin'-ass motherfucker; you Little Angela Davis moustache...wearin'-ass motherfucker! you Richard Pryor shortcut, fade-havin'-around-the-side wearin' motherfucker! You little Sammy Davis award Junior afro-haircut- havin'-ass motherfucker!
  • Anonymous
    Didn't read. But Nelly on Detox? Really? This dude needs to go back to doing shitty music and sucking dick. Better not lay his dirty hands on a legendary album like detox
    • Anonymous
      legendary album that he has no part in writing smh
  • the predder 13
  • the predder 13
    yes mame have u seen t3 the guy with backpack skateboard oh hes at game store playing t2 ok thanks
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    watch that shit cost a couple hundreds if it comes out.
  • micheal myersss
  • Nick Newman
    I wish these Detox articles would just go away. That album will never see the light of day.
  • Dre says HELL NO
    Nelly fans don't even listen to Nelly