Jay Z To Release "Gold" Cologne Through Barneys Partnership

posted Friday November 01 ,2013 at 01:40PM CDT | 34 comments

Jay Z To Release

Jay Z is slated to release a cologne named oeGold through his relationship with Barneys.

Jay Z is slated to release a cologne named “Gold” through his partnership with Barneys, as per allhiphop.com.

More than 3,200 names were considered for the fragrance. “Gold” got its name when, according to Parlux Ltd. president Donald J. Loftus, Jay Z said, “This is the shit. It’s gold,” as per allhiphop.com’s story.

A Macy’s window display of Jay Z transforming into a gold chain will be part of the promotional push for the cologne.

“Gold” is scheduled for a November 20 release at Barneys in New York. It is also slated to be available nationwide soon thereafter at prices that range between $39 and $79.

In September, Jay Z revealed a partnership with Barneys titled “A New York Holiday,” which is scheduled to consist of limited edition pieces by high-end fashion brands and interactive window displays for the holiday season. 

Last week, the New York Daily News reported two separate incidents in which Barneys committed discrimination against two African American customers. Trayon Christian, 19, and Kayla Phillips, 21, were questioned by New York Police Department officials as suspects of credit card fraud.

After the New York Daily News report last week, Brooklyn resident Derick Bowers launched a petition requesting Jay Z to end his partnership with Barneys New York. Bowers said he wants Jay Z to cut ties with Barneys because the retailer’s actions show that “they have no connection with the young, black Hip Hop community.”

In an interview with allhiphop.com, Bowers said, “I’m not personally attacking Jay Z. This attack is really at Barneys. What I’m asking from him is to withdraw that partnership to let them know we have that power, and you can’t take that from us.”

On Saturday (October 26), Jay Z released a statement saying that he is waiting on facts before deciding how to address his business deal with Barneys, as per Jay Z’s lifeandtimes.com website.

Barneys CEO Mark Lee apologized to Jay Z Tuesday (October 29), saying that that the recent allegations of racial profiling leveled against Barneys have taken away from the work of Jay Z’s foundation. Lee also said today that no one at the retailer had racially profiled the customers in question, according to nypost.com.

“We deeply regret that these recent events have distracted from the great work of the Sean Carter Foundation, and we offer our sincere apologies to Mr. Carter,” Lee said, as per nypost.com. “Our collaboration together is based on the shared mission of helping individuals facing socio-economic hardships.”

Lee made his statements Tuesday after an hour-long meeting with the Rev. Al Sharpton at the Harlem, New York headquarters of Sharpton’s National Action Network. 

“I’m prepared to stand with the Rev. Sharpton and the leaders to effect real change and bring other retailers into the fold,” Lee said, as per nypost.com. “Moving forward there is a broader issue that needs to be addressed and Barneys New York is committed to be part of the solution.”

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  • Anonymous
    lol told you so..
  • A
    Instead of being on here Hating on Jay-z and his cologne get off you lazy hating asses and go do something with your life, if you dont like his shit make your own, None of you have any product in any store talk less of barneys. And for those who want to hate on me and this comment yes I'm a product designer and i do have product being sold in multiple stores. STOP HATING AND START DOING - thats the new motto IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING DO IT BETTER - thats the other motto
    • Tell em
      Well said bro
  • General Calamari
    IT'S A TRAP!
  • meh
    I don't wanna smell like a camel 'Nigga betta tuck in that lip for he get it caught on a trip-wire'
  • sxxx4
  • sxxx4
  • All around the world
    When I read some comments I just see what I can't say when I was 8yrs and I didn't because I have a dad with a sound mind and thought and I believe most of the commenters here are above 18 some 40 and they still don't get it that a rich man needs every nickels and dimes so he doesn't take money off his account... You foolish and lame blacks will always be poor because no matter how hard you think you get killing your brothers and going to jail you can never be hard for business which is where you lame gangs show your weakest emotions. It's Christmas and gold was among the gift brought to Christ. 22 twos for y'all sensitive thugs...
  • 666
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  • 666
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  • 666
    'starts killing all italinn ppl also
  • crazy devilsss
  • Anonymous
    Jay Z is making scented toilet water????? I'm so confused...
  • 666
  • chris
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    what a cologne i googled it and it said scented toilet water...
  • Anonymous
    cootastic negro!!
  • jasonnns
  • 666
  • Anonymous
    the last cologne he drop was a good one. check out "Champion of G'z"reverbnation/crownking
  • Anonymous
    Rick Ross has a new cologne that is the talk of the entire nation. It smells just like money.
    • Anonymous
      it smells like his money which really smells like body odour and chicken grease
    • Anonymous
      Quoteman dickriding Ross my making shit up. What a surprise.
  • RobertsVision
    Why does Jay Z do business with these guys..i wouldn't by anything from this guy anymore, everythings a hustle with him..his last 3 albums were horrible and sounded like he made them in 50 minutes..just another way of him emptying black youths pockets
    • Anon
      I just wanna picasso, in my casa, my castle.. Lmfao, nigga is trash and I hope all these wack rappers die soon.
  • Anonymous
    LOL that will show them racists Jay aint playin around LOL Jay-Z hates black people
  • Lacey W. Laughter
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  • JAY
  • Mitch
    How much does it cost?
    • Anonymous
      between 39 and 79 bucks
  • imho
    either that or goes to show how big a sell out jayz is for money even tho hes half a billionaire...you decide
  • Jay-Z
    GOLD: Cologne for Camels. I'm too busy releasing garbage ass albums and making perfume to concern myself with the plight of my fellow brethren who get profiled and humiliated at the stores I've partnered with. HOV!!!!!!!!!!!
    • imho
  • imho
    well guess that was a publicity stunt.