Casual Disses Eminem Over "Rap God"

posted Tuesday October 29 ,2013 at 11:17AM CDT | 603 comments

Casual Disses Eminem Over

Casual says he's the true "Rap God" and says "This ain't 8 Mile," calling Eminem a "fraud" who has rapped about "devilish" things.

Eminem's "Rap God" sparked Casual to respond with "#RapGod." 

"Your whole career you on some devilish shit," Casual, a founding member of the Hieroglyphics collective, raps on the track. "So if I let you claim Rap God, heaven will split." 

On the song, Casual says The Notorious B.I.G. used his style and makes another reference towards Eminem. 

"Claim the Son of Rap God and I won’t abuse my child," the Oakland, California emcee rhymes on the selection. "Listen, Bigge used to use my style / Homie, this ain’t 8 Mile / Now everybody feeling the rhymes, the Real #Rapgod / Out-rap that fraud." 

Casual continues on the track, saying he is the true Rap God. 

"I gotta smash that," Casual raps. "'Cause I’m the Rap God / You try to snatch that? Better give it back dog." 

Casual released his He Think He #Rapgod album in 2011. The album featured a selection on it titled "#Rapgod."

In a press release, Casual explained his stance.

"There are many Rap Gods but I am #Rapgod," Casual said in a statement. "The Divine Manifestation, The Supreme Incarnation Of Lyrical Divinity. #Rapgod in the flesh. A true and living #Rapgod.

"It’s about receiving your deification and your veneration before your expiration," Casual continued. "The Council Of The Rapgods was informed that Eminen was self-declared to be amongst the ranks of the Rapgods, rightfully so, might I add. Nothing wrong with that, except Casual is The True And Living #Rapgod, after which it has be canonized by The Highest Hierarchy Of Angels, By The Neteru, By The Highest Hip Hop Dignitaries and Rap Seminarians, that others shall go the entire professional duration and not be adorned with this Holy Epithet."

In a press release, Casual also made it clear that "there's no beef" with Eminem despite the track's disses. 

Casual's new rhymes over the same beat Eminem used on "Rap God" can be heard below via

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Comments 603 Posts

  • Levi
    Eminem says himself: I walk in a church and burst into a ball of flames.... rofl
  • Levi
    Casual just made himself look like a moron, he said Eminem can't claim hes a god, because hes said "devilish" things, he didn't say he was a holy god, just simply a god, you don't have to be "Religious" and "Holy" to be a god haha
  • f.p.
    for any one to say that casual did not smash this beat is just crazy, there are so many flows and they are all on point,if you can not hear that then you can not know much about rap. em killed it as well. how can cas be trying to ride of em when he made the rap god album be for em put this out.the two of them are rap champs.
  • low
    This rap goes back and forth from pointless to boring.
  • HUH
  • hoffa
  • Joe Mahmma
    You know, I don't normally condone this word but this nigga a dumb ni66er
  • RikoLas
    This doesn't compare to the lyricism on Infinite, Slim Shady EP/LP, Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem Show, some of Encore, some of Relapse and some of Recovery. RapGod wasn't very good, and I haven't heard any of this guys other stuff, but he'd get smoked by Em's fire from before he sold out with MMLP2, probably his low point in his career so far...
  • Anonymous
    This was probably written out, whilst Eminem had freestyled his own version, even the supersonic speed part
  • leroy
    casual some shit . if em wanted to he'd dismantle everything that mans worked for .
  • jake
    Even Ice cube gave props for Em's Rap God.
  • CamFromTheBronx
    Casual BEEN the TRUTH, go check his catalogue. I can't listen to those satanic, bitchboy, toy rappers. I still listen to & buy songs/ albums by Casual aka Big Smash From The O.. "HIEROGLYPHICS!"
  • Just Admit It
    Casual killed this! Stop the hating. Tell the truth.
  • Mike S
  • Youdontknowshit
    This niggas name is exactly what he is CASUAL he ain't shit. I'm not saying EM is the shit or nothing, for the past 6 years he's been softer than baby thighs but fuck this nigga. He gonna call out biggie? and say biggie was using his flow and his shit? a for real rap god that is actually known? Who came up on his own with his own shit and spit bars that over shadow anything anyone has written over the last 16 years? fuck this casual ass nigga that's why nobody except these ass tickling underground have even heard of this nigga and his wack ass flow. He been around for over 20 years and nobody gives a shit, just trying to ride off the hype of em's new album to try and seem relevant go fuck yourself
    • Suck My Balls "Youdontknowshit"
      Quit being buttthurt just because Casual said that line about Biggie. Biggie rapped on Casual's beat that he produced for his 'Wickedest freestyle'. People who knew Biggie said he was a big Casual fan so You don't Know Shit.
  • Anonymous
    this wasnt better then ems your dickriding casual just fror having the balls to try
  • Thomas
    Casual has been rapping since eminem was crying his way through middle school. The true hip hop fans know what's good. Yeah slim shady used to be good, but this new eminem guy is just taking your money. He lost his passion and skill.
  • Smashin fools who don't know!!
    Eminems get crunched like smarties! Don't know Casual? Hang yourself.
    Lol this is hilarious. Casual who? Casual nobody? That's what I thought. Rap nobody sure, rap god, yeah right.
    • Anonymous
      Suck a fat dick you don't know hip hop
  • Carlos Hernandez
    That Boy Cas will beat the shit outta eminem
  • ziggy carrington
    I'm sorry but who the fuck is Casual? some waste of space wanna-be Biggy. Pussy bitch.
  • thatcactus
    this guy is so trash holy shit lol Eminem doesnt need to reply to this garbage lol it makes fun of itself
    • NiggaPleazz
      Your trash, you hear me? YOU'RE TRASH. Eminem hasn't been good for a year or two Smash still got hits
  • hater
    Nigga pleez... Eminem is smokin' yer azz!!!
    • J STONE
      Damn, sounds like this Casual guy is real good and 12 yr old kids are mad that Em is not the best. Thats all.
  • craze1
    if you think that rap god was just fast rapping it must have all been too fast for some of you and you missed some things. Casuals diss was ok. Props to what he had done back in the day but he isn't on Em's level skillfully or lyrically.
  • yuvi
    casual wil get reply frm em...thn decide whos d real
  • yuvi
    casual...who is he? n if u r talking abt d lyrics n rhyms,thn go to school kid,learn n thn also dont cum back coz its rap...listn to shady n learn abt rap...casual is doin this for cheap publiCT...he cant rap or nt a celeb like casual d looser,stay away 8 mailes frm shady or u wil get assaultd by his supersonic lyrics...fa*g
    • Anonymous
      Your momz likes to get it in the butt i seen her
  • Johnny Cage
    Say what you want about Eminem, there are plenty of garbage songs hes made you can call him out on but if you don't give Rap God the respect it deserves as a hip hop masterpiece then youre just being a hater and shouldn't even comment on it...Rap God is dope as F*CK and anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong...your opinions are wrong...and stupid...go kill yourselves.
  • D-Rock
    Hey, if you all love pop stars, by all means listen to Eminem. I love REAL hip-hop, so I listen to Casual.
    • steve jobs
      just so so invalid its not even funny, your a dusty poon
    • yuvi
      u keep listning him...coz we dont like sh*t...
    • Idiots, Idiots Everywhere
      Are you all idiots? this is about rapping not hip hop. The song isn't called hip hop god. I'm pretty sure there is only one winner on rapping ability.
  • Shawnb
    casual uses nice lyrics but his rhyme schemes are nowhere near eminems.
  • HipHopHead
    Casual kilt Canibus also. Listen. No one can see him.
  • Ray2cool
    Canibus needs to do a rap god
    • craze1
      canibus fell off the truck he doesnt need to make anything
  • Wow
  • Sean C. Carver
    Casual is the true and first #Rapgod period. Gett'em Smash
  • Anonymous
    suck my porno dick on itunes
  • KRS1
    Remember Casual? let's go back heads....Trues n Vogues "bitch"
  • KRS1
    I know who Casual is since he came on my radar in the early 90's with Del. That's 10 years after I was buying swapmeet tapes of TooShort...So I don't need a history lesson. I was just pointing out Skillz vs lyrics and there's a difference. When JZ and Nas when in on each other it was strictly diss lyrics. EM did a Skillz joint and Casual did a Diss. Apples and Oranges in my opinion. Much props to Casual, I'm glad he has a holiday and I'm glad EM is rich with a pointy nose but at the end of the day it's who's got the all around skills....
  • Big Bad Barrio18, E'zup!
    If you don't know Casual, you have no business reppin' hip-hop culture.
    • r
      shut the fuck up
    • yuvi
      LOL...joke of d millenium
  • True
    Good point @KRS1 if Em disses it's on.