Tyler, The Creator Disses will.i.am

posted Tuesday October 29 ,2013 at 10:14AM CDT | 77 comments

Tyler, The Creator Disses will.i.am

Tyler, the Creator says will.i.am is a "mark" making "butt" music even though he is "talented."

Tyler, the Creator criticized will.i.am's career decisions today (October 29).

During a series of Twitter updates, Tyler, the Creator also praised will.i.am's talent while criticizing his career choices.

The rapper also informed his followers of a conversation that he recently had with will.i.am concerning his longevity in music.

During the series of Twitter updates, Tyler also criticized will.i.am's decision to sue Pharrell recently. Pharrell, who has worked with Tyler, the Creator, has also said that he was disappointed by will.i.am's decision to sue him over the "i am" in i am OTHER.  

The Twitter updates can be viewed below.

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Comments 77 Posts

  • still i am
    still i am, tighter than the pants on will i am,
  • rabbit mask devils
  • micheal myersss
  • Anonymous
    Will.I.Am is a fucking piece of shit.
  • Anonymous
    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSNK0pm4eY
    • kiv
      pretty tight mane
  • jasonnns
  • micheal myers demons 666
    • Anonymous
    • OTP
  • Basix
    So wait, Tyler went to TWITTER to air out his beef about will.i.am not being Hip-Hop ENOUGH?! Wait, wait, wait, with that same logic, Tyler the Creator is just as WHACK as he is saying will.i.am is because he didn't put his beef on WAX like real MC's are supposed to do! #TylersAfuckTard
    • Ebonics
      Its wack not whack
  • TheStreetRef
    Tyler The Creator better pull another publicity stunt out his ass soon , or he MIGHT be done. Can never say for sure when you're dealing with a man who is willing to eat roaches for bread. More power to the young nigga though, I cant say i'm not entertained. Movies? Maybe. - The Street Ref
    • Anonymous
      lmao that name is stupid as fuck and fits you perfect...please explain why tyler will be done if he doesnt pull a publicity stunt
    • Anonymous
      i dont think he really ate roaches
  • 666
  • Ella J. Encinas
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  • jasonnns
  • Fucdadumshyt
    Will.I.Am has never changed, he is what he is. Whatever genre you catagorize him in, he does it best. Very talented, worked with some of the greats. He has always been Pop, never claimed to be anything else. Tyler step up your rap game and maybe I can say the same thing about you. That man has already been in the game for 10 plus. Platinum everytime. I hate his clothes, but never doubted his talent.
    • anon.
      I don't know about that. There is a big difference lyrically from his older work (even before black eyed peas) to now
    • dtrain7
      On the real Will I am did change, he was in a group called the Atban Klann and they were very undergound with breaking and there sound....Tribe meets Pharacyde type shit.. His first peas album was good but them they keep trying to go pop and finally added Ogirl.......Dude is mad talented but he sold out to make paper and there music has been horrible from there 3rd album on..... Esoteric videos, cat wasn't like that back in the day.......
    • Anonymous
      platinum everytime? maybe with bep cuz his albums dont sell more than 100k total...dudes been a sellout since you first heard of him back in 03 cuz he didnt sound like that 15 years ago...
      Home boi was signed to Ruthless Records wit Bone Thugs and Eazy...he been a phony used to claim blood
  • Anonymous
    They sound like a couple of cackling faggots.
  • Anonymous
    will i am back in the day with black eyed peas made decent pop tunes, now its some techno shit, but i cant take tyler serious hes more a less just funny to me
  • Anonymous
    Will I Am is a huge faggot, but I'm going to guess that after this "diss", Tyler will post a pic of them together, the next time they see each other; smiling and shit. Or he'll compliment Will's next single...He does that shit with each diss disses B.O.B on Yonkers -B.O.B. dissed back on No Future and that Tech N9ne song Tyler says that he liked that kind of B.O.B. disses 2 Chainz for being on "Beez in the Trap" -2 Chainz responds with a stupid diss about how he should be riding a bike like Tyler in the vid. Tyler then compliments 2 Chainz album cover Disses Rah Digga and MC Lyte on twitter; Rah Digga for looking like a guy, MC Lyte for being a lesbian -Rah Digga disses him on a song Tyler takes a pic with her the following weekend Disses Miley Cyrus' new haircut -Miley calls him ugly but says that his music is "dope" Takes a pic with her in the studio and says that she's the coolest Let's not stop with his hypocritical shit: He never responded to garbage ass Hopsin, but he did diss Bruno Mars twice. So he didn't respond to an actual rapper, but he did proceed to diss a non-rapper twice. He hates Bruno Mars, but Justin Beiber is his "dog".
    • Anonymous
      you spent too much time dissecting the "rap beefs" of a 21 year old...whats he supposed to do fight them when he sees them n respond to everyone who disses him?
    • OTP
      someone tell 2nd anonymous to get tylers Dick out his mouth and to 1st anonymous lol yeah tylers a bitch
    • Anonymous
      .....haaa someone tell otp to go outside and stop commenting on a hip hop website comments section at midnight
  • Not Impressed
    This guy is delusional if he thinks he will be around in 10 years. He appeals to a young, white, demographic of 15-18 year olds who are fascinated by that hiphop/"hipster" culture at the moment. Most of them just like it because it's an interesting trend. But it's just like any other faze kids though, and not really made to last. You can say what you want about Will I Am, but at the end of the day, he has evolved and survived multiple eras. If Tyler the creator thinks he's going to last riding skateboards and acting like a teenager at 28, he's about to get a rude awakening. I'm not impressed
    • Anonymous
    • Daniel
      I think he will be just as big as Pharrell at some point.
  • Corny
    Tyler looks WEAK airing shit out in public like this.
  • Really
    FUCK ARE YOU NIGGAS ON IN HERE???? WIll.I.AM is a POP artist- that's what he does! What part of that do you not understand? Fuck you want? Everybody to be on some dark angry shit for your angry asses?
    • NA SON
      Yes a pop artist, a sellout, he forgot where he came from. He makes mundane music that doesn't reflect reality despite his amazing talent. Noone is suggesting that all music should be angry, the issue here is CREATIVITY. Think before you type.
    • Anonymous
      NA SON- PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP. WIll can do whatever the fuck he wants. He's earned that right. His "pop" music is real to him and millions of others who dig it. How about YOU think about getting out of that tiny box you call your life.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    WIll.I.AM. is a genius fuck boy. He does MORE than you realize. But like SO many young dumb asses running around today thinking they know what's up reality will hit you one day. Adults aren't making shit up when they spit game to you. EXPERIENCE!
  • Hacksaw
    Not a fan of Tyler, but he speaks the truth about Will.I.Am. Will is perhaps one of the worst sell-outs in recent rap history, if not one of the top sell outs all time.
  • guylloyd200
    rip him to shreds tyler
  • Anonymous
    STFU. This weird clown is a white man trapped inside a Black mans body. Will I Am makes music with the pop feel and Tyler makes music with the weird feel and both of them have similiar fan bases. Twitter is being abused as a tool for attention whore celebrities.
    • Anonymous
      they do not have the same fan bases
    • Trolly
      Look at this cat, pretending to say something coherent. You're speaking words, but you aint's saying nothin, boy
    • Anonymous
      Similiar fan bases. Tyler makes music for white males between the ages of 14-17, just look at his concert footage and you rarely see any Black people or adults and just a few females.
    • woo
      Ok you just tryin to be racist, and cover it with bunch of nonsene. What you say doesnt even make sense.smfh
    • Anonymous
      you rarely see black people at a Wale and Rick Ross show too though. all white kids holding their iphones