Eminem Releases "The Monster" Single Featuring Rihanna

posted Monday October 28 ,2013 at 04:10PM CDT | 249 comments

Eminem Releases

UPDATE: Eminem has released "The Monster" as a single off "The Marshall Mathers LP 2." The selection features Rihanna.

Eminem is slated to release "The Monster" as his next single off The Marshall Mathers LP 2, an album scheduled to be released November 5, according to hiphop-n-more.com

Detroit, Michigan radio station 98.7 reports that it is slated to premiere the single October 28.

Eminem and Rihanna have collaborated on several selections, including "Love the Way You Lie," "Love the Way You Lie 2" and "Numb."

Rihanna spoke about working with Eminem during a January interview with Complex.

"The moment I worked with him on 'Love the Way You Lie,' I wanted to work with him again, and we did 'Love the Way You Lie Part 2,'" Rihanna said. "And then I wanted to work with him again. I just love working with Eminem. He’s just one of my favorite rappers, and his lyrics—he’s a true poet, and I enjoy that about him. For this song, I needed someone with not only his skill, but his personality. And I needed someone who really understands the perspective and the metaphor in the song of going numb and being numb to everything around and to say, 'Fuck you.' Eminem is definitely the perfect guy for that."

Radio station 98.7's Twitter update regarding "The Monster's" premiere can be found below.

Eminem's upcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is set to also feature Kendrick Lamar and Skylar Gray, among others.

(October 24)

UPDATE: Eminem has released his Rihanna-assisted single "The Monster."

The track is a single off Eminem's upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which is due in stores November 5. 

On the song, Eminem discusses his ascension in music.

"I wanted the fame, but not the cover of Newsweek," Eminem raps on the track. "Oh, well, guess beggars can't be choosy / Wanted to receive attention for my music / Wanted to be left alone in public, excuse me."

The track can be streamed via HipHopDX and it can be heard below via Shady Records.

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  • Lisa Pilato-Reagan
    I can't believe anyone would call Marshal Mathers/Eminem gay. He is far from gay and if one has to use those words to describe someone who is clearly not gay.... It is only because it could be one or more f the following; I am going t am going to cut to the chase, -You lack confidence in yourself or you would not put down someone so we'll like and famous such as Eminem I feel sorry for people like you that ting joy critising o Ok night gf
  • Anonymous
    Shady Gaga???
  • Anonymous
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  • HipHopDx
    Ja Rule Next Album - titled "Fuck Fame" Track list 1. King Of The Nile - Ft Chrisette Michele prod by. Cool & dre ) 2. I'm Back (Produced By. Kanye West) 3. My Brother's Keeper Ft Rick Ross (prod by. 7) 4. Freedom Ft The Dream (Prod by. Chink Santana) 5. What We Gon' Do (produced by. Street Runners) 6. Prime Time- Ja Rule Ft Jay Z & DMX ( produced by. Irv Gotti ) 7. All Of This - Ja Rule Ft Drake (Produced by. Noah "40") 8. The Rules (Produced By. Just Blaze) 9. Trading Places Ft Fat Joe ( Prod by. Irv Gotti) 10.Let's Do It (Produced By Swizz Beatz) 11. My Baby Ft Ashanti ( Produced By. 7) 12. Dangerous Minds Ft Asap Rocky ( Produced by. Hit Boy ) 13. The World Ft Nas & Jadakiss(Produced by. Irv Gotti ) 14. No Limits ( Produced by Justice L.E.A.G.U.E ) 15. Big Remo Skit 16. On The Run Ft Fat Joe & N.O.R.E ( produced by. 7) 17. F**k Fame (produced by. No I.D) 18. Our Life Feat. Mary J Blige( produced by. 7) 19. Ride With Me (produced by. Irv Gotti) 20. My Dreams ft LLoyd ,Black Child ,Cadillac Tah, Vita , Charlie Baltimore & Ashanti ( produced by.Malay ) Get Ready "Fuck Fame"!
  • Anonymous
  • Unbiased
    Ok. Let us be real here. First of all, why are you people so hostile and hateful? Calling this man, the man that lyrically is probably the greatest of all time or even in terms of success, a sellout, a fag, a pop star...Wow. This is shameful. We understand that most of you people are stuck in the 90's and early 2000's and you don't comprehend change or progression, but take a second and look at what he is doing. Making a record with Rihanna and having pop-ish production makes the song pop? So if he had someone like Mary J. on the feature and Mike Will on the production with THE SAME LYRICS, it wouldn't be pop right? The song is not pop but that's my opinion. Music is highly opinionated I understand that, but why can't people just say "I don't like the song but I'm not gonna down the man for it." Eminem is still a focal point in music and still has gas in the tank at 41 years of age. Who do you know that is still making hits and is relevant at that age? Jay-Z? As much as I love Pac he would not have stayed relevant in this day in age had he kept making the type of music he made. This era is different. Everybody that has maintained success has changed. You people dont understand success nor do you embrace in. Most of you probably have no goals or aspirations and if you do your mindset will forever bar you from reaching them. Open your mind.
    • Excuses Excuses
      Progression means you get better even in your changing. His production has gotten worse and if you spend most of your career dissing the very music you now do then it's called, by definition, selling out. You don't have to sell out to stay "relevant". Em himself said he didn't care about sales but it's clear he does. So he's a sell out and a liar. To some respect matters more than topping the charts. He's already got the king of sales title there was no need for this pop garbage especially on an album called MMLP2. He's just a sellout.
    • Huey Freeman
      Damn, you're stupid.
    • former Emfan
      Mary J got soul. Rihanna music got no soul, she makes corny popmusic for boys and girls who just wanna dance. She's just a Britney Spears with color.
  • Mack
    He's beginning to sound like Pop God Pop God, all his fans sound like retards retards....RIP Slim Shady. There's some imposter taking trying to update your classic by putting pop songs on it. Wish you were here to diss the fuck out of him.
  • TRON
    All of you people hating on Em right now are foolish idiots. The guy has raised a family and changed drastically since MMLP was released. He is 41. Would it be relevant for him to be acting and rapping the same way he did back then? No. You are all just mad because he found away to come back from his drug addiction and turn his music in a new direction. The album will reflect relevant aspects of his life. Did you even listen to the lyrics? Whats the difference between Em featuring Rihanna or Drake using a whack sample and sounding gay? Eminem will destroy anyone who comes at him and you know it. It's a matter of if he is willing to get dragged into the bullshit. The man is trying to find a way to battle with his love for music without losing its true meaning.
  • youngsta
    haha! looks like eminem's own fans are turning against him now. told y'all, another pop single and you kept denying it. looks like i was right after all. em is officially done.
    • Anonymous
      Nope. You're still wrong, hoe.
    We used to love you SLIM SHADY 99-02, now he's become the person he said he hated, a fucking pop rapper, since when did Slim Shady associate with Popstars, man what the fuck is this shit lmao, this isn't no MMLP2, he just took a big shit all over his legacy with this post Eminem Show shit, he should have never come back from that legacy and left it intact. R.I.P Slim Shady
    • Anonymous
      Cool story.
  • Anonymous
    Marshall Mathers is raps biggest hypocrite. The same guy that built a carrer on dissing POP artists is the same guy doing songs with Skylar Grey. The same guy that built a career bashing homosexuals is doing duets with Elron John and dressing up like a woman. The same guy that made racist rap songs towards Black women is doing mega videos with Rihanna. I give the guy credit, he wanted to dilute HipHop and turn it into homo pop garbage and he's worked his plan ro perfection
    • Anonymous
      Tell 'em why you mad again.
  • AYO
    It's really not that bad, actually. Okay so it has a pop vibe to it, big deal. It's a pretty good balance to the lyricism that Eminem is spitting.
  • real live homo
    I am a homo and that' s why I vote this song of the decade!!!! CUZ GAY RIGHTS ARE TOOK OVER!!!!!!
    • reus
      No you're just a little troller.
    RIP SLIM SHADY 99-03
  • Anonymous
    pop city
  • Anonymous
    this is a good song sick of listening to bitches talkin shit on this shut the fuck up if you don't like it fuck off and listen to sumthing repetive cunts
  • 1ove
    Nowadays, Eminem only keeps it hip-hop in his freestyles. Tim Westwood, BET Cypher, Art of Rap documentary...he can go the fuck in. But when it comes to the music and the studio albums, he doesn't do it for hip-hop or his core fans. I got his first 3 albums, haven't bought any after that and I won't be buying MMLP2. Sad to see him ruin his legacy when I got him up in the top 2/3 just from '99-'02.
    • Anonymous
      Honestly, I don't think Em or anyone on this site cares what you have to say!
  • Anonymous
    "let's take it back to hip hop" YEAH RIGHT STRAIGHT UP POP BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    em has now become what he once hated so passionately - A POP STAR shit was ok at best, but we all know its gonna be huge what is this now - love the way you lie part 4
  • Fuck Face
    Fuck all you fake music fans supporting bullshit...shitty ass music just because it has a name attached to it...what happen to enjoying MUSIC? not how much someone will sell or money they have? LISTEN TO THE FUCKING MUSIC YOU FUCKING CULTURE VULTURES!!!! Look for new stuff you control what gets out yet you fuckers KEEP listening to the SAME FUCKING SHIT!!!!
  • 666
  • DT
    I am motherfucking tired of all troll ass hatin ass bitches whining and shit... gtfoh with all that bullshit. I aint no stan, but dammit ONE of you come with rhymes better than Em or shut the fuck up. Period. All of you can suck a dick, bitches. Since u all hatin, tell me why any other rapper, maybe YOUR favorite rapper, scared AS FUCK to have Em on a track? Cuz they goddamn KNOW THEY WOULD GET EATEN ALIVE. Period.
  • Black
    Let me add on: What you see happening in HipHop is not an unfamiliar scenario, the same thing happened with Rock music and Jazz music. Young money being one of the most succesful brands in HipHop saw this shift early in the game and shrewdly recruited foreign born POP-rapping mullattos like Drake & Nicki Minaj, and modified Wayne's image into a white-friendly guitar-strumming skateboarder with all the appropriate pairings and wardrobe to make him non threatening and hipster friendly....it's worked to perfection. Now that the mainstream is being white-washed and the streets are no longer marketable you will see a deeper influx of Mackelmores and Iggy Azelias because Hip-Hop is here to stay.
    • Kizman
      co-sign my man
    • Anonymous
      You are really stupid.
  • Anonymous
  • Black
    This is what HipHop looks like in 2013: Top 10 HipHop singles "Thrift Shop"Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz1 "Can't Hold Us"Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton1 "Berzerk"Eminem3 "Holy Grail"Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake4 "Gentleman"PSY5 "Started from the Bottom"Drake6 "Rap God"Eminem7 "Fuckin' Problems"ASAP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar8 "Feel This Moment"Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera8 "Love Me"Lil Wayne feat. Drake and Future9 "Same Love"Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert11 More white than it is Black. 10 white feautures 9 Black features 1 Hispanic feature and 3 Mullatto features. This phenomenah kinda gives you some insight on the direction and sound of the culture in the mainstream, I predicted this shift in 2011 and now I'm feeling prophetic.
    • Guess what?
    • Actually you should read
      @Guess what? Guess what you faggot, a lot of people care, when there is more WHITE than BLACK features on "Hip Hop" songs these days, you know the genre has forgotten its roots and look at the mainstream these days, it's gone to Hell and it ain't coming back anytime soon with this cunt Marshall Mathers pushing this shit.
    • Guess what?
      Guess what? Nobody cares what your racist ass has to say. No one cares if there's white rappers on the charts.
    • Anonymous
      @BruthaDee Your full of hatred towards the white man. I understand that because judging by your ignorant rants, you aren't as successful as you aspire to be and blame everything on the white man keeping you down.
  • Crip4Life
    Faggot ass white boy, never seen a dude have a complete transformation from what he used to be. Dissing Britney Spears, N sync and all those boy bands only to follow suit couple years later. Fuck this queer. Fuck anybody who don't like my opinion on this sellout fuck. He aint shit out here in OAKLAND! Garbage ass music, dude used to be the shiznit, not he's just a bitch for the business, Jimmy's bitch. 2PAC 4 EVER, WEST COAST 4 LIFEEE 90's to early 2k, fuck all the soft shit, fuck this faggot white boy too, and his fans, fuck em!!!!!!!!!
    • co-sign
    • elton john
      this wack ass cali cat claiming to to folk, stay hopping on here to hate on em n rep the oak lmao u really must have no time in life
  • Cashis
    Rihanna is not as POP as you think she's an R&B chick for the most part with influences of Island and HipHop, it's not like Em is doing another song with Skylar Grey but we all know that Em is pretty much a pop rapper now.
    • no
      name one r n b song shes been in..rhi has been pop since umbrella, there no rhythem n blues n her shit....period
  • Joe
    its over for eminem imo ... we all knew this jam would be shit.