Iggy Azalea Rejects $1.5 Million Intimate Dinner Date

posted Thursday October 24 ,2013 at 01:30PM CDT | 56 comments

Iggy Azalea Rejects $1.5 Million Intimate Dinner Date

Iggy Azalea turns down more than $1,500,000 for an intimate dinner with a Russian oil tycoon.

Iggy Azalea has rejected an “intimate dinner” date that would have paid her more than $1.5 million, according a post on her Instagram account.

The rapper posted a copy of a blurb from British newspaper The Sun, which reported that the offer came after Iggy Azalea ran an online competition “offering to help change the lives of her fans.”

Iggy Azalea was offered 1 million British pounds, the equivalent of approximately $1.6 million, to have an "intimate dinner" with a Russian oil tycoon, as per The Sun.

Iggy Azalea declined the offer and wrote “Ha ha” on her Instagram post, which is as follows.

Iggy Azalea is touring as an opening act for Beyonce on the Australian, 17-show leg of the singer's "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour." The Australian dates are set to conclude November 9 at the Perth Arena in Perth.

Following are the Australian dates of "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour," as per idolator.com.

10.25  Melbourne  Rod Laver Arena

10.26  Melbourne  Rod Laver Arena

10.28  Brisbane  Entertainment Centre

10.29  Brisbane  Entertainment Centre

10.31  Sydney  Allphones Arena

11.01  Sydney  Allphones Arena

11.02  Sydney  Allphones Arena

11.03  Sydney  Allphones Arena

11.05  Adelaide  Entertainment Centre

11.06  Adelaide  Entertainment Centre

11.08  Perth  Perth Arena

11.09  Perth  Perth Arena

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  • Anonymous
    That was smart turning it down...It'll make the dude want her more, and she can make off with 00's of millions in a divorce a few years down the line. Niggas are stupid like that
  • Anonymous
    She is already a hoe-said it herself recently.
  • wtf
    dumb ass bitch who would turn down 1.6million god damn
    • lex
      i bet if she accepted, you'd probably be here saying "wtf! this bitch is a hoe"
    • Anonymous
      co-sign lex confused people
  • BP
    you know what... T.I. would probably backhand this broad for a move like that. isn't his motto "gettin money any way possible"? get dough or die, etc. ain't like he was gonna feel her up. Even if he tried somethin, just grab the money first and leave as soon as somethin's off
    • Anonymous
      ti ain't got nothing to do with her you late
  • Anonymous
    "just last week this bitch was talking about banging old dudes for free when she was like 13 now she too good for a 1.5 milli date?" ^ comment of the day like....russian dude ain't read that story?
  • Serena Rockefeller
    Inspired by Iggy & T.I. http://youtu.be/auO8QjPZe94
  • Anonymous
    ja rule about to set this bitch straight when he see her.
    • Anonymous Too
      Ja is going to ask her who does her makeup when he see her.
    Would really get my rocks off torturing/raping this worthless cunt for hours,cigarette burns,pouring scalding water all over her etc. before finally strangling the life out of her, watching her squirm and gasp for air mmmmmmm :)
    • Anonymous
      you gonna end up on some nsa/fbi watchlist typing shit like that bruh
    • EVIL GUY
      Lol freedom of speech mah nigg@
    • Anonymous
      No longer exists.
    • killah_casp
      I hope you get banged up and bummed for saying such a sick thing. I don't really like her music but i won't accept any man threatening a female like that internet or not you deserve a fukin slap you filthy weasel.
    • Anonymous
      lol, this dork actually said freedom of speech while the sheltered, naive child thinks so the news reports of the nsa, the 2 girls catching charges on facebook bullying is all around the world you keep going tho moron, you're immune huh? lol
    • All replies are retarded
      "the news reports of the nsa, the 2 girls catching charges on facebook bullying is all around the world" Evil guy diddnt call anyone out by name and the comment wasn't aimed at her directly u fuckin retards, thats not bullying lol
  • Anonymous
    2 Chainz said he would like to make a sex tape with her!
    • killah_casp
      yer probably to get more attention.
  • kanyegaykim
    i bet kim kardashian wouldve gone for that money..respecet to all the real women out there.fuck fuck those hoes and gold diggers like kim kardashian.
  • Anonymous
    HAHAHA! Such offers are from suckaz with no game. When I was broke, i could still pull in the honies. Shit, she would be paying me nahmean?
    • Anonymous' Mom
      Get off of that website NOW!! Here, put your onesie on, brush your teeth, say your prayers, and go to bed....you gotta get up for elementary school tomorrow.
  • Catherine B. Bell
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    • JoJo M.
      word? u fbi?
  • Anonymous
    but she lets people grab her ass for free on stage ?huh ..
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule offered her five bucks and she was on the first flight to his Miami mansion.
    • Anonymous Too
      Yeah...she killed that nigga's asshole with that strap-on.
  • Z
    Good, she keepin it tight for me
    • X
      Too late....I already blew out the pussy, asshole, and the mouth.
    Can always just rape the cunt for free then suffocate that whore
    • Anonymous
      GTA Shit!
    • killah_casp
    • TRUTH
      @EVIL Listening to old Slim Shady much? @Killah you a h0e A$$ NIIGgER
  • Anonymous
    Most respectable thing this woman has done ever.
  • illone
    Despite the trending opinion, I don't know how a female could accept such a public proposition. If the same offer was made privately, I'd bet she'd have been on the first plane to Moscow; Beyonce tour be damned.