Travi$ Scott Criticizes His BET Cypher Verse

posted Wednesday October 16 ,2013 at 05:05PM CDT | 42 comments

Travi$ Scott Criticizes His BET Cypher Verse

Travi$ Scott also says he was underwhelmed by the break beat used for his cypher, which came from James Brown's "Funky President."

Travi$ Scott says his performance in BET's Hip Hop Awards cypher was "ass."

Scott spoke about his appearance in the cypher via Twitter. 

Scott said that his performance was "ass," explained that he freestyled the verse and added that he was underwhelmed by the beat that he was meant to rhyme over.  

Scott's tweet can be viewed below. 

Scott's cypher appearance was backed by a break from James Brown's 1974 selection "Funky President," a song that has been sampled by an array of Rap songs, including "Clique" by Kanye West, Big Sean and Jay Z; "New God Flow" By Kanye West and Pusha T; "Eric B. Is President" by Eric B. & Rakim; "Hip Hop Hooray" by Naughty by Nature; "Mighty Healthy" by Ghostface Killah; and "Fuck Tha Police" by N.W.A. 

During his verse, Scott says, "This beat sucks." 

Travi$ Scott signed with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music as a producer in 2012. Soon after he signed with G.O.O.D. Music, Scott was criticized by his former associate Shane Morris

"I heard this week Travis Scott signed a 360 deal with Kanye West for $870,000," Morris said. "Am I happy for him? Not at all. He might be one of the most purely talented producers and rappers in the industry, but he’s a thief, a liar, and he manipulates what he wants out of people until he’s used them all up. There’s no such thing as loyalty to [Travi$] Scott." 

Travi$ Scott signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle imprint this year in a deal that reportedly would not interfere with his G.O.O.D. Music work. 

“I found him online," T.I. said in an interview with SkeeTV in April. "I actually found him and Iggy at the same time. I was just getting out of prison and I was rebuilding, and I kinda like just cast a wide net. I need the best that right now has to offer. After casting that net, I got Trae the Truth. I had the pleasure of joining forces with him, Chip…Iggy Azalea and also Travi$ Scott.”

Scott's cypher included appearances from Action Bronson, Starlife Breezy, Tiffany Foxx and Lil' Kim. The cypher can be viewed below, via YardieGoals

21311524113cyp2 by YardieGoals

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  • ?????????? so kate
    ??????????????? ?? ???? ?????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????|??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????? ????? ?????????????????????????????????? ?????????? so kate
  • Kill Garbage
    people like this should be taken away from the culture, this is a fool who deserves to be cut by a label ... he is the problem with the world today so many unschooled ignorant rap acts suck
  • Anonymous
    Even if the beat was better or fit his style his verse still would've came out trash
  • Anonymous
    Most wack rapper is the only one who makes an excuse.
  • Anonymous
    Action had no probs killing the beat. even Starlife did a good job. Tiffany Foxx = yawn and Lil Kim look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book with all that ass = yawn the beat did suck but if you supposed to be rapper rapping on national tv that shouldnt matter.
    • Anonymous
      all true.
  • Anonymous
    "this beat sucks...its not dark enough it doesnt have enuff bass and theres no animal noises on flame"
  • Anonymous
    Kim and her artist are garbage.... And I'm embarrassed for Travis Scott smh
  • Anonymous
    has anyone ever heard travis spit a hot verse? his beats and flow are straight but his lyrics are and have always been ass
    • Anonymous
      i wouldnt know what he sounds like if i heard him, dont know if ive ever heard him ...i know i dont go clicking on too many songs with his name in them
    • Anonymous
      yeah i gotta say, looking back he is pretty meh.
  • Crooklyn Aura
    Kim got ass? I still bag her...just on some one night wild ish.
  • WTF
    Man every time I see little Kim she just keeps getting uglier .
    • Anonymous
      yeah she got it right about 2002, but now that michael jackson syndrome just kicked the fuck in
  • Assassin221
    Trying to blame DJ Premier and James Brown on your weak verse? That's some sad shit.
    • drizzy!
  • Anonymous
    that verse was embarrassing. just a shitty throwaway written verse with no meaning
    • COCA
  • toppa shot
    LOL!!! Dude was struggling major.
  • KIV
    Travis is a genius BET cypher has been on a steady decline (aside from, he treated it as so... why is he on this CYPHER, BET puts all these random ass MC's together and expect shit to just pop... ASAP MOB makes sense TDE makes sense BUT then you have a sea of talentless nigs and niggets #NODISRESPECTACTIONB #ALLDISRESPECTSTOBET his don't give a fuvk attitude makes his performance more memorable than the others.. to me anyway what the fuck do i knwo Anyone who listens to Scott knows he has bars.
    • Anonymous
      maybe if he didnt give a fuck he should have gave up his spot to someone who does care and want to put some effort into it
    • Anonymous
      yeah what anon said. that shit don't make no sense to go there if you don't believe in it
    • Anonymous everyones impression of him is just a weak rapper, even if he's not. its a wasted opportunity.
    • Anonymous
      what bars are you talking about? owl pharoah is my shit but not for the lyrics cuz most of his verses are trash
  • buttaman
    I hate weak exceuses. Just say your rhyme was ass this time. Nobody's perfect. Don't blame the beat?
  • Anonymous
    Nothing wrong with the beats, they just didn't really compliment any of the rappers on them. I think all of the cyphers were kind of bad just because of poor beat selection.
  • Anonymous
    The guy right before travis was way better.
  • Anonymous
    let me get this out to everyone out there.... I WILL NEVER SUPPORT ACTION BRONSON UNTIL HE SHAVES THAT UGLY ASS BEARD!
  • Anonymous
    would u hit lil kim?
  • Whorida
    What the fuck kind of cypher is this? Back in the good old days, cyphers were pick-up freestyle sessions off the top of the head. Now we got rappers memorizing and making plans for one then critiquing it after.
  • superv501
  • TDFlash
    His verse was definitely ass, I hope dude is properly embarrassed. The beat selection didn't stop dudes like Jon Connor and Rittz from killin' it. That being said, I get what they're aiming to achieve with the old school beats that keep it simple and pure hip hop, but I wouldn't mind if thy started using more modern/complex production. I'm guessing Premo has the final say on all that.
  • jay
    Number 1, If you didnt study the culture you wont be rapping long. Travis $cott? Who is that? If you dont know the break, please go home...
  • Anonymous
    Travi$ Scott is an incredibly terrible lyricist. I understand that he was signed to G.O.O.D. as a producer, but it blows my mind that people considered Owl Pharaoh as a quality mixtape.
    • Anonymous
      Co-sign. I was trying to understand the hype with Scott so I downloaded that tape. I listened to it and I thought it was average at best. He should stick to producing because he is much better at that then rapping.
    • superv501
      Double co-sign. Stick w/the producing. Owl Pharaoh is huff
    • Anonymous
      thought it was just me
  • Anonymous
    dudes a hoe. someone pulled up his tweets from 2 years ago and he was hating on kanye, jay-z and t.i., pretty much everyone and now hes working with all of them
  • JPipe
    i wasnt feeling most of the cypher beats either
    • Aye
      Real isht is so rare, young ppl nowadays can't stand it when they see it. Man, who'd ever think the phrase real recognize real would no longer apply? Our culture now has a race of babies, that hate the ladies, who make the babies. To them, faker is better. The more hybrid, the better. White girl with a black butt.
    • white women are the right women
      Damn right, White women are fantastic. Real Black men don't mind enjoying a good vanilla sundae. FTW...Fit, tight and White.
    • Mr Flamboyant
      ^^^LOL LOL LOL^^^