Crooked I Says Eminem's Prowess Shines On "Rap God"

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Crooked I Says Eminem's Prowess Shines On

Exclusive: Crooked I also says Eminem is likely not dissing Kendrick Lamar on "Rap God," a new cut off Em's upcoming "The Marshall Mathers LP 2."

Crooked I, a member of Shady Records' Slaughterhouse, recently spoke with HipHopDX about Eminem's new song, "Rap God," a selection set to be on Em's The Marshall Mathers LP 2

"It was crazy," Crooked I said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "It's just always refreshing to hear a super mainstream artist with bars and skills because a lot of these mainstream dudes that's rapping out there is wack as fuck. So, here's somebody who has all the success and has achieved so much in the game and he still has bars to bar you out the game. It's real refreshing. He basically took the art of double-time rapping and displayed the many different ways you can do that. There's different cadences you can use when you're double-timing. He just displayed almost all of them on one song." 

Crooked I Praises Eminem's Hip Hop Knowledge

On "Rap God," Eminem says he is a product of N.W.A., Rakim, Tupac Shakur and Lakim Shabazz. 

During the interview, Crooked I also praised Eminem's knowledge of Hip Hop. 

"Let's be clear," Crooked I said. "Eminem has a 360 degree knowledge of Hip Hop. Therefore, he can drop names like Lakim Shabazz. These new mothafuckas don't know who the fuck that is and it's no excuse because we have the Internet.

"You can go look up the Hip Hop pioneers," Crooked I continued. "If you're really into the culture, as an emcee, you can go find out what Big Daddy Kane was spittin', what Kool G Rap was spittin'. You can go to listen to the whole Illmatic [by Nas] front-to-back. You can go listen to [Jay Z's] Reasonable Doubt. There's no excuse. With Em, he has a 360 degree knowledge of the game...Eminem is displaying that he's a real Hip Hop emcee [on 'Rap God']. You can't take that away from him ever. That's what I love about that song." 

Crooked I Responds To Those Saying "Rap God" Disses Kendrick Lamar

During the interview, Crooked I was asked what lines stood out most from the track.

"I know a lot of people are talking about, 'Why be a king when you can be a god?'" Crooked I said. "I know a lot of people feel like that was a jab at Kendrick. But, to me, that whole song stands out."

Crooked added that he does not think the line was aimed at Kendrick Lamar.

"Nah," Crooked I said. "Me knowing who Em is, every time I'm around Em, he has said nothing but good things about Kendrick and Kendrick's artform, so I wouldn't just think that all of a sudden he would just take a jab at him out of nowhere. That don't make sense, but I can't speak for Eminem. I don't know exactly what he was thinking when he said that, but as a listener, I didn't take it like he was saying that to Kendrick. There's been a lot of people in Hip Hop who've declared themselves kings. If that's the case, he's shooting at everybody." 

Eminem's "Rap God" can be heard below.

Crooked I is set to be featured in tonight's airing of BET Hip Hop Awards. He participated in the Slaughterhouse cypher along with fellow groupmates Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9 and Joe Budden. 

Eminem signed Slaughterhouse to Shady Records for the group's 2012 effort, Welcome to Our House. Eminem produced several tracks on the project, including "Throw That" and "Asylum." Eminem also mixed several songs on the album. Additionally, Eminem was a co-producer on several selections and the executive producer of the group's project. 

In 2011, Eminem performed alongside Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf as part of the BET Hop Hop Awards cypher. Their 2011 cypher can be viewed below.

Shady Records 2.0 Boys 2011 Cypher (Uncut) from Shady Records on Vimeo.

Photography By: Andres Tardio

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  • haters gonna be haters
    People try to be a rap expertise in hip hop culture while y'all are nothing but a minnie mouse rapper and wanna be rapper that thought u could rhyme, try battle Em and I bet y'all black ass got whipped. Where Kool G Rap, JayZ, Busta, Nas, Hopsin, Tech9ine, Redman, the Game, loaded lux, even rookie player praised Eminem skill from A to Z and they are black if you want to play racist game. Then what you reply just can be simple by saying "dickrider" bsshhhh such a "smart" comment. NO more than that y'all can say anything. You can just criticise but ur skill is small as micro neutron. By means you cannot say more than you don't like it, further more than that y'all speak rubbish. AND BTW Eminem big from underground rap.
  • Anonymous
    black man is dog licking white boy's ass LAUGHTERHOUSE
  • megagodzilla
    Did he say Nigga? - Rap God
  • Anonymous
    Crooked I needs to get Eminem's dick removed from his ass.
  • aria
    crooked I look like teddy off of black ink crew
  • Anonymous
    "Em never actually collaborates with any actually talented MCs". Busta Rhymes, Redman, Xhibit, Snoop, Sticky fingaz, da outsidas, thirstin howl III and he had verse on "the anthem". What was that again?
  • don't get it twisted
    Music is evolving, so Em has to evolve to stay with the times. This means that MMLP2 will be different to its original counterpart. People are looking too closely, meaning that they are just comparing beats, and the theme of horrorcore. Look at the big picture, seriously. The music will be more modern and evolved, however the thing about the first MMLP was that it was controversial and different to the current music at the time. You can see this with Berzerk. Another reason why MMLP2 will be like the original is because it will be more focused on lyrics rather than complex beats. MMLP was different from SSLP because it was more introspective in its lyrics rather than focusing on the Slim Shady alter ego.
  • Robizle
    Decent track Em. This dudes so so shit is still the best out nowadays! The guy rhymes!!!! figure it out pugs..
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    you all peep that cypher???? compare that to any of the new (or old) none compare!
    Crooked is right, all these retarded new digital age fans that got into hip hop through social media will not know who Lakim Shabazz or Rakim are and suddenly assume that line was a jab at Kendrick because they worship his ass so much. Fuck this new era and its stupid fans, they will NEVER understand what this culture is all abot
  • MrMythos
    Y'all niggas needa go back and listen to Hell the Sequel. THE WHOLE ALBUM. Em never fell off, but to be honest Berzerk was wack.
  • 2 turntables
    Definetly was a killer cut. Though it was more flow than content unlike" Any Man" but he didn't lose a stripe. Looking for the album.
  • Anonymous
    lakim shabbaz from Jersey??? um ok... Interesting choice did eminem just buy his bck catelouge for $5 and is hoping his views will go from 1000 to 40 million.
  • Anonymous
    He wouldnt diss Kendrick, he only disses female pop stars .
    • Anonymous
      like ja rule or benzino
    • Anonymous
      And celebrities.
    • Anonymous
      LOL you just said, he only disses people like Will Smith or Justin Bieber: weak ass cunts who we all know won't say a word about it
    • Anonymous
      and Canibus...
    • adz
      haha stupid comment - girls like Cage, Insane Clown Posse, Benzino, Ja Rule, Nick Cannon, Moby, Micheal Jackson, Limp Biscuit, Everlast, JD, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake and Canibus
    • Anonymous
      how many rappers have took shots at him though
    • Anonymous
      He would destroy Kendrick in a diss war. Lamar's big ears would be bleeding.
  • twoholla
    Why is this fucking newz. Of course, Crooked I is going to praise him....that's his freakin' boss & he's signed to his label! The bigger news should be WHY CAN'T CROOKED I develop a good ear for beats so he can actually put out a banging full-length, all original songs album. I'm from the West & I love Crooked I so I have all of his gazillion mixtapes (his mixtapes are better than his any studio stuff he's recorded recently). For some reason, Crooked has a great ear for killing it on other peoples beats but that same ear seemingly goes 'def' when deciding to select beats for his original releases ('Apex Predator'-Crooked kills it as usual but the beats were just passable & blah blah for the most part)!
    • Anonymous
      so true i think he's one of the most technically gifted rappers with the whole package but cant put together a decent project
    • Lil Loc
      He's a perfect example of an MC who can freestyle for hours but couldn't make an actual decent song to save his life.
    • anonymous
      A good rapper's gift and curse is to feel they can kill any beat you give them no matter how wack the beat is. Can't say he's wack tho he just needs to be more discriminating of the beats he gets.
  • imho
    MMLP2 is aboutto be a beast fuck it.. classic? idk i need to listen but its about to be a monster at the very least.. Bezerk is hot. Survival is underrated bec its pretty solid but Rap god is on a whole other level that i havnt heard him rap like..ever
  • Anonymous
    survival ,berzerk , and rap god looking like a classic
  • Anonymous
    'Why be a king when you can be a god?'" i thought that line was referring to king mathers cashis said they shelved it
    • Anonymous
      our house and radioactive should have been shelved
  • Anonymous
    lyrically amazing but the beat is still wack wish it was some crazy dre beat or something
  • Anonymous
    Find out what the other MMLP2 tracks will sound like here...
    THANK YOU CROOKED FOR CLEARING THIS SHIT UP. media think everyone is going after kdot. kill that. that song demonstrated why he is god of rap period. you cant out rhyme him, with lyrics, style nor flavor. he has it all. not to mention knowledge of these hip hop legends. that's why he is the best. hands down.