Rick Ross "Mastermind" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

posted Wednesday March 05 ,2014 at 12:10PM CST | 3168 comments

Rick Ross

UPDATE #7: J. Manifest and Legion of Muzik produced the "Mastermind" selection "Drug Dealers Dream."

Rick Ross has announced the release date for Mastermind, his upcoming album, which is slated to be released December 17.

The project follows Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't, which was released in 2012. Last year, Ross also released a mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah

Ross announced the release date for the project via Twitter with two images and three updates.  

Rick Ross is scheduled to be backed by the 1500 Or Nothin’ band on the Mastermind tour. Ross announced his Mastermind tour in September. 

“It’s never been done like this,” Ross said in a press release. “We’ll be performing everything from ‘Tears of Joy’ to ‘Aston Martin Music,’ all with a live band. It's time to remind everyone what Maybach Music is all about.”  

The “Mastermind Tour” itinerary is as follows:

11.12  Detroit, MI  Masonic Temple Theatre

11.14  Boston, MA  Orpheum Theatre

11.15  New York, NY  Beacon Theatre

11.16  Mashantucket, CT  MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

11.17  Washington, DC  DAR Constitution Hall

11.20  Atlanta, GA  Fox Theater

11.22  St. Petersburg, FL  Mahaffey Theatre

11.23  Miami, FL  James L. Knight Center

(October 9, 2013)

UPDATE: Rick Ross' Mastermind is set to be released March 4. 

(January 14)

UPDATE #2: Rick Ross' Mastermind cover art can be found below, followed by a video announcing the cover art.


(January 24)

UPDATE #3: Rick Ross has released the cover art for the deluxe edition of his upcoming Mastermind album. The cover, which was created by Mr. Brainwash, can be viewed below. 

(January 31)

UPDATE #4: Rick Ross has announced the tracklist for his upcoming Mastermind album, an album that boasts appearances by Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Big Sean. The tracklist can be found below, followed by the YouTube clip which was made to announce the guests and tracks set to be on Ross' upcoming project. 

(February 7)

UPDATE #5: The producer credits for Mastermind have been released. Diddy, Mike WiLL Made-It, Kanye West and The Weeknd are among the producers on the project. A full list can be found below via HipHop-n-More.

(February 9, 2014)

UPDATE #6: Rick Ross has released Mastermind in its entirety for iTunes users. The album can be streamed here

(February 26)

UPDATE #7: J. Manifest and Legion of Muzik produced Mastermind selection "Drug Dealers Dream." Jake One had been listed as the producer in a previous version of the tracklist.

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Comments 3168 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Cb4 my nigga.officer ricky
  • John-Boy
    I listened to the album and I don't here the amazing piece of work that many comments on here are reporting. I here typical Ross. Kingpin, boss, drug dealer, killer, big house, fancy car, redbone broad, red bottom shoes, etc. There is nothing that lyrically distinguishes this album from any other Ross album so if you consider this a classic you may as well consider EVERY Ross album a classic.
    • COCA
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    best album of the year already bitch
    • Anonymous
      theres only been like 5 hiphop albums released though.. but whatever makes you feel better
  • GRiiP
    Rozay got a banger on this one. Every Target I went to was sold out. I had to go to Walmart and get the clean version. It's still going ham though.
    • Anonymous
      i would never spend money on a clean version of a rap album
    • Johnny
      Clean versions are an insult to music/art. I accidentally had a clean version of Clipse "Hell Hath No Fury" because the case didn't indicate anything about being edited. I just threw it away so no one else will be able to hear that.
  • Anonymous
  • Kap Diva
    First Day Sales estimates have Rick Ross's Mastermind ,moving between 350,000-370,000 pieces which isn't bad.
    • Anonymous
      naw son they got him at 145-160 for first week, which is sad cause he released it 1 day early to pad his sales
    • Anonymous
      I actually saw that his numbers are between 250k and 300k.
    • Anonymous
      They're not. They're at 145-160K.
  • Donald Passman
    I haven't seen this many comments since Lil Wayne's Carter 3 album roll out.
    Rick Ross (Def Jam/IDJ) 145-160k Pharrell Williams (Columbia) 85-95k Lea Michele (Columbia) 50-55k Eli Young Band (Republic Nashville) 24-27k American Authors (Mercury/IDJ) 21-24k David Nail (MCA Nashville) 19-22k Ashanti (eOne) 18-21k Drive By Truckers (ATO) 12-15k Ross about to have another no.1 hit.
    • Anonymous
      Damn he falling off though, thats like a minimum of 60k less than last time.
    • Hater Slayer
      Interesting how you make a fake sales projection list and then comment it on it like you're a different person lmao.
    • Anonymous
      GO to hits daily double and you will find the same list. Album sales have declined since 2012 so of course he will be selling less.
    • Anonymous
      Stupid troll don't you realize everyone can look at hits daily double and see that you lying? You must be smoking crack lol.
  • Anonymous
    The CD is actually really dope. Has some great songs on it. A couple fillers like the drug dealing trap ones but all in all a good CD. Would never give Ross my money though because of how he flaunts it and blows it recklessly but gotta give credit for the music
  • Anonymous
    Get Rich or Die Tryin' 8x platinum.. oops
    • Anonymous
      And whats that got to mean here
  • Anonymous
    Rozay dropped some HEAT!! Wooooooooo!!!! This shit banging!!
  • Anonymous
    This album is probably Rozay's best body of work to day I give it a 9 out of 10 simply because of Tracks like Rich Is Gangsta Blessing in Disguiuse Black and White Thug Cry Walking on Air Paradise Lost Sanctified Mafia Music 3 In Vein What a Shame Drug Dealer's The remaining tracks fall relatively flat but manage to fill the body of work as a whole, but this has album of the year potential.
  • Anonymous
    I want to give the album an 8.5 or a 9 but I dont want to give a knee jerk rating untill I give it one more burn in my ride so I can hear the lows. My favorite tracks off a couple listens: What a Shame Blessing in disguise Thug Cry Paradise Lost Sanctified ? The song I liked the least was Walkin on Air, the skits were average and I dont like the cover art on the regular version other than that Ross spits his normal luxury rhymes and the production is incredible.
  • BruthaDee
    whats everyones IG names?
  • Anonymous
    "Anonymous: why does homie keep talking about 50 cent? Postedthe future ^^^^^ @anonymous The poster who keeps saying that Ross career had to be saved is a Fiddy fan.
    • Anonymous
      Where's your proof that he's a 50 fan?
    • Anonymous
      He says the same line about Ross everyday.
    • Anonymous
      That doesn't make one a 50 Cent fan.
  • Anonymous
    Ross won
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Rozay is relevant because he is beloved by his peers, his peers love him more than the Fiddy fans Hate him. Rozay is the only artist in the world to be on a Nas, JayZ, Kanye, Drake, Wayne, T.I. and UGK album in their career. The Boss is loved.
    • Anonymous
      Nah, Ross is relevant because of idiots like you who ride his nuts. These people worked with him because of his popularity while they laugh at him behind closed doors. They saved his career.
    • Anonymous
      this nigga still here caping for his boy? LOL damn thats pathetic
    • Anonymous
      Why would you make a reference to Ross testicles? Is that we're your mind is at? LOL you think all those platinum rappers need some regional rapper that barley goes Gold? Ross career has never needed saving, its 50Cent whos career needed saving, now he is finished. Ross and his peers make music together and make money together and then laugh at you while they pop bottles and celebrate life.
    • Anonymous
      The white guy above used the N word.
    • Anonymous
      why does homie keep talking about 50 cent?
    • Anonymous
      Ross is on his way out since he has little to no buzz and everyone laughs at him.
  • Anonymous
    ""He paid dues to get to the top." LOL literally paid niggas and cut the checks to get to where hes at, damn sure didn't get these from talent" your logic is confusing. So he pays people to buy his albums and singles and then pays people to come to his shows? How do you clear 5-8 million a year in your career if you simply pay niggas and cut checks?
  • Rcky Rozay
    Damn niggas on here catching feelings and shit. It's only music, granted Rozay stupid to delay his album like this but y'all niggas actin like he out there killin kids and shit. It's music dumbasses not life. What about niggas talkin bout how they gonna kill other Niggas families? Niggas just hate on Ross cuz they sheep and its popular to hate on Ross. Niggas always hate on the biggest artist but love to hop on the dick of the next big savior. Bawse!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      get some new material mane, we seen it all before