Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Disses Drake In BET Cypher

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Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Disses Drake In BET Cypher

UPDATE: Video of Kendrick Lamar reportedly dissing Drake at BET's Hip Hop Awards surfaces.

Kendrick Lamar reportedly dissed Drake during the Compton, California rapper's BET Hip Hop Awards cypher appearance.

"Nothing's been the same since they dropped 'Control' / And tucked the sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes," Kendrick Lamar says in his cypher verse. "Ha-ha, jokes on you / High-five, I'm bullet proof / Your shits will never penetrate / Pin the tail on the donkey, boy, you've been a fake."

Reports of Kendrick Lamar dissing Drake stem from the rapper's use of "nothing's been the same" in the verse. The line likely refers to Drake's album title, Nothing Was The Same

No official word has been made regarding whether the verse was directly a diss to Drake. AllHipHop's video teaser of the verse, which can be seen below, contains "Drake Diss" in its title. The brief video containing the above excerpt can be viewed below. 

Kendrick Lamar mentioned Drake during his verse on Big Sean's "Control."

"I'm usually homeboys with the same niggas I'm rhymin' with," Kendrick Lamar says on the song. "But this is Hip Hop and them niggas should know what time it is / That goes for Jermaine ColeBig K.R.I.T.Wale / Pusha T, Meek MillA$AP RockyDrake / Big Sean, Jay Electron[ica], Tyler[, the Creator]Mac Miller / I got love for you all but I'm tryin' to murder you niggas / Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas / [And that] they don't want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas / What is competition? / I'm trying to raise the bar high." 

After the song was released, Drake responded to the song in an interview with Billboard

"I didn't really have anything to say about it," Drake said. "It just sounded like an ambitious thought to me. That's all it was. I know good and well that Kendrick's not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic."

Drake recently spoke about "Control," saying that he lost respect for Kendrick Lamar's sentiments on the verse

"He didn’t come in there on some wild, ‘I’m in New York, fuck everybody,’" Drake said in September. "I almost wish he had come in there on that shit because I kind of lost a little bit of respect for the sentiment of the verse. If it’s really ‘fuck everybody’ then it needs to be ‘fuck everybody’. It can’t just be halfway.”

Drake also said he does not view Kendrick Lamar as a competitor because he's "more about consistency." Drake also called Lamar "the new guy" and said he didn't think "Control" was memorable.

"He's the new guy to love and rightfully so," Drake said. "He's super talented...That verse was a moment to talk about. Are you listening to it now, at this point in time? But it was real cool for a couple weeks. But if I ask you, for example, how does that verse start? Mind you, it'll go on and Complex or Rap Radar will give it 'Verse of the Millennium' and all that shit or whatever...I remember somebody asked if Kendrick Lamar is my biggest competition in this generation. I think Kendrick has the utmost potential. I see Kendrick tomorrow, I'ma dap him. I didn't feel a way about the verse. I get it. I get the moment. And I know that verse had no malice behind it because I saw him five days later at the VMAs and it was all love.

"When it comes to competition, I'm more about consistency," Drake continued. "I'm more worried about bodies of work. I'm talking about hit records. I'm basically talking about, there's one guy who's up every night thinking about how to get better and how to do things bigger. That's Kanye West. He's always gonna be the guy that's trying to outthink and outdo. So, for me, that's my guy that I aspire to surpass." 

Drake echoed those sentiments in a separate interview in September, saying "Control" "came and went."

“I’m probably like as done as the rest of the world is with that record,” Drake said. “I think it came and it went. And not to discredit it. It was a good moment, but at the end of the day it’s just like—it was one of those sort of like fleeting Twitter frenzies that like—it was cool for what it was. My thing is I like lasting power. I feel like he made a decision, you know what I’m saying? And it was a decision to make. He was like ‘Man, I’m either gonna go for this moment because I know it’s gonna be a big moment or I’m gonna take heed to the fact that I have real relationships and I’m gonna like not do that.’ Cause I’ll be real, I thought of doing that before. I thought ‘Man, it’d be crazy if I just went off on everybody.’ But it’s just kinda like, 'Ah, where does it really get me? Then what? Then every time I rap people are gonna expect me to be confrontational and when I’m not then it’s not entertaining?' It’s like it kinda puts you in a box a bit. I don’t know if I necessarily respect it.”

UPDATE #1: The clip of the cypher excerpt has reportedly been blocked by Viacom. The video clip was posted on's Instagram account and can be viewed below.

(October 3)

UPDATE #2: The complete, much-discussed cypher featuring TDE can be viewed below.

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  • Anonymous
    Kendrick does not give a fuck about Papoose.. nobody does. Definitely a Drake diss, definitely because Drake was talking shit. Simple as that.
    • Anonymous
      Who is Papooped??
  • West Side
    It was a Papoose dis, but no doubt it was a warning to Drake and everybody that took shots or said lil slick shit in interviews. #King Kendrick
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  • AL
    Kdot is lame ass wankster! He didn't reply to none of the onslaught diss tracks for his mediocre Control verse. Yeah I said it! In comparison to the greats: Biggie vs Pac, Nas vs JayZ, etc, this track is garbage! Anyway, Drake is one of the few that said he wouldn't waste his time on Lamar! So, what does a wankster do, they go after the weakest, never the strongest! There were a bunch of dudes all over the country that went at the Wankster Lamar, not one reply! Garbage ass kid!
    • Anonymous
      hes going at Papoose dumbass
    • Ksj
      Two of the "strongest" you mentioned are dead. The other two are of a different generation...
  • Anonymous
    fucking weak ass video player stop halfway thru kendricks verse than starting playing an ad
  • wa
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Schooly boy was wack
    • Anonymous
      I think he was going of the top.
  • pete
    top 5 rappers 1. rick ross 2. drake 3. lil wayne 4. tyga they are so sweeeeeeeeeeet. chocolata chocolata
  • marcusarlicus
    nice papoose diss!...i thought it was for drake, but its not.
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  • drake runs rap
    kendrick is a nobody compared to drake most of the mainstream world doesnt even know who he is. Outside of U.S hes a nobody unlike drake who is globally known and the face of rap. Kendrick has 1 platinum album drake has 3 and 1 double platinum plus the most hits and highest selling tours. Kendrick will never be on drakes level just accept it and move on you dellusional cunts.
    • Anonymous
      Wrong, dickirder.
    • Anonymous
      Kendrick is well known in the mainstream, if he wasn't, he wouldn't have a platinum album and 3 Top 40 singles. He just did a worldwide tour, so the whole world knows who he is.
    • blaq_boi
      uhhhhhh WRONG. I'm from South Africa and we know very well who Ken Lamar is. Furthermore, Drake will run the risk of having his fans lose respect for him if he doesn't get some bars ready for K.Dot. Thusfar, Kendrick is winning this battle. F*ck sales.
    • Rap Fan
      Im from Toronto and I know of Kendrick, I also personally think Kendrick is better as well. Drakes last album was too pop/RnB for me.
    • ivanv
      Agree with them, Im from argentina and there are a lot of not-fans but true followers of kendrick lamar, he has more lyrical word and flow than drake, drake is only a mainstream kid, there's no song that is gonna be rememberd, he did a Wu tang clan feat because he's losing credibility, and I know very well what the wu is.
    • UniNuke
      Drake is ill so is Kendrick but K Dot is the topic but back in 09 had the same discussing bout Drake saying man he is the king of new school like we say K dot is King of west coast either way So far gone was drake Good Kid Madd city or section 8 either way pay respect cause if you say drake is fake than you must've never heard fear.
  • Uhhh
    Hope yall realize he was dissing Papoose not drake.
    ...kendrick is a fool.. 4real. ignorant asshole...fuckhim!
  • Anonymous
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  • d-nucks
    Kendrick went the fuck off with that cyper verse..Should there be anymore question who got better bars?.....drake is shook of kendrick..for real.
  • jjthaInnaPrize
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    • Anonymous
      wtf is PWOWR?
    • pwowrmayne
      psychic world of walter reed, killah priests album, its dope as fuck and like 42 tracks killa all of them certified crack
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    as a young money groupie bitch with no accounting skills, I can confirm that drake does not want it with kendrick lamar. This is because drake is a soft faggot who rapes me everyday.
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  • Anonymous
    Drake had Kendrick on "Take Care" so he started to suck Kendrick's nuts
    • Blayze
      So was it Drake touring on Kendrick's tour or the reverse? LOL
    • ^
      That means nothing.
    • swaglord
      Does it really not? It shows that Drake respected Kendrick as a rapper, then Kendrick took shots at him after he got some clout. Awesome isn't it.
  • Da Truth
    I honestly blame 50 for NY hip hop being dead right now. He dissed just about all of new york's hot rappers and drove his legion of dick riding fans to basically boycott Ja, Lox, Nas, Fat Joe, Camron and even tried to sink Jay-Z's ship. After his hype died down there was basically nothing in the spotlight but Weezy and Rick Ross. Ja may have done a song with Bobby Brown but atleast he wasn't cuddling with a shirtless Souljah Boy on the cover of XXL.
    • IllBill
      I do not agree, New York rap isn't dead, only we live in another era and I dont think you have to be a dope lyricist to be hot on the radio. NY still got, RA Tha Rugged Man, Talib, Nas, Immortal Technique etc I can go on. But lets also not forget a lot of NY rappers trying to do the Southern style and getting airplay on the radio. NY has always dope MC's, but the reason why NY ain't the same as it use to be you can only blame to all New York MC's. Trust me 50 is not the reason why people would boycot Nas etc which is known for being one of the best rapper ever.
    • Anonymous
      NY rappers lost their position in the mainstream in the mid-late 2k's, and it seems like most of them simply can't accept it. That's why a lot of them switched to the Southern style ILLBill mentioned, while the others embraced the new situation and kept making raw hip-hop for the underground. Despite I didn't know anything about RA The Ragged Man until Legends Never Die, this album was an amazing surprise. When I first heard his voice (on his joint with Talib) it sounded a little strange, but listening to the whole LP made it clear how gifted is he. But he doesn't have remarkable impact on the game right now. Oh, and Talib is definitely one of my favourite artists, but dude simply can't pick beats and make an actual album. Respect his independent hustle but he really needs an executive producer for every his projects, b/c they tend to be messy and incoherent. He's in a nice position right now, but still trying to get some mainstream shine. Maybe Nas is the only one who made himself a respected hip-hop legend and commercially successful artist as well, and although he's definitely TOP5 still doesn't have that kind of financial comfort and impact to the game right now what Jay-Z / Eminem / Kanye has. Which is a shame, but it is what it is. As for 50 Cent, using publicity stunt and fake beefs to get attention was nothing new. Most of his fans were dick riders anyway, they tend to go after whoever hot. Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Cam'ron was popular in this circles because of their hit singles, Nas always had a loyal and broad fanbase regardless of the era we're talking about, and LOX was always a rap group for hardcore fans ... So while 50 milked their publicity really hard, it don't think he had anything to do with NY rappers being left out from the spotlight. They simply couldn't adapt to the changes of the industry.
    • Anonymous
      lol every day, every week, there's a NY rapper mentioned all over the internet or played on the radio The honest truth is NY never fell off, others are trying to keep up and get on. For the 10-20 that jumped on other region's music, there's 1-2k that rep the state to a t. that mainstream talk is garbage because many NY icons never made it to mainstream and are still known. think about that.
  • Jay Rock Aint Eating
    Lol at that dude saying what Eminem dropped was overrated crap you do remember the Control frenzy fucking fuckboy . Lets be clear Hiphop is now a popularity contest so doesn't matter if you can rap, if you're lyrical it's about if you're relevant thats what dumb hiphop fans will tell you