Snoop Dogg Releases Tha Broadus Boyz "Royal Fam" Album With His Sons

posted Saturday September 28 ,2013 at 07:00PM CDT | 123 comments

Snoop Dogg Releases Tha Broadus Boyz

Snoop Dogg and his sons Spanky Danky and Dirty D have formed Tha Broadus Boyz and have released the "Royal Fam" LP, which is available as a stream.

Snoop Dogg and his two sons, Spanky Danky (Corde Calvin Broadus) and Dirty D (Cordell Broadus), have released the Royal Fam album as Tha Broadus Boyz. 

Royal Fam features production from Cardo (Wiz Khalifa), Silent Riot and KJ, among others, and was released Thursday (September 26). 

Tha Broadus Boyz's 10-track album also includes the bonus song "All The Money."

Snoop Dogg coached his sons throughout the recording process, according to a press release. The rapper has also literally coached Corde. Snoop Dogg has handled coaching duties for his son's football team.

Tha Broadus Boyz' Royal Fam cover art and album stream are as follows.

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  • Mac
    I didn't say snoop was deceased, maybe past his prime but still a living legend, just a bad choice for 'Snoop Lion' to dress his boys up as crip dolls given they come from another world with all the privileges of a top quality education, health care and able to go in any career direction they want to with money being no barrier. They wouldn't last a minute on the streets dressed as crips, it's just for an image to sell records that comes off as lame and unnecessary given who they are.
    • Free_America
      Last time I checked it was a free country still..So if Snoop wants to put his kids in "Crip" bandanas then let him do it. Get off a niggas nuts bro and chill out and maybe take a hit and just enjoy the music.
  • COCA
  • Mac
    Putting his kids in crips bandanas seems more fucked up to me than Michael Jackson hanging his baby out the hotel window, what the fucks he doing!
    • Anonymous
      what the fuck is wrong with you. a lil respect for a deceased legend would be nice, you fucking donkey.
  • COCA
    • Anonymous
      He's a Crip so his sons will be to
    • COCA
  • r6btgn7bt67yn
  • 6h7gj8k
  • BOY
    At the age of 17, Wayne was in the mean streets of New Orleans gangbangin and living the life of a true thug. At the age of 17, Tupac was in a fancy rich snob school, takin ballet classes, prancing around like a ballerina in his tu-tu. At the age of 17, Kendrick was getting bullied by all of Compton's true blood niggas (which Wayne has connections with) & was a NERD in high school. Nuff said.
    • Anonymous
      wayne grew up on a tour bus
      Get off Lil Waynes dick and kill yourself!!! Lil wayne was also wearing red rags when he was 17, COCK SUCKER!!!
  • Cool California Breeze
    It's OK.Not the Snoop Dogg Im Use to spending.His sons got aight flow.they need to brush up on it a little bit
  • Kizman
    If your not from our state... Snoop actually drives around by himself in a low rider. If you drive around long enough you will seem him around most hoods in Cali. I dont know of any other famous person who goes around with that much respect. Don't get Pimp slapped!
    • caspersur13
      ive seen game in most hoods in los angelas dont know how this dude gets pass everytime. as for snoop u wont see him in valley ever thats fact.
    • Kizman
      when was the last time Game drove around the LBC by himself? nuff said
    • Get Real Son
      So you're saying it's cool that people can't drive around in your area alone safely?
  • Nick T
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Snoop is like an author with writer's block. That nigga can spit. We see it here. He's a real nigga. But he just got too commercial and scripted. Then again, I'm 31 so I remember when stupid ass white christians bought his records out and steam-rolled them. Saw it on the news. Then this nigga came out like nothing we had ever seen before. He got old, corny and predictable. I still love him and appreciate what he did, though.
  • chilly
    some of yawl got that negative ass soul lmao, this shit got a laid back smokers vibe, nigguhs always find something to hate on. anyway i got some beats to download for you rapper niggas,
  • xx004
  • rgwrh
    first songs really chill. Lyrics are terrible but I can sit back and vibe to the shit
  • Anonymous
    Everything dope except the music itself. Concept is good, cover is good, Snoop and his sons, that's all cool, the tracklist looks good. I don't expect his sons to be the best because they're obvious newbies but most the tracks on here are trash and not even Snoop carries this, most of this sounds off beat and mastered really badly. The beats don't suit the vocals and it overall just sounds bad. Let down.
  • xxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxx
    i riped pacs head off
  • xxxxxxx
    redman i went to the head banger lot redman wasent their
  • xxxxxxx
    well i diddent like when pac laugh at trech while he was rapping so i
  • 9879nj8u
  • 9879nj8u
  • Anonymous what happened to the snoop lion shit?
  • 8n7oy8om
  • Anonymous
    why the fuck would snoop put that blue rag on his son on this cover? Snoop not even from 20s, FOH you too old to act like that
  • bswag
    Ja Rule ft. Spanky Danky Coming Soon !!! Produced by Harry Farud
  • xx009
  • xxxxxx
    from what ppl know
  • xxxxxx
    wer finding out twin towers was a stunt. no one was in the buildings from what we know.remote control planes kinda bigg.1 2 towers 3rd boom. smh...cause if their was ppl on the plane 4 or 5 mother fuckers couldent take on everyone. in a surposed to be locked cock pit driveing.
  • xxxxxx
    and going
  • xxxxxx
    while 50 cent keeps dissing and going
  • xxxxxx
    while bams mom keeps going
  • xxxxxx
    while your mom screems while they keep going
  • xxxxxx
    well bam and other type of ppl wanna tear up your cribs and your mamas cribs. as they show
  • xxxxxx
    few days ago
  • Lune
    fuck what yall sayin I see potential in one of snoop's sons. the one whose voice sounds a little smoother a little more like snoops voice(mixed with Eazy E's a lil). He aint no protical child to me but if he works hard at his craft I feel like yo could produce a good album 2 years from now. Cardos beats are usually hit or miss to me.
  • xxxxxx
    jimmy kimbel making pumpkin facess pics on twitter while he talks lil to nice holding his mouth smileing.grills......
  • xxxxxx
    throwing it at his freinds 'his dogs"
  • xxxxxx
    rob and big like net guns .dog catcher , dmx snoop. smh