Video Of Math Hoffa & Serius Jones Fight Surfaces

posted Tuesday September 17 ,2013 at 08:15PM CDT | 50 comments

Video Of Math Hoffa & Serius Jones Fight Surfaces

Video of Math Hoffa punching Serius Jones has surfaced. The scuffle took place at SMACK/URL's "Summer Madness 3" event.

On Sunday, September 8, SMACK/URL held "Summer Madness 3," an event that took place in New York's Stage 48. During the event, which was marred by technical difficulties and delays, a fight took place between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones.

During their battle, Hoffa punched Jones in the face. A scuffle ensued with Jones falling to the ground. Hoffa then left the stage after security guards separated the two rappers. 

Video of the battle surfaced on The video can be viewed below.

SMACK White, co-founder and host of SMACK/URL, addressed the fight during a blog, as reported today (September 17). 

"I just want all the fans to know that we don't condone that type of behavior here at the URL," SMACK said in a video blog released on URL's YouTube channel. "We don't support it in no way, shape or form. At this point forward, as it stands right now, Math is definitely, definitely banned from the URL and won't be able to participate in none of the URL events, just due to the situation that happened and the liability that it may bring to our business. It's unfortunate because that's my brother at the end of the day. I don't hate Math. I just hate what he did. You gotta definitely hold your emotions, when we performing. 

"This is a league," SMACK continued. "This is an art form. When you're a battle rapper, you're supposed to be professional. I know things can get kinda real frustrating at times when you're up there, but that's part of the sport and if you can't handle a punchline or a character of an opponent that you battling, then you really don't need to be battling on URL or anywhere on anybody's stage because that conduct is definitely not going to be acceptable to the fans or to the world." 

SMACK's video blog, which addresses the fight, can be seen below. 

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  • What?
    Jones was still on his feet tho... lol.
  • Anonymous
    It's only natural for tempers to flare in situations like these. Jones should have been prepared for that blow. He went down faster than Gunplay lol
  • DeeDot
    Hardly a sucker punch, Jones was looking right at him, just wasn't able to react. That's the second time on cam Math hits someone and doesn't drop em, starting to think this dudes just big for nothing...
    • Beezy
      What do you mean "hardly a sucker punch?" Dude was not expecting violence. He THOUGHT he was in a rap battle not a prison yard.
  • sxxx4
  • ergerg
    cheap shot at the perfect spot and still couldn't KO him stiff.. I've trained in Muay Thai for years and I can tell you that this nigga has pillow fists. IDC if the other nigga just has a good chin, even a stone chinned mother fucker would be KO'd if a punch came outta no where like that.. Unless of course the man has pillow fists like this nigga does. Pillow fisted ass nigga, come fight me
  • TMZ
    Kendrick Lamar diss eminem !
  • mak617
    clown ass nigga was getting his ass handed to him
  • Anonymous
    Canibus already bodied math hoffa
  • Rebecca D. Garcia
    like Barry said I am dazzled that a mother able to profit $8387 in a few weeks on the internet. browse around this site... And please reconsider you war on drugs" is a reflection of this line, and actually the last verse as a whole. It was skillfully done.
  • Malone
    How many times is he going to say "you know what I'm sayin"? Sincerely Yours -Malone
    • Trav
      We from NY, duke. That's how we slang. Why do country niggas pronounce their words funny? Why don't DC niggas pronounce their "A's?" Why do Mid-West niggas talk like they do? And why do English niggas talk weird as shit? It's regional slang homey. You mustn't have traveled any. Get off your block, duke!
  • Serius Jones
    Serius deserved that snuffage. The look on his face and the way he said "WOOOO!", he really needed to be put in his place.
    • Anonymous
      sucka ass n@@^^!
    • John Blaze
      And that mentality is the reason why black folks can't grow anything.....Smack is paying these dudes $2000 or more (yea Daylyte stupid ass got $500 only because he's a performer not a rapper) Math battled 6 or more times last year the majority was on a Smack card. But I guarentee he wouldn't do that at a white event!!
    • JackFuck
      Yeah would have loved to see him try that on Pat Stay when they battled that big white motherfucker woulda hulked out
  • Jadakiss88
    For those that don't watch URL or Battle Rapping let me explain to you why this is considered a Sucker Punch. 1) In Battle Rap you have to have thick skin and let what others say roll of your shoulder if everytime somebody spit a bar that said "I'll Kill You" the other person got mad then battle rapping would be irelevant. 2) Both MC's agree that no physical contact such as pushing, punching, kicking, spitting, slapping, or any other actions considered to be violent are not allowed. So Jones thought that Math would honor that but as we all see he didn't 3) It was a bitch move, Math plays the bully and when he can't intimidate someone or someone that has more cred the he does steps too (in a battle) he gets scared and results to physical contact. See Dose
  • xx004
  • xx004
  • dee
    no fight more like a sucker punch...little pussy
  • Anonymous
    how was that a sucker punch he was staring right at him lol
    • Anonymous
      haha u fuckin stupid.
  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo
    When battle rapping goes wrong hahahahaha-HA! Fucking idiot Hoffa, emotional bitch. If u do that in front of a camera than you just WANNA GET CAUGHT....Puss in Bootz
    Math Hoffa a bitch for that sh*t. He took the real L.
  • Anonymous
  • Bompton kingS
    FUCKING DOG SHOT! your a dog cunt! ya lil biatch, we run dis smack talkin dirt poppin bitch nigga! pa pow! BOMPTON OUT!
  • Alex
    Haa most interesting thing to happen to to rap battling since 8 mile.
  • StankinASS
    Hopefully Math Hoffa disappears forever like Jimmy Hoffa, the guy whose name he stole. Math Hoffa, what a stupid name.
    • BennyViking
      He probably heard it was a 'mob-connected' name,thought it was a bawse,didnt realise he a dissapeared union rep..dumb cunt
  • Anonymous
    More incidents like this would make me watch this boring shit.
    • Anonymous
      What if Math and Serius just mud wrestled? I think we'd have a bigger turnout
  • I'm At Work And Bored
    Wowzers. That was F'd up.
  • Yssup Kidz
    Big fan of all these battle leagues. But if these rappers ever want to make some real cheddar off this battle shit, stupid shit like this gotta stop. Cause right now, no matter what these dudes claim, they ain't making no money off battling. Few hundred dollar for months' worth of writing, memorizing, rehearsing... Per hour, that ain't even fast food money. And anyone laughing at the one that got suckered, I hope you get blindsided at an intersection. Cheap shot pussy shit.
  • Anonymous
    Never heard of Math Hoffa so he better not quit his day job as a corner store stockboy.
  • DAMN
  • Pidgeotto
    dem bois goofy as hell nigga....on dat note, Math a lil girl for lettin his emotions get to him
  • Yea I'm White
    • Anonymous
      will be trash
  • Anonymous
    Hate to see a black man doing this, good opportunity for him and messes it up being stupid. We have to stop.
  • cpg718
    $500.00????? Daylyt a bum ass ni99a!!!!!! LOL!
  • Riz
    Yea jones had the bitches all body painted up.
  • Riz
    @ 1984
  • OVO
    Drake would have anticipated Hoffa's punch, blocked it and then countered with cold left hook. Drake would have then spit a hot 64 bars and then sang a hook. Drake bodies everybody. NTWS is one of the greatest albums ever made.
    • Anonymous
      u want some knee pads to go with that skull job?
    • DRIZZY
      Drake woulda caught that punch with his eye socket and twisted hoffa's hand straight off the wrist, then rip his leopard vest off to reveal the full DADA bodysuit.. all while holding hoffas haterade for him with no spillage.
  • Anonymous
    Now we just need that footage of Gunplay getting knocked out cold in Tampa 2 weeks ago at Underground for talking tough.
  • dentaldamboy
    Serius jones makes my dick hard. Real talk.
  • 1984
    ha ha homie got rocked!!!! lol on a more important note does that girl on the lower left hand corner of the screen have her titties out?
  • anon
    smfh he didnt even sleep serius ida beat maths ass thats fucked up he lost all respect on that one, we let dose slide then u pull this shit...not to mention it was other battles i wanted to see from the card
  • Anon
    That's fucked up.. sucker punched the boi with no warning. Dude was trying to keep his balance put that was a hard shot. Pussy move..