DMX Explains His Detroit Hotel Streaking Incident

posted Sunday September 15 ,2013 at 07:00PM CDT | 61 comments

DMX Explains His Detroit Hotel Streaking Incident

DMX tells TMZ why he went streaking in a Detroit hotel hallway last month.

Yesterday (September 14), DMX explained why he went streaking in a Detroit, Michigan hotel hallway August 31.

“What do you mean what was I doing streaking?” DMX said to a TMZ representative at Los Angeles International Airport a/k/a LAX yesterday. “I’ve got a big-ass dick and I like to show it.”

DMX then offers an additional explanation. “It was a dare,” he says. “It was a dare.”

The latter explanation jibes with a statement released earlier this month by DMX’s publicist, which said that the incident was nothing more than “a playful dare between friends.”

DMX’s streaking was caught on video thanks to a security camera placed in one of the hotel’s hallways. In the 30-second video, DMX is seen walking the halls in a pair of boxers. He later enters another hall, takes off his boxers and then proceeds to streak his way past what appears to be a hotel employee.

The statement released on the emcee’s behalf also says that DMX and his companions were unaware of the security camera present in the hotel hallway.

In the video from LAX yesterday, TMZ also asked DMX what his parole officer thought of his streaking. The rapper says that he does not have a parole officer.

DMX then takes a piece of paper from the TMZ reporter. The rapper says that the TMZ rep should be embarrassed because his handwriting looks like chicken scratch.

DMX reads one of the questions written on the paper, which asks him to explain how hard it is to put on socks with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. DMX has been arrested several times this year on charges that include driving under the influence and driving without a license. DMX also served seven months at an Arizona State Prison mental health unit from 2010 to 2011 after violating his probation.

“That’s a good question,” DMX says to TMZ. “You’ve got to work the sock under the ankle bracelet.”

DMX was likely flying in to Los Angeles in order to make an appearance on the talk show of Dr. Phil. The interview is scheduled to be taped tomorrow (September 16) and will discuss DMX’s relationship with God, among other topics, according to

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Comments 61 Posts

  • popop
    He actually looks better here than in recent times, quit your bitching
  • Anonymous
    DMX is a decent emcee, makes great upbeat songs, but i swear he is fuckin retarded
    • Anonymous
      he used to be dope, but now he's lost his mind
  • Anonymous
    Nice to see the guy having a fu**ing laugh anyways... I always got love for X.. But really..the most shocking thing was, Detroit has hotels? wow... follow at noles506
  • Anonymous
    fuck dr. phil
  • Anonymous
    Dammitt Son!
  • Anonymous
    DMX is the type of nigga who would steal your stash then apologize.
  • Anonymous
    Tell 'Em why you mad son!
  • Anonymous
    "plus touring, movies, music and all the drama they get in gets to these celebs" There have been scores of bigger artists who were raging alcoholics, drug users, etc. They needed help to get their life back on track. Why should DMX be any different? He's not making movies anymore, and the music is nowhere near where it was in his prime, so there are no excuses left for this dude to use. He's a no good junkie who needs his ass kicked.
    • Anonymous
      He's a junkie? Why? Because you say so? The guy doesn't wanna quit... follow at noles506
  • Anonymous
    Sprinkle some crack on it son!
  • Anonymous
    "He can smoke so much and he will still be better than your fav MC" French Montana would murder him in a battle.
    • Anonymous
      No he wouldn't... DMX would beat ne1 in a battle. follow at noles506
  • Sad
    This is just so sad to watch...nothing like the old DMX, someones needs to help the poor guy
  • Smith
    Life's to short to get caught up in some dumb shit. Wake up one day, 40 years old on some bum shit. Classic lines from DMX from the song life is what you make it ft Nas. I hate when these rap dudes don't take there own advice.
    • Anonymous
      yeah tragically, dmx did the opposite of his own verse.
  • mazse
    this nigga still smoking crack in 2013
    • Anonymous
      He can smoke so much and he will still be better than your fav MC
    • Anonymous
      u clearly dont know what you talk about. you think you can tell that by looking at him? oh really? then you would know that he did drugs since 14, but did you see it back in 1998 1999 or 2000? no so stfu. Dude just slips off and on the drugs and its mostly coke or woolies, and alcohol. plus touring, movies, music and all the drama they get in gets to these celebs.
  • jimjim
    this dude lost his mind forreal what the fuck if hes broke he everywhere la ny dam whers he getting the money from or is he broke
  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    grow up X
  • Eastcomments
    Damn X.!!!!....cocaine is a helluva drug!!! nikkuh.. WTF happend with you???...Its sad seen you like that!!!!... Somebody please help this nigga out!!!...hes killing himself!!.
    • Anonymous
      are u like 6 yrs old??????
  • chilly
    Sorry to bother you nigguhs, but stop what the fuck you doin & listen to my beats..word word
  • Anonymous
    dude lost his goddamn mind...
    • Anonymous
      crack will do that
  • Anonymous
    Welcome to America!! You are a SLAVE. You measure success by money not happiness!! You are chattel!!
    • Anonymous
      who the fuck measures success by happiness??? lol
  • Anonymous
  • X
    Crazy ass nigga lmao I still love him though, harder than most these faggot ass niggas in rap to this day
    • Anonymous
      true, but he needs help and fast
  • Anonymous
    DMX is a type of nigga who would kill someone, and go to their funeral.
    • Anonymous
      wouldn't you?????
  • One
    Half the shit he does makes more sense than what other rappers do
    • Anonymous
      like smoking crack? high on camera? running balls naked around a hotel???? weirdo
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ yes
  • Mannn
    I hate watching videos like this with X. This is a prime example of too much abuse to the body and brain. He was my favourite entertainer and now just feel really bad for the guy. He will never be the same... And its a shame because when ppl ask my top 5 of all time, I put him in there. Old X was a real dude.
  • Anonymous
    crackhead ass nigga
  • Crippled Science 2014
    X is full of Life ... props to the Man for making it.
  • DentaldamBoy
    say watcha want about DMX but tell me about another successful crackhead, millions of records movies a HUGE fan base that never left his side....dont worry i'll wait
    • Ja Rule Army
      Tryone Biggums
    • Crackin UP
    • Anonymous
      Robert Downey Jr., Whitney Huston...i can keep going
  • Anonymous
    A dare? How the fuck old are you?
    • Anonymous
      you're the one sounding old & grumpy at this moment