Ghostface Killah & U-God Address Rappers Who Are Gay

posted Tuesday September 10 ,2013 at 02:30PM CDT | 118 comments

Ghostface Killah & U-God Address Rappers Who Are Gay

Wu-Tang Clan's U-God says that he is open to collaborating with gay emcees and Ghostface Killah says he "can't knock gay Rap."

Wu-Tang Clan's U-God and Ghostface Killa recently spoke about their feelings regarding rappers who are gay. 

"Personally, I don’t give a fuck if you’re gay," U-God said in an interview with Vice. "That’s your business. That’s your sexual preference. But don’t come over here and make me gay. You ain't gonna force something on me. See? But if you cool, you talented, and you gay? We can rock, nigga. We can drink. We can smoke. We can laugh. But don’t try and bring that shit over here. I like titties. I like titties. I like titties. I like two pair, I like four pair of titties at one time." 

In the same interview, Ghostface Killah spoke about his views regarding rappers who are gay. 

"I can’t knock gay Rap, or retarded Rap...whatever," Ghostface Killah said. "Do what you do. I don’t really listen to it. I don’t really pay that no attention. Like I said, it’s not my cup of each his own. At the end of the day, we all people."

Ghostface Killah and other members of the Wu-Tang Clan have used derogatory terms about people who are gay in their lyrics. 

"Faggot ass niggas stay bumpin' they gums," Ghostface said on 2007's "Black Cream," a track off of his Hidden Darts project.  

Wu-Tang Clan is currently on tour with Rock the Bells. However, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon did not participate in the group's performance on Sunday (September 8) in San Bernardino, California and no official statement was made regarding their whereabouts during the concert, or whether or not they will appear on any forthcoming Rock the Bells dates. 

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  • Dave
    Fagg*t is just one of those words that rhymes with a lot that you can end a sentence by, noun right? Been a while since high school lmao, when I say it in a verse I'm not talking about gay people, it just fits. I could give a f*ck if you're homosexual, none of my business really, don't make it my business by bringing it up randomly because you feel crabby on that particular day. F*ggot actually means a pile of sticks anyway. Tbh the only gay people I have a problem with are the ones that are in denial about it so they try and act hard, you know the types... In any case, a dick in the ass what all that "G" shit gets you eventually when you're locked up, then you get out and now you're confused, do you have any idea how many wanna be thugs are like this? It was inevitable really, Hip Hop and gangster rap = closeted homosexuals, bi. All I'm saying the next time you hear some angry rapper hating on gays going overboard with it you'll understand he's just hating himself...
  • 777bernie
    Ghostface Killah and other members of the Wu-Tang Clan have used derogatory terms about people who are gay in their lyrics. HHDX, now ya'll reachin'. It has to be a bitch nigga who wrote this.
  • blackula
    "I cant knock gay Rap, or retarded Rap...whatever," LMAO!! Ghost has ill quotes for days and days and days. Classic.
  • Anonymous
    "Don't come over here and make me gay" What a gay thing to say.
  • Anonymous
    Who gives a fuck if they're gay. As long as they aren't trying to bum you what's the problem?
  • Fuck MGK
    off to listen to black cream
    • Anonymous
      Hes not fired he still has equity in the company he is a part owner. they just moved him from the mail order department to the VP of A&R so its still FUCK SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC until they make right the hundreds of fans that have been fucked over
      I'm not going to buy from Soul Temple unless RZA fires Bob Perry. But I respect RZA actually acknowledge it instead of just closing his eyes.
    • Anonymous
      acknowledging it is great and all but we'll see if they actually give out the hundreds of records they owe people or give them refunds
    • Anonymous
      I think that is great too, but as long as Bob Perry is getting paid i aint givin away one cent to Soul Temple
  • DZA
    Its really funny how all the people who are gay bashing on this site are the same ones who cant fucking spell or type out a coherent sentence. Only dumb ass, un-educated trash seems to still feel this way towards gay people.
    • Anonymous
      look at mr intellectual homo lover.
    • DZA
      Was calling me intellectual supposed to be an insult? Because if it was it failed.
    • Education
      Why is it intellectual to insert sexual reproductive organs into orifices that are meant for the excretion of biological waste? I'm guessing the literal forgot to read the owners manual.
  • OMG
    What has happened to this site?
  • Anonymous
    fact is queers are not normal...... FUCK THEM
  • jimjim
    at the end of the dat my ass gay is not the way right anonymous you punk bitch
  • Hypestyle
    Ghostface doth protest too much.
  • tony giwah
  • drake runs rap
    pu tang are all faggots
  • nah
    Now you even got legends in the mental sickness, the "anything goes" mentality of 2013. Shame on yall. To each his own, yeah. But when is someone going to step up like a real man and say that the shit is WRONG. Even the old school legends are so PC they lie about their true thoughts. WEAK MEN GALORE. Wake up. But it is hip hop they get paid millions to lie, and the senseless fans pay millions to be lied to. Have fun with that. Wrong is wrong.
    • Anonymous
      Who says whats wrong a fake book written by a bunch of liars to force feed sheep like you. GTFOH with your fake faith
    • Edubb
      Being gay is wrong wrong wrong no matter how you spin it. I understand to each his own and I understand certain things happen to people that may make them gay but the bottomline Homosexuality is wrong!!! Right now for whatever reason there is an agenda going on to push homosexuality and thats not cool.
  • Conscious
    Not sure why that line for Ghost's song was quoted. The term faggot just like Louis C.K. says in his routine doesn't always refer to a homosexual person. A faggot is a bunch of sticks as far as I'm concerned. You guys craft articles in a such a way to cause more dissension.
  • da1
    good comments. be gay is your personal i repeat personal life. not for everbody to see. we dont care who u have sex with so dont throw it in our face or in childrens faces. saying shit like its ok to be gay. to children its ok to be sexual since when?
  • Anonymous
    "men marrying men eww they got the urge" classic GFK line
  • 17th
    I'm pretty sure when Ghostface said "Faggot ass niggas stay bumpin' they gums," he meant coward ass niggas, not actual homosexuals. Why is it when the word faggot is used, the gay community thinks it's about them? The word faggot has been used for numerous reasons for the past few years besides insulting gay people.
    • Anonymous
      "Faggot, often shortened to fag, is a pejorative term broadly meaning an effeminate gay man or homosexual."
    • Anonymous
      The word nigga can be used to describe an ignorant person, or it can be used as a term of endearment to one of the homies. "Why is it when the word nigga is used, the black community thinks it's about them? "The word nigga has been used for numerous reasons for the past few years besides insulting black people"
    • Anonymous
      ^^^Actually black people don't always think its about them to be #Factually Correct
  • COCA
  • Nick T
    fuck chief keef man his shit is weak man wouldnt listen to his song if it featured big pun, pac, and red man liten to wht i said man by next year, nigga gon be dead man sorry but i dont listen to a nigga wit no skill better chance of fndin me sober off of 4 pills chief keefs music, thats that shit i dont like always talkin shit but when it come down to it, the nigga wont fight if he hears a dope line ill bet all my dope that he gon bite
  • preeach
    "I like titties. I like titties. I like titties. I like two pair, I like four pair of titties at one time." lmao
  • GFK
  • Willb
    I think homosexuality is just an extreme form of narcissism. So it is just a form of sickness it can be cured.
    • K-NOS
      No, it's that manner of thinking (if it can even be called that) that's a form of sickness needs to be cured.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah, and being straight is an extreme form of sadism. It helps to have a dictionary before spouting pseudo-scientific crap like that.
  • 2turntables
    Yo whats up wit the constant bombardment of when this gay rapper thing is gonna happen? The femeninzation of the blackman wow. If it happens it happens.
  • willmofo
    They need to address that crook over at Soul Temple, "Bob Perry"!!! Some folks who still haven't received their 12 REASONS TO DIE (THE BROWN TAPE), deserve some kind of explanation!!!
    • Anonymous
      I'm still waiting for my 12 reasons to die collectors pak and my shaolin soul vol 1 3LP set!
  • Anonymous
    a faggot wrote this article. @obviously
    • Anonymous
      LOL, WORD!!