B.o.B. Says Eminem Called Him "A Star," Claims "Underground Luxury" Will Be "Monumental"

posted Tuesday September 03 ,2013 at 04:25PM CDT | 53 comments

B.o.B. Says Eminem Called Him

B.o.B. says his next album, "Underground Luxury," is set to be a "great monumental, career-shifting project." B.o.B. also announces plans for Ham Squad record label.

B.o.B. recently addressed plans for his next album, Underground Luxury

"I want to say that this project is a project that is kind of like a contrasting title, you know, Underground Luxury," B.o.B. said in an interview with Montreality. "I would say, to paraphrase it, this is connecting the dots, from who I was as an artist before the major success to where I'm at now. And it's a lot more unfiltered and unedited than anything I've ever done. So I think it's going to be a great project, great, monumental, career shifting project. I'm actually done with it, but we're really just having fun with it, man. We're making a movie, you know, me and my team. We're just kind of sitting back and watching everything, watching how people respond to music." 

The music B.o.B. has been making goes beyond his forthcoming solo effort. The Georgia rapper said he is also working with T.I. and Hustle Gang on a group project. 

"We're working on the Hustle Gang album," B.o.B. said. "Everybody's working on a project. So we got songs flying left and right. So we just trying to consolidate everything and then we're gonna get them on out the door." 

Aside from making new music, B.o.B. has also announced plans for heading a new record label. 

"I'm putting my CEO pants on, man," he said. "I'm finna start a label called Ham Squad and I'm looking for artists to be the flagship artists for the label. So I'm really excited about that." 

During the interview, B.o.B. also spoke about receiving praise from rappers he respects, including Eminem and DMX.

"I think I told [DMX] this several times, but I grew up listening to him," B.o.B. said. "That's who I learned how to rap from. So just to run into him, it kind of shows me how crazy life could be. It kind of reminded me the first time I met Eminem and he told me, 'You're a star.' I'm like 'What? You the mothafuckin' star.' So you know, just having the tables turn like that, man, it's crazy." 

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  • heart
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  • Martha J. Taylor
    what Ruth answered I'm shocked that a student can profit $8518 in one month on the internet. more helpful hints... www.cafe44.com What you want him to say about his album. Yeah it's ok ...... of course he's going to say it's the best. And he is good so i expect a good album. Everybody looking for a classic. Me i don't care just make an album ppl can listen too!
  • ultrasm
  • RMAC
    Strange Clouds= thumbs down.........I dig "Adventures of Bobby Ray" cuz it was actually a deep album.......but still checking in on this nigga cuz he will surpise you with some DOPE BARS every now and then.....
  • yeaaahh
    B.o.B is one of the most talented artists in music but his style is so diverse that it splits his fanbase in half. Half of the fans only like his rap music and the other half only like his alternative stuff. I like it all! I feel this is the project that will put him over the hump and wake people up.
    • dont hold your breath
      i doubt it, people dont take the time to listen to an album anymore to determine if they like it or not. most fans just assume an artist sucks when they dont like them, its ignorant but thats the hip hop community nowadays.
  • foreal
    would he be bragging if Em said he was trash? dude is lame and needs a solid album before talking sh*t
    • Anonymous
      adventures of bobby ray was one of the best albums of the decade and he wasn't bragging anyways if anything he was being humble
  • Anonymous
  • xx009
  • oh god
    i like BoB but he can be so corny sometimes, HAM Squad??? thats what you wanna name your label? THE FUCK?
    • Jonathan
      Haha I like it dude. Their going HaM!
  • Great Track!
    Why is everybody claiming to have went to Eminem and he's praising them. I don't believe none of these rappers. I mean Big Sean said Eminem said his album was "something special" and the shit was average as hell. Now this dude said Eminem is calling him "A Star" like I'm gonna need proof of these rappers get these supposed co-signs. Like interview Eminem when his album drops. ALL RADIO STATIONS including: The Breakfast Club, Sway in the Morning, Hot 97 & Power 106.
    • yeaaahh
      Eminem went on 106 & Park in 2009 while promoting Relapse and said that B.o.B was talented and was going to be the next big star. Go watch the video on Youtube. He's also on his debut album.
    • Anonymous
      b.o.b is also involved with shady records so i think he probly talked to em
  • Anonymous
    he a AAA spitter for sure
  • Anonymous
    who cares what em thinks , dude can rap i want nothin but bars from bobby ray first two albums sucked
  • COCA
  • sxxx9
  • sxxx9
  • sxxx9
  • sxxx9
  • lazyeyedwonder
    Yeah...Monumental Trash.
  • Anonymous
    www.eminemalbum2014.com lol
  • kenajj
    Em rocks, b.o.b sucks (especially that stupid headband song), big sean sucks even more. and i think Em likes to troll other rappers sometimes. seriously. hahaa how is b.o.b a star?
    • Anonymous
      well em signed him to shady records like 5 years ago so check your facts i dont think hes "trolling" this time
  • THIS is truth
    First day of school! A MASSIVE drop in the comments. Only 13 on the mere mention of Eminem? Still don't think the HHDX demographic is a bunch of white kids 12-22? Keep telling y'all you can't even trust they are rap music fans. Scroll through the articles yourselves. Very few trolls, minimal to no racism, low dickriding speech. HHDX even tried to sensationalize the Jay Electronica article. Didn't work.
      Listen dont jock my name! And Em needs to smack himself a couple of times so he can think clearly and not associate himself with weak rappers (Sean & BOB)
    • kenajj
      you think about things way too much
    • Ben Dover
    • Anonymous
      speaking of racist comments, assuming it white kids and that they're the only skin color that goes to school
    EMINEM is in a lost world right now. He hyped up Big Sean to the point where Sean thinks he's top 5 status, he cant executive produce albums anymore (Slaughterhouse & Skylar Grey), and he always yelling. This is coming from a true Em fan that constantly listens to the Eminem Show. Em needs to chill somewhere man
    • Prince Awesom3
      So you are complaining about his yelling yet you vibe to the Eminem Show. Is that about right? And I recall moments where the rap community as a whole praised Eminem's prowess because of his lyricism and vicious passion, praised 2Pac (a rapper that "yells"), praised Biggie (a rapper that "yells"), praised Tech N9ne (a rapper that yells), praised Busta Rhymes (a rapper that yells), and many others. Main point is that what Eminem is doing is not "yelling" he is inserting passion and emotion into his music which is mostly absent nowadays.
    • kenajj
      well put Prince Awesom3.
      You better chill out before i get George "OG" Zimmerman on you... #WhoShotYa
    • Anonymous
  • Plenty
    Eminem also said Big Sean's new album is classic status. He has shitty taste.
      WORD! Em should have said "Gtfo out my studio and dont rep my city"
    • anonymous
      Em never said it was a classic, he liked the album but he never called it a classic
  • xx009
  • xx009
  • xx009
  • ultras55
  • ultras55
    • kenajj
      seriously come now dx these fucking advertisement comments need to be deleted already