Big Sean Says He Doesn't Know Why People Don't Consider Him A Top Rapper

posted Saturday August 31 ,2013 at 07:00PM CDT | 163 comments

Big Sean Says He Doesn't Know Why People Don't Consider Him A Top Rapper

Big Sean says "Hall Of Fame" will give him more leverage in the debate of who's the best rapper.

Detroit's Big Sean has been outspoken recently regarding the quality of his rapping. Sitting down with DJ Whoo Kid, Sean further defended his music and says that he's one of the best out.

"I feel like I deserve that," Big Sean said when asked about being a top rapper. "My album could have been way better and I was still finding myself as an artist. So what I'm saying is I don't know why people don't consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers when I'll hop on a song with anybody and I'll kill it and have a stand out verse."

The G.O.O.D. Music artist also compared himself to some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and says he can hold his own against any of them.

"I would consider Kanye and Jay Z the best, you consider Drake the best, you consider J. Cole the best when I can hop on a song with him and have a stand out verse and arguably a better verse than them," he said. "That's the point of Hall Of Fame, I wanted to make an album that gives me more leverage."

When asked about why his label boss Kanye West wasn't included as a guest on his second studio album, Sean replied that he shouldn't have to have 'Ye featured on his album for people to be a fan of his music.

"There was a song that me and Kanye had but it really just didn't fit the album necessarily," He said in describing their recent work. "I did five goddam five songs with Kanye man like ya'll want another? Niggas shouldn't fuck with me 'cause I got a song with Kanye... I want people to fuck with me for me man."

Big Sean also recently addressed his disagreements with Kanye, saying they're always going to have disagreements but 'Ye "definitely respects that and supports me and I support him.”

Watch the full interview with Whoo Kid below:

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Comments 163 Posts

  • stephen
  • stephen
    fuck outta hear i bet all ya niggas who tryna shit on big sean dont even listen to all his music my son got bars actually listen to what the man is saying an yall will get his bars...this nigga actually speaks about positivity in his mix tapes/albums and can spit a different message that other rappers cant.. the man stream rappers yall like just rap about the hood life and get money and bitches
  • #ComeOnBigSean
    Big Sean should really improve on his content. The guy has flows and is at time an above average story-teller (comparing to rappers of nowadays). I really had hopes for Big Sean when he first came out. I think he can still pull it if chooses to re consider some CRUCIAL points. You will never be a TOP rapper overnight or riding on easy choices!
  • TeamPrius
    I was cool with Big Sean, Until he said that line about driving a Prius. I love my Prius....Punk Ass!
  • Eat a dick biatch!
    Top 5 stupid rappers ever... 1. Birdman (worst rapper ever) 2. 2 Chainz (retarded rapper) 3. Soulja boy tel'em how much u suck 4. Big Sean (ignorance n childish) 5. Combination of MMG, YOUNG MONEY FOOLS, Background niggas at GOOD Music...
  • killah_casp
    why the fuck do i come on this sight...... this dude is fuckin wack he has always been wack and saying he hops on a song wid anybody and have the stand out verse? kid kendrick killed u on ur own track so please shut the fuck up ur music is trash be happy ur making money and sit the fuck down your not evan on anyones top 200 list let alone being in a top 10 the only reason ur selling is through guest feutures no body would of evan checked control if and jay electronica werent on it so sit the fuck down and shut up.
  • king P
    Look Big Sean was lucky kanye even signed him, this has nothing to do with him as a person and every rapper in the game is gonna tell you he's the best. but honestly its just an opinion. A lot of these new niggas think they the best because real competition doesn't really exist in hip hop no more. did you notice that the best MC's didnt exknowledge him or Kendrick Lamar. Hell Big Sean wasn't even and honorable mention on his own joint.Big Sean is alright, even good enough to be in the game. But lets be real if it wasn't for Kanye putting him on, he wouldn't be on at all. The best put themselves on they dont get put on.
  • jjjj
    The only ill new rapper in the game is Kendrick. J. Cole's first was good, but Born Sinner was garbage. Big Sean is baby shit. Drake is baby shit. 2 Chains is shit, period. Underground hip hop still has some good ones, but 99% of the shit on the charts is fucking garbage, period.
  • Anonymous
    if you knew why, you would be. answer your own questions, that is how growing works. maybe next time.
  • Anonymous
    top rappers don't wonder this. and you aint holding a candle to anyone on your list but fake drake. hint it's your content and lameness i bought the first album listened to it once now it's a dusty coaster never felt like breaking it out again. Gave you a shot u blew it. won't do it again. too commercial and no flavor. there are only a few commercial rapper worth a crap. hova, j. cole, lamar, and wale are good examples. Take notes they are original and provoke thought of quality. your mindless wannabe nonsense aint up there, boiiiii. more like drake and waka and weezy
    • Anonymous
      naw hes not even fucking with drake
  • sidjnb
    Because you suck thats why....Hes on the same level as 2 chainz
  • drizzy!
    Damn right I consider Drake to be the best!
  • People
    Yo sean we dont consider u a top rapper because youre not, u suck at rap, annoying ass voice, and youll always be known for letting kendrick body u on ur own song
  • Anonymous
    He just doesn't have the needed skills for that.
  • People
    "Big Sean Says He Doesn't Know Why People Don't Consider Him A Top Rapper." Its because your content and flows are weak, derivative, and common. You never discuss anything but yourself, your money, your style, and your girls. There are ten thousand other rappers exactly like you. That is why you are not considered a top rapper. - People.
    • Anonymous
      i like your name
  • zone one
    Big Sean is an average mc. His glaring flaws are his weak voice, and lack of substance (he has nothing much outside the cliche topics to say), his raps have no soul try bumping makaveli or still matic and tell me if u think he can make music on that levl.
  • BigSean
    I respect yalls opinion. I been trying my best. Sometimes you gotta bend over and take it. I know that. I'm pretty good at that as well. I hope someday you will like me for me. Peace and love.
  • Anonymous
    simple: because you make songs like 'ass' etc- even if you got skill when you put out mainstream formulaic garbage just to move units, no one gonna respect you
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I feel bad for this guy just reading the comments I'm like aw sucks bro. Nat saying I disagree with the comments Sean garb, but man sucks to be hated on this much.
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      He set himself up for that though. This nigga thinks he's actually nice enough to be at the top, I hope he reads this cause he needs a reality check.
  • Anonymous
    because he sucks, its clear he is not a lyricist. Nor does he even know how to put out a good track that can be considered and classic hip-hop rap track. Put in work for another 10 years and rhyme dont talk you retarded shit.
  • hiphop
    big sean.. it makes me sick how delusional he is. he wants this top rapper status, how about putting in the work for it?? you made a wak album the first time. just released your 2nd. you are not good enough to have the clout already.. drake does kendrick does. many others do too just not big sean. practice and work for the title you want. this is hiphop stop being a crybaby bitch and get to work, step your bars up and get better.
  • Anonymous
    Lil Seanita. Bitch Pleaze. You can't rap.
  • Anonymous
    how u let Kendrick lamar gain more buzz from your song than u did? and why the fuck didn't u put that on your album after the buzz it got?...hall of lame.
  • Jay
    as long as you love me...enough said lmao
  • RapFan
    I think he has a style that is just really hit or miss... you really can't knock the quality of metaphors and similies he uses a lot of the time even though it does become redundant at times... heres my debut tape if you guys have time- thank you
  • Anonymous
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how bout this big sean, MAKE A CLASSIC ALBUM!!!!!! ummmmmmmmm, STOP MAKIN BULLSHIT COMMERCIAL SONGS!!!! ummmmmmmm, STEP YO BARS UP!!!!! jus for starters...
    • #Word
      The best thing about the guy is his personality!
  • Lamar
    people consider him a top rapper? damn this societys gone retarded
  • Full Retard
    "Swear my flow special like an infant's first steps" you mean special like simple jack
    • shy
      If your flow was special people would notice, son. Lord. You aint' special. You're fucking soft.
  • imho
    bec nas and kendrick bodied you on your own tracks
  • Anonymous
    Twig Sean
  • Anonymous
    His new cd is soft
  • Anonymous
    i literally burst out laughing in my living room when I read this headline lol
  • Anonymous
    dude hella corny and I'm from the D, fa real
  • Anonymous
    ghost told the truth bwt this pussy! only person that thinks sean is the best is sean n anit nowt B.I.G bwt him! his raps his style just his bullshit ego...get bk too the D if u even from there
  • RGeezy
    The only person who thinks Big Sean is one of the best is Big Sean. He is cool on a feature and lays a nice 16, but his albums suck in my opinion.