Strange Music Has Had More LPs On Rap Charts Than Any Other Label In 2013

posted Friday August 23 ,2013 at 01:10PM CDT | 60 comments

Strange Music Has Had More LPs On Rap Charts Than Any Other Label In 2013

Strange Music had eight albums debut on the Rap Albums chart in 2013, twice as many as any other label.

Stevie Stone’s 2 Birds 1 Stone album debuted at #9 on the Rap Albums chart Wednesday (August 21), giving Strange Music its eighth debut on the Rap Albums chart this year, according to No other company has had as many albums on the charts in 2013, with Young Money and Cash Money tied for second with four albums, as per

Strange Music earned its first chart entry of the year in February, when Brotha Lynch Hung’s Mannibalector entered the charts at #8. Tech N9ne’s Something Else was Strange Music’s highest-charting album of the year, entering the charts at #2 earlier this month (August).

The other Strange Music albums to chart in 2013 were Kutt Calhoun’s Black Gold, which peaked at #13 in March; Ces Cru’s Constant Energy Struggles, which hit #9 in April; Rittz’s The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant, which reached #5 in May; Wrekonize’s The War Within, which peaked at #9 in July; and Mayday!’s Believers, which hit #11 in August, according to

Krizz Kaliko and Prozak are also slated to release albums on Strange Music in 2013. Krizz Kaliko’s Son Of Sam is scheduled for an August 27 release, while Prozak’s We All Fall Down is slated for a September 17 release.

Strange Music is a Lees Summit, Missouri-based label owned by Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin.

Tech N9ne said during an interview with Best By Music Gear that he and O'Guin met at a fashion show where Tech was performing, and after sitting down and talking with each other, the two set out to launch the label together.

"I was doing a fashion show for some guys that Travis [O'Guin] was funding, Paradise Originals clothing," Tech N9ne said. "I performed a song called 'Planet Rock' [at the show] and I guess Travis was there, and right after that, they said he wanted to meet with me at his house. I went to his house. He said he was a big fan. [He asked] what [kind of support] did I need to do something really huge [in music]. I said a lot. He said [he] had a lot. The Strange Music…symbol came out of my head's. I'm a big Doors fan, [like the songs] 'People Are Strange,' 'Strange Days,' and it started like that."

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  • Anonymous
    "And they still happen to put up more numbers than YMCMB and Rich Gang's album, which flopped horrendously" I love how you guys keep bringing up Rich Gang. They'll write that album off in the blink of an eye and wait for Wayne to release The Carter V.
  • Anonymous
    People still talk about Tech being a devil worshiper? Jesus Christ, its been 13 years. Get some new material.
  • Divine Ass Nigga
    Fuck these devilish niggas
  • Anonymous
    this is a direct slap to YMCMB and MMG...Strange Music all day !!!
  • Anonymous
    bullshit wannabe satan music. tech n9ne will go to hell together with frank ocean and all them other fags.
  • Kenny from England
    Pretty good for an independent label.
  • drake runs rap
  • Anonymous
    Thats whats up. Good job guys, keep it up maine
    • Ja Rule Army
      they're not gonna see this. Trust me on that one
  • Stephen fuckin Adams
    Anyone with negative feedback on here is a haaaaaaaateeeerrrrrrrrr.
    • Stephen fuckin Adams KILLA
      Anybody with positive feedback on here is a diiiiiickrrrrrrrrriddddeeerrrr
  • Anonymous
    and no fans of actual rap bought these garbage ass albums
    • whoa man
      who knows 0_o
    • Anonymous
      lol, yeah they could have by mistake.
  • biged
    look at all the tight jean fags getting their panties in a bunch and hating...too bad faggots nobody likes that pop shit but 10 year old girls anyway...strange bitch!
    • ghost gun
      that was the realist shit I eva heard this week!!!!!!! Long Live TECHNINA
    • Anonymous
      co-sign fuck the skinney jean movement. check out the anti-swag rapper
  • Anonymous
    devil worshipping label...stop supporting them. #BELIEVE
    • Anonymous
      You're such an idiot.
    • Anonymous
      Funny because BELIEVE is a dope song off Tech's new LP hhahaa let the haters hate. strange stilll prevails bitch nigga
    • Corey
      yep, thats what someone who doesn't know anything about Strange and Tech N9ne would say..
  • Jamaal Q
    Strange Music be killin these weak niggas. all these fake rappers these days sellin all they records to mindless idiots yet STILL Strange finds a way to hit the charts hard as an indie label
    • Ja Rule Army
      cool story
  • Anonymous
    • Ja Rule Army
      oh word? damn that's cool and all but um SO FUCKING WHAT!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    strange music is trash music for white trash America....
    • Corey
      for white trash america? Strange is huge world wide, and im from NZ!
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ and all their fans are white trash around the world. i'm from australia
  • TheJayer
    And STILL nobody gives a shit about them HAHAHAHAHA
    • TheLayer
      you actually gave a shit to come here and tell us something anybody but me would give...FUCK THIS FUCK YOU FUCK US ALL
  • Real
    So people get excited over a indie label getting on billboard charts from Tech N9ne and his wannabe label mates? All his label mates sound like Tech N9ne ripoffs. No one cares for Krizz Kaliko or Kutt Calhoun. Stevie Stone is easily the corniest name I ever heard and Rittz is damn boring i fell asleep when he had that JT wannabe Mike Posner on his album. Only losers and antisocial clowns who live in their moms basement listen to these demonic losers. TDE all the way!
    • Anonymous
      You do realize Jay Rock is signed to Strange right.....and hes with TDE. Your a fucking moron.
    • pickle
      hahahaha ^ and Kendrick used to be jay rocks hype man!!
  • Carole P. Stewart
    like Randy responded I am taken by surprise that anyone can earn $9948 in four weeks on the internet. did you see this web page... seen some ppl with rabbit mask on ,their kinda crazy they start playing in your back yard.waveing at you as u look out the windows.sometimes they do crazy shit to u .
  • Anonymous
    They all chart with low numbers, flop, and aren't remembered months later. Way to go Strange Music.
    • Anonymous
      Just like YMCMB/MMG.
    • Chi Town Bound
      You do know they are Independent Rappers right? Meaning no radio play, no music videos on BET, not mainstream or anything. And they still happen to put up more numbers than YMCMB and Rich Gang's album, which flopped horrendously.
  • Gatzby Da Gr8
    white people love this trash..
    • angryblackguy
      black people love make believe, materialistic, non sense rap, no wonder we killing each other over jordans and fake jewels!
  • Technician
    Fuck You Major Labels Strange Music Does It Better!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fuck MGK
    That Rittz album was fuckin dope
  • Anonymous
    Get em Tech LOL