Kanye West's Alleged Paparazzi Attack Victim Speaks Out, Was "Shocked" & "Terrified" Following Scuffle

posted Wednesday August 21 ,2013 at 04:30PM CDT | 40 comments

Kanye West's Alleged Paparazzi Attack Victim Speaks Out, Was

Videographer Daniel Ramos files a lawsuit against Kanye West following July's LAX altercation, says he's "still in pain" following the incident.

Following a press conference held this afternoon (August 21), added details in the lawsuit against rapper Kanye West following a scuffle with a Los Angeles videographer have now emerged. The press conference was led by noted civil rights attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Daniel Ramos, the paparazzo involved in the LAX incident.

Allred began the conference by stating that a lawsuit had been filed against the Yeezus rapper by Ramos earlier today (August 21). She then went in to detail describing what happened on Friday, July 19 from the perspective of Ramos.

“Without warning or provocation, Mr. West suddenly attacked Danny, punching him and attempting to wrestle Danny’s camera from his hand,” Allred explained. “Danny held onto his camera and fell down onto his knees onto the paved sidewalk with enough force that he sustained injuries to his right hip, was in great pain, and had to be transported in an ambulance to the emergency room. As a result, today we have filed a lawsuit against Kanye West in L.A. County Superior Court alleging assault, battery, negligence, and interference with Danny’s civil rights.”

Later in the press conference, Ramos shared a few words as he expressed the “shock” and terror he felt the moment he says West attacked. The videographer and Drop Zone Films owner also addressed the physical troubles that resulted from the altercation.

“When Kanye West attacked me, I was in complete shock,” said Ramos during the press conference. “All I had done was asked him a question. I was terrified when Kanye started coming at me. I backed up because I felt from the look in his eyes that he was going to attack me…I was in terrible pain from the attack and I am still in pain. I spent two weeks on crutches and then I was walking with a cane for some time.”

Despite today’s lawsuit, West has not been prosecuted for the July 19 altercation with Ramos.

The July incident at LAX serves as one of a handful of exchanges West has engaged in with paparazzi in the past year. A week before his scuffle with Ramos, a video emerged showing West demanding that a paparazzo at LAX not speak to him or anyone he knows.

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    All I had done was asked him a question" yeah i've seen the way his type ask questions. If anything this is likely the first thing Kanye has done in years that made me respect him a little. "Los Angeles videographer" what a joke. If you have any talent take some real picture.
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  • karla_leblanc
    so is he a filmaker or paparazzi? here are pictures of ramos http://enewsdaily.net/photog-daniel-ramos-kanye-west-paparazzi-in-airportt-attack/
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