Big Sean Says He Can Out Rap Drake & Jay Z

posted Thursday August 08 ,2013 at 11:13AM CDT | 203 comments

Big Sean Says He Can Out Rap Drake & Jay Z

Big Sean credits his ability to "out rap" other rappers on the need to prove himself.

While speaking with attendee’s at a listening session for his upcoming album, Hall Of Fame, Detroit wordsmith Big Sean had a few bold words about his current status in rap. Although the rapper has yet to release his sophomore album, Big Sean went on to state that he should be considered among the greats in rap and expressed his belief that he doesn’t boast such a title because he’s only gone on to release one album.

Big Sean continued to express his lyrical confidence as he touched on out-rapping the likes of Jay Z, Drake, and even fellow G.O.O.D. Music emcee Kanye West.

"Sometimes people don't consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers because Big Sean has only put out one album,” the Finally Famous rapper revealed. “So what I was saying was going into this album, I had the mind state of thinking, ‘Man alright, I've been on basically songs with everybody who I really respect man in the rap game. From Jay Z to Kanye to the newcomers, the new guys. And I always stand on my own.' I always stand out and you can never say I've never done a feature where someone's out-rapped me on and it's crazy because a lot of those songs, I would submit my verse first and then people like Kanye or Jay Z or whoever will get it. And it just goes to show you that I'm here for a reason…I’ll hop on a song with Drake and out rap him and that’s my homie. Or Jay Z. Or whoever.”

According to Big Sean, his ability to “out rap” most rappers on a record stems from the need to prove himself.

“Every time I go on to something I always try to like prove myself, but I feel like I got something to prove to somebody,” said Big Sean. “Whether it’s features on songs. Whether it’s my first album, mixtapes. And no matter who I’m on a song with, whether it’s any feature I’ve ever done, from songs like ‘Burn’ to ‘Don’t Like’ to fuckin ‘Clique’ to anybody. Whether it’s a legend or your favorite rapper, I’mma out rap they ass no matter what. And that just is what it is.”

Big Sean’s sophomore album, Hall Of Fame, is set for release on August 27.

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  • Sam Waldron
    He must think he's crazy if he thinks he's good as jay z
  • Mayhem
    lol... Drake cant muster aggression or pain so he cant do it....Jay-z has to much money and never could really spit bars anyway(He money talks hes not a battle rapper).....ppl get it confused just caue u can make a record doesnt mean you can battle rap someone its a totally different domain and Drake and Jay-z cant enter that domain...Thats like Drake trying to battle Em or cannibis or jay-z trying its not happening..there not built that way
  • JCres
    Um...Kendrick pretty much displaced him from his own joint in "Control".
  • Azi
    Somebody Is Gonna Hate 100% Of The Time.. Sean Ain't Readin You Niggas Top 10's lol Take The Article For What It Is And Stop Gettin So Caught Up In The Headlines They Make Them.
  • @Mardigraz718
    Ok, I thought I was buggin readin this but at least y'all holdin it down in the comments. Is this nigga high? The ONLY thing this lame got is a flow. That's IT! And I'm not even a big Drake fan but no way this dude can see Drake lyrically. I can name 100 rappers off the head that this asshole can't outrap! ANYBODY in Slaughterhouse, Lupe, Pusha T, Fab, Tech 9, Kendrick, Danny Brown, etc, etc! This dude can't out rap Jeezy! Hov? I think dudes get a little comfortable with they success & forget they place in reality.
  • Anonymous
    NO one can out rap Jay-z fuckin clown. You can out rap him by spitting fast i guess you can do that, like that can be considered out rapping but off strait lyrics no. Make a few classics and come back bruh.
    • Stu
      No one??????? Ever heard of rappers named NAS or EMINEM (on jays on shit)?? foh...and sean did out rap jay-z on clique cant deny that
  • KidOnTheCouch
    Big Sean sounds more animated than everyone he's mentioned and I guess he's got some bars, but honestly I feel like I could outrap Drake and Jay-Z and the same time so that isn't saying much and all Jay has to do is say "My shit is better than your new bad shit is better than your good shit." and it kinda dismisses most comments made about him.
  • rjizzle
    lol a shitty rapper saying he can out rap other shitty rappers... ok jay aint bad but not a fan but cmon.
  • JC
    This guy makes me laugh. Jay-Z goes without saying, but he can't out rap Drake. I don't understand what Kanye sees in him.
    • jahmir
      ctfu ikr
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Who is thie rudy poo?
  • Chuck Nidddy
    He can out rap Jay and Drizzy? When is he going to start doing that, how come he has put out so much wack shit, if he has bars like that? where the fire verses? (I hate that song fire he has out right now)
  • Kurtis
    Ok soooo eminem, 2pac and biggie were legends sooo try and out rap them ok two of them are dead so we the people want to see you out-rap eminem soooo good luck with that eminem would destroy your ass
  • Anonymous
    Dear Big Sean, Please stop referring to yourself in the 3rd person, it's wack. Furthermore, only in your wildest dreams are you able to out rap the artists you've mentioned. Please behave yourself and take some Nyquil
    • Yup
      Well said
    • Stu
      so sean didnt out spit jay on clique?? relisten.
  • Anonymous
    at least he has confidence, he's a good rap artist but doesn't lace em's boots
  • Nuff said...
    I think these rappers get so full of themselves they really start to fall into they own hype. These niggas be havin yes men all around em tellin them they shit is dope when it really aint. Sean is a pretty average rapper. He's not bad, but he aint nothin special either. He is watered down fabolous....
    • Anonymous
      watered down fab lol kinda true
  • Anonymous
    one of the wackest rappers out... still better than Tech N9ne
    • Anonymous
      fuck outta here kid
    • Anonymous
      co-sign first anon
  • Anonymous
    Im sorry but Big Sean is actually a dope lyricist. Obviously he aint goin for the rappity rap on a club joint but dude can rap, bars, cadence, adlibs, hooks, punchlines, delivery. Sure sometimes he can be corny but most times dudes lines are witty as hell. Jump off underground dick for min an recognize real
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      You didn't respond to his claims of being able to out rap those dudes. What do you think about his comments? I think he has bars, but he's not at any of those artist's levels yet
    • @Mardigraz718
      This nigga said adlib! Bwahahahaha! Who factors in somebody ability to adlib?! LMFAO! You forgot to say his swag too homie! FOH! SMH
  • jerry
    Say watever youd like but Big Sean(and drake for that matter)are two of the only guys in rap who know how to make a complete song. Guap, Switch Up, Fire..these are all good songs that you can play at a party or in your car. Sean has the recipe. His verse on All Me is actually ridiculous wordplay
  • LOL
    What a clown. This dude needs to get off his own dick and realize he isn't anything more than a below average rapper.
  • Blue_anubis
    J Cole Kendrick Ab-Soul Slaughterhouse Drake EMinem Jay-z Nas Fabolous Big Sean has a long way to go. WHo's gasin him. Drake versus > Big sean versus Jay-z versus >
    • Blue_anubis
    • @mardigraz718
      Thank you! I ain't even mention Cole! Come on man! Blu? Fashwan? Wale? Jay Elec? And I ain't really wanna mention too many vets either cus dudes will cry about that.
  • Big Blaq D
    Seriously, who named this nigga Big Sean? Dude is a scrawny lil bitch lol
    • Anonymous
      I know, I've been asking this same question for a long time. Well I suppose he is a Big faggot so maybe that justifies his name a bit.
    • Anonymous
      lil sean would have been more appropriate even though i hate any rapper with lil or young in front of their name apart from jeezy
  • Hov
    Triple fuckin' OG What's up to my nigga Juan Tell these niggaas pull their fuckin' skirt down I could see their ovaries Niggas snitching switching teams Out there telling bitches things Industry talk behind your back Ain't nobody got time for that Facts only
  • Humz
    I've NEVER heard a song where Sean's verse(s) stood out from the rest. Even on songs which are just him...
  • Anonymous
  • VapeHop
    big sean is fuckin turrrrrrrible FUCK OUTTAAAAAA HEAAAAAA
  • sxxx9