Rick Ross Compares Himself To Trayvon Martin On "I Wonder Why"

posted Tuesday July 30 ,2013 at 04:41PM CDT | 47 comments

Rick Ross Compares Himself To Trayvon Martin On

Rick Ross references Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law on "I Wonder Why," uses a portion of Rachel Jeantel's testimony on the song.

Following the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, numerous artists turned to their music to voice their opinion on the shooting of Martin by Florida resident and neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

As a resident of Florida, Maybach Music Group rapper Rick Ross took the time to address his state’s highly controversial “Stand Your Ground” law on his latest record, “I Wonder Why.” The law became a hot topic during the trial of Zimmerman and remains any issue of concern for many including Ross.

On “I Wonder Why,” which was released earlier in the week, Ross raps, “Now I'm being followed by some creepy-ass cracker…Stand your ground, you gotta stand your ground.”

The line from Ross makes clear mention of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law and also makes reference to the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, friend of the late Martin, who is also on the outro to “I Wonder Why.”

The God Forgives, I Don’t rapper seemed optimistic during a recent interview with Power 106 FM as he touched on Martin and expressed his confidence in there being change in his state.

"I believe we are going to make a change,” said Ross. “We are going to make a difference… I just want to do what’s best for the whole movement. And we'll never let Trayvon Martin's name die out, we refuse to do that, and we got some things we're working on my side. So, everybody keep doing what you can to keep the voice alive, and just the whole movement. Cause it's time for us to really make a difference."

Following the announcement of a not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, music icon Stevie Wonder announced his plans to boycott the state of Florida and any other states with laws similar to the “Stand Your Ground” law. Other celebrities, including Kanye West and Jay-Z, are reportedly backing Wonder’s boycott of the state.

Video of Ross’ interview with Power 106 FM can be seen below (via HotNewHipHop).

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  • Rape Victim
    Now I'm getting raped by this creepy fat rapper! Watch your drink, you gotta watch your drink
  • Maria S. Lucien
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  • Michael
    Good to see people still care.
  • Anonymous
    Fuck Zimmerman
    • Anonymous
      George says fuck you too.
    • Anonymous
      Fuck William Roberts
  • Anonymous
    Zimmerman was a cop wannabe just like officer Ricky! they both got rejected from the police academy and had to take other routes to feel like they had some authority
  • Anonymous
    Rick Ross compares himself to Grimace
    • YoungGuwop
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Im never going to say this again but for Trayvon, I'll say it.....baaawwssee!! okay, Im done. Its over with, time to move on. Not a Ross fan...#streetkingimmortal
  • Fish
    No no no no Officer Ricky, you are nothing like Trayvon Martin. You Officer Ricky you ARE the police, not the one they are chasing. It's YOU who worked for law enforcement so its people like you who carry out this sort of victimisation. You should be comparing yourself to Zimmerman you fat fraud. Fuck Officer William Leonard!!!
  • Todd
    Trayvon Martin was a CO?
  • zerocool6687
    Classless fake ass trash... maybe next time they won't miss, then you have a basis for comparison you fat fuck.
  • Banannaz
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  • George Zimmerman
    I'm shocked that Port Of Spare Ribs would throw me under the bus like this.
  • Anonymous
    I just lost all respect for Ross.
    • Anonymous
      wait, you had respect for that lying fraud ass cb4 nicca in the first place? whats there to respect about being a fraud, getting caught then lying to the fans. not to mention raping bitches!!!
    In what universe are you a skinny black child, Rick? In what universe do you eat one bag of skittles, Rick? In what universe do you manage to walk a block and not feel winded, Rick? In what universe does Stevie not see through your bullshit, Rick? In what universe do you ever Stand Your Ground without the support of a shoulder, walker, or counter top, Rick? Best Wishes, George Zimmerman
  • Anonymous
    I didn't read the article.. just the pic lmao
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  • Anonymous
    > Best Lyricist in the game >
    • Anonymous
    • YEBO
    • ^^
      Another laughable thing.
  • Ricky Rozay
    Dont know how smart it was for the nigga Ross to compare himself to Trayvon Martin. Situation was tragic but proves to niggas that as long as the white man got a gun, niggas aint safe no where no matter what Fox and all that bullshit news outlets try to throw out there. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      thats gotta be the least dickriding post you ever made
    • Kizman
      for once, i actually agree with Rozay on this
    • zerocool6687
      While I am all about Zimmerman getting off was absolute bullshit, the man was guilty of at least man slaughter I will not get aboard the media driven race card... besides Zimmerman was not white you fucking idiot!
    • Anonymous
      as long as the white man got a gun - word? the risk of you getting shot by another black male is many times higher
    • Anonymous
      plenty of white on white crime, 84% if I'm correct, why y'all don't do anything about it? at least we address it, have forums, programs, charities. y'all say it's isolated incidents, say it doesn't exist, are very surprised when it happens. instead of spending your time all up in blacks' business, you should be cleaning your own backyard.
  • huh?
    Who's Travyon Martin?
  • George Zimmerman
    Ross stop clowning.
    • Casey Anthony
      lol xoxo
    • OJ Simpson
  • Psycho Maestro
    Yeah, well he should die then maybe he'll have more in common with him. Whack ass motherfuckin rap
  • Chris Etrata
    Trevyon wasn't fat nor did he want to be a police officer.
  • Anonymous
    Rachel Jaentel was a piece of shit witness. It wasn't proven that Zimmerman didn't act in self-defense. The verdict was 100% correct and niggas are fucking dumb and ignorant as shit. Ignorance is the definition of black people. FACT.
    • Anonymous
      you dying for attention, huh? lol, here you go, you got a reply! yay!
    • E-Rule
      SMDH.....wow, I really hope you are a white supremacist talking.....
    • Ja Rule
      I'm the only rule nigga^^^^ Its Murda!!!
  • Anonymous
    He has more in common with George Zimmerman, two wannabe police officers.
    • zerocool6687
  • Fuck Molly
    Trayvon wasn't fat he should've compared himself to Zimmerman instead
  • Anonymous
    Ross made reference to Trayvon and the case but he did not compare himself to Trayvon. Horrible journalism once again by Hiphopdx but I would expect nothing less these days.
  • Anonymous
    > Best Lyricist in the game >
    • Anonymous
      is Nas.