Gillie Da Kid Drops Meek Mill Diss Record "King Me"

posted Thursday July 25 ,2013 at 09:10AM CDT | 89 comments

Gillie Da Kid Drops Meek Mill Diss Record

Gillie Da Kid hit the studio after recent discussion on social networking sites about who "The King of Philly" really is. The song appears to be aimed at Meek Mill.

Gillie Da Kid has added a song to his recent feud with Meek Mill over who truly deserves to be called "The King of Philly." The song, "King Me," was released after recent indirect disses were thrown at one another via social networking sites. 

"King Me," produced by Battman, features no direct shots at Meek, but it contains some lyrics seemingly aimed at him. "You niggas throwin' stones at a glass house," he says on the chorus. "You niggas don't be livin' what you rap 'bout." On the track, Gillie continues by saying, "I'm the king. You a pawn. You sucka niggas be alarmed," followed by, "You pussy nigga. I'm the don. You rookie nigga. I'm LeBron." 

Regarding the "King of Philly" title, Gillie adds, "King me, nigga. Bow down when I come around."

This follows Twitter comments from Meek Mill about the matter. 

Meek has also said he has a song waiting to be dropped, which seems to be aimed at Gillie. The song was featured in an Instagram video clip and it includes beats from Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up" and Nas' "Ether," among other diss tracks from the past. He revealed this with the tweet below.

Gillie Da Kid has had other feuds in the past, most notably with Lil Wayne. Meek Mill has also had his feuds, most recently with Cassidy, who wanted to battle him

"King Me" can be heard below.

This appears to be an ongoing story and HipHopDX will continue covering it as it develops. 

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  • Anonymous
    This beat has Meek Mill voice on it , Gillie is boring though, ass out of here!!!
  • Anonymous
    Beats available @
  • sxxx4
  • Art Brooks
    Schooly D and Beanie Seagal are the real Philly niggaz
    • Anonymous
      Black Thought
  • Anonymous get the indie hiphop album of the yr, "THE WAKE"
  • Bawse
    My blood niggas down miami who are connected with rick ross have told me that an MMG and Murder Inc. collaboration for a supergroup is being made AS WE SPEAK. I want people to know this because the face of rap is about to change. Rick Rozzay, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Gunplay, Wale and Meek Mill are coming together. This is REAL RULE TALK. This is such a game changer and my blood niggas told me that Rick Ross and Ja Rule have collaborated in song and lyrically NOBODY is on there level. Be ready for a game changing club banging HOT TRAP BEATS MADE BY DJ KHALED WITH HOT FLOW FROM ROZZAY MILL RULE. This is the shit we have being waiting for. THIS WILL BE BIGGER THAN TUPAC AND BIGGIE. Rozzay will be bigger that biggie niggaz and ja rule will be the next tupac. #Real RuleTalk
  • black thought what a joke
    How can black thought be the king of philly when 99 percent of hiphop fans don't even know who he is. The fresh prince is the only credible king pf philly
    • Anonymous
      99% of hip hop fans? i don't think you know what a hip hop fan is.
    • Dre'
      You might mean 99% of todays RAP fans might not know who he is. HIP HOP fans know exactly who he is.
    • Come On
      What a Joke??? the only Joke here is you not knowing who Black thought is and calling yourself a hip hop fan you're a dummy and you just embarrased yourself on here. Secondly Gllie da Kidand Meek Mill could not hold a candle to Black Thought Lyrically. Go do your homework before you make boned headed comments like that and embarass yourself.
    • Anonymous
      makes he just not dumb enough to get caught like meek
  • Anonymous
    black thought is the king, there is no competition. - relevant since 1993 - has 11 albums with The Roots - has gone platinum (and gold) - has never spit a wack verse - still murking nikkas on tracks twenty years after he came in the game
  • Jennie M. Larkin
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  • Anonymous
    No body mentioned Freeway...? Lol
    • Anonymous
      why would they?
  • r.i.p mac dre
    Meek aint no threat to Gillie! He can talk that bullshit to Cassidy about not coming back to Philly , but Gillie is just as street as Meek supposedly claims. Meek is the true definition of a nigga feelin hisself. He thought he was better than he really was. His next album wont sell 100k in first week, book it!!! I like Gillie and he is a thoro dude, but this diss is wack as shit. Now that he signed, plus he bout to get the Pac role he got his shot. Drop the album around the movie and steam roll. Gotta bring heat tho not like that wack ass diss track.
  • So Icy Boi!
    you niggas are pathetic. Meek Mill is da King of Philly. all doze old ass niggaz you mentioned are irrelevant now. Meek Mill is da hottest aritst in Philadelphia just like his mentor Rick Ross is da King of da South. I'm a friend of both of dem. swag
    • Anonymous
      an artist that cant go gold is the king of philly? a rapper that cant go platinum is the king of the south? REALLY DOE?
  • WTF
    100% Co-sign Will Smith might Hire them down the road to work for him.
  • Come On
    For the ppl posting down there who say Will Smith isn't the king of philly because he doesn't rap anymore or his style of hip hop wasn't consider gangster? so apparently in order to be King of Philly you have to be a rapper?? that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard, in the world every else lives in WILL SMITH IS PHILLY..meek mill and Gillie the Kid could not hold his jock strap they will never ever have the accomplishments of Will Smith, when you think of Philadelphia down the road you don't think Meek Mill I'm starting to think it's abunch of 10 year old kids commenting down here. I didn't even know meek mill was from philly until the cassidy beef.. and let's be clear if Will Smith wanted to dust of his mic he'd clown Meek Mill intulectually easily, get you mind right. Being a King is controlling things and having wealth and accolades in abundance Meek Mills and Gillie the KId is chump change to Will.
    • theCool
      Co-Sign 1000000%
  • Rap Fan
    How far is Meek Mill going to fall. Meek had some good track on his mixtapes and had the streets on fire. Come time for his album he bricked hard and the general opinion was his album was trash. Reason I say this is because two months after his debut release he had another mixtape out when he should have been touring. Then Cassidy and him beefed which was a big mistake because at the end of the day Cassidy killed him with a couple tracks. Meek might be doing shows but Cassidy won the battle, I don't care what anyone else says. Now we have Meek and Gillie going at it. How many L's is Meek going to catch before he completely falls off.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    First things first Beanie Sigel is the king of Philly secondly Gillie needs to remember Meek isn't Cassidy, Meek is a real street dude and will have niggas come at him
    • Anonymous
      Gillie is just as street or more than Meek mill do you really think meek is gonna send out the goons just because someone dissed him on wax? that would be the ultimate bitch nigga shit especially when meek started it
    • Anonymous
      Na he won't send goons round but he's a real street dude so if it ever comes down to that Gillie needs to know what he's dealing with, this isn't cassidy where he destroyed on a street level
    • Anonymous
      what do the streets gotta do with anything though? Gillie is from the streets too and probably runs with more OGs than meek. Gillie been out since meek was 10 years old playing pokemon
    • Anonymous
      Black Thought is the king you dumb niggas
    • Tha Real
      Meek is a homo
  • Anonymous
    LOL Meek is a 50 Cent fan he always makes a 50 reference every now and again in songs & interviews
    • Anonymous
      that shit must bother Ross knowing all his artists came up bumping his enemy
    • Anonymous
      Ross is probably use to it, 50 is a big name in the rap game and most niggas respect how he made it big, probably even ross himself deep down before the beef
    • Anonymous
      didn't meek say he knew 50 before ross? i think 50 even wanted to sign meek back when g-unit was the hot thing
    • Anonymous
      Yeah Meek said he knew 50 before ross, even admitted they use to listen to his music in the hood
  • Anonymous
    who the fuck is black thought fools? we are talking about the streets here not bean pie slinging muslim rapper?
    • Anonymous
      fuckboi, you must only listen to down south booty music. black though is from the legendary roots crew. he is one of the few men alive to say that he might've kinda outshined big pun on a track. furthermore, he BODIED eminem and mos def on the BET cipher two years ago:
    • Anonymous
      go somewhere and listen to rich homie quan
    • Anon
      he is young don't know who black thought is and Gillie needs to sit his ass down every time you hear about him its always beef
    • Anonymous
      black thought is the undisputed king of philly.
  • Anonymous
    J. Cole wrote an apology letter to Autism Speaks for his "retarded" line. Various groups and fans have been more vocal recently about being outraged and offended by offensive lyrics from rappers. Most recently we have the Lil Wayne Emmett Till line, and the Rick Ross date-rap reference, and the most recent, J. Cole's line on his "Jodeci" freestyle with Drake about autistic people. Now Cole has penned a heartfelt letter apologizing for the line. There was a petition filed by the Anti-Bullying Alliance shortly after the track was released, but the NC native wanted to be clear that the letter had nothing to do with pressure, and it was just when he listened to the line again, "Im artistic, you niggas is autistic, retarded," and saw how it truly negatively affected some people he knew he had to apologize. In the letter he insists this was not to appease anyone, but just make right something he felt was wrong. He posted a link on Twitter and put up the letter which you can read below. Recently theres been a trend that includes rappers saying something offensive, only to be attacked for it in the media and pressured to apologize. I have to be completely honest and say theres a part of me that resents that. I view rap similar to how I view comedy. Its going to ruffle feathers at times. Its going to go too far. I do not believe that an apology is needed every time someone is offended, especially when that apology is really only for the sake of saving an endorsement or cleaning up bad press. With that said, this is not the case today. This letter is sincere. This apology IS necessary. In a recent verse on the song Jodeci Freestyle, I said something highly offensive to people with Autism. Last week, when I first saw a comment from someone outraged about the lyric, I realized right away that what I said was wrong. I was instantly embarrassed that I would be ignorant enough say something so hurtful. What makes the crime worse is that I should have known better. To the entire Autism community who expressed outrage, Im moved and inspired by your passion, and Im amazed at how strong you are as a unit. I have now read stories online from parents about their struggles and triumphs with raising an Autistic child and I admire how incredibly strong you have to be to do so. Its touching. It also makes what I said even more embarrassing for me. I feel real shame. You have every right to be angry. To anyone suffering from Autism, either mildly or severely, I am sorry. Im bound to make mistakes in my life, but in my heart I just want to spread Love. I want to educate myself more on Autism, and Ill gladly own my mistake and serve as an example to todays generation that theres nothing cool about mean-spirited comments about someone with Autism. People with this disorder and their loved ones have to go through so much already, the last thing they need is to hear something as ignorant as what I said. I understand. To the parents who are fighting through the frustrations that must come with raising a child with severe autism, finding strength and patience that they never knew they had; to the college student with Aspergers Syndrome; to all those overcoming Autism. You deserve medals, not disrespect. I hope you accept my sincere apology. Much Love -Cole [Update: Drake Issues Apology] After J Cole made his heartfelt apology over the weekend, Drake decided to follow suit and take to his OVO blog this evening to state his apology. He also added that the lyric will be removed from the song. Drake's statement read: "J.Cole wrote a beautiful and moving apology to individuals and families affected by autism who were understandably hurt by a verse in Jodeci Freestyle. I share responsibility and offer my sincerest apologies for the pain this has caused. Individuals with autism have brilliant and creative minds, and their gifts should not be disparaged or discounted. This was a learning lesson for both of us, and Im grateful for the opportunity to try to right this wrong. J. Cole and I believe that it is the right, responsible, and respectful decision to remove the lyric from the song." [Via]
    • Anonymous
      what does that have to do with Weak Mill