Nipsey Hussle Says LAPD Used Excessive Force During Handcuff Incident

posted Wednesday July 17 ,2013 at 01:40PM CDT | 19 comments

Nipsey Hussle Says LAPD Used Excessive Force During Handcuff Incident

UPDATE: Nipsey Hussle says the Los Angeles Police Department was forceful with his disabled brother.

Former Epic Records artist Nipsey Hussle was reportedly arrested yesterday (July 16), according to The Los Angeles, California rapper allegedly was cuffed by police for brandishing a pistol during a George Zimmerman protest in the city.

These reports greatly conflict with those of, who with video footage of the rapper in handcuffs, say that he was searched by police, and then let go when no weapon was found.

The Daily News report claims when police apprehended the 27-year-old, they discovered that Nipsey had two outstanding warrants. The reports did not specify what the warrants were for, but did say that police followed the rapper to his car, which was subsequently impounded.

A tweet from Nipsey this morning is believed to be a reaction to the incident and its reporting. The tweet also indicates that Hussle is no longer detained. Two years ago, Hussle and an associate were involved in shooting incident with the Los Angeles Police Department, which he is presumably referring to as "LAPDK" in his tweet.

Last month, Nipsey released Raw with rapper Blanco.

UPDATE: has published a second report on Nipsey Hussle's incident with police yesterday (July 16). Claiming that the onetime major label rapper was not arrested, Nip told the celebrity site "hyper-sensitive LAPD officers" approached him after a bottle was thrown at his Mercedes Benz coupe.

After Hussle and his brother exited the car to confront the vandals, members of the Los Angeles Police Department allegedly handcuffed the rapper and searched his car. According to Nip, his handicapped brother was mistreated by officials. "They pushed his face on the concrete. They dropped a knee in his spine then twisted his arm and cuffed him while he was not resisting."

Nipsey did not address initial reports that he had multiple warrants for his arrest.

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  • Anonymous
    Eazy E must have been talkin' bout this fuckin' lame when he talked about "STUDIO GANGSTAS" .........lame ass nigga!
  • Anonymous
    who cares, where the fuck is your new album????????
  • imho
    funny. all he raps about is gangster shit. fuck cops kill cops this n shit.. tweets about smokin expensive bud and wonders why the cops fuck w him? lmao some people in the hood are to clownish for their own good.
    • Anonymous
      its 4 his imsge dumb ass
    • imho
      must of took notes from rickross then..if its just for image that means hes a fraud.
  • George Zimmerman
    Nipsey's next.
  • Art Brooks
    The fear and hypocrisy of the the police overseers... (it's a vicious cycle).
  • Anna I. Johnson
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  • bswag
    Yea first f*ck da police, then crying that they use "excessive force". SMH.
    • Anonymous
  • COCA
  • Anonymous
    these rappers make me laugh they talk about fuck the police sell drugs guns and killing and when police check them out they act like little kids having a tantrum
  • Anonymous
    dude is high as fuck in that picture... his eyes are bloodshot
    • TRE
  • Anonymous
    "I don't go to jail I drive Benzes and smoke expensive ass weed for living!" what a ridiculous statement. anyone can go to jail dog. i bet his people making this shit up to try and get his buzz up. he must have an album or single coming out
    • WEST
      watchu sayin u mark azz nigga? nipsey dont need hype he did it without a major, go pick up that GAY-Z you probably support fag boy
    • Anonymous
      did what without a major? has he sold 1 album yet? LMAO
    • LOLLL
      nipsey dropped an album LOL must of missed and all my rap homies! lmfao. my G went triple Co2
  • junMaf*ckn
    Nipsey That Dude!