Jay-Z Details Pre-"Magna Carta Holy Grail" Timbaland Fallout

posted Monday July 15 ,2013 at 04:50PM CDT | 40 comments

Jay-Z Details Pre-

Jay-Z speaks on Timbaland's past inability to "put ego aside" while the pair worked on "The Blueprint 3."

For years, Virginia producer Timbaland and Brooklyn emcee Jay-Z worked together to craft numerous records that would later be featured on Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter, The Black Album, and more. And with Tim’s extensive work on the newly-released Magna Carta Holy Grail, it came as a surprise to many when it was revealed that the two artists had previously parted ways musically.

At the top of the month, Timbaland revealed the news and credited his past falling out with the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper to “disagreements” and “petty stuff.” And during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Jay-Z shared his thoughts on the pairs past indifferences.

According to Jay-Z, his issues with Timbaland arose shortly after The Blueprint 3 was released and were primarily due to Tim’s demeanor.

“He was still on Blueprint 3, but the fallout happened at the end of that album. It really happened—the way the album happened and a couple of songs was getting leaked, that was his songs. And it was like that whole thing was just like it just ruined the whole process,” Jay-Z revealed. “I wanted him and Kanye to produce, and Kanye who was the executive producer of Blueprint was like ‘Yo, let’s get Tim. Let’s bring Tim in.’ We were all inviting of him and he just wasn’t accepting of the process. And it seemed like it was more about him than the actual album.”

Jay-Z says the producer did reemerge following their fallout and returned with a more mature outlook, one that helped in easing any past tensions.

Timbaland later went on to produce a majority of the songs featured on Magna Carta Holy Grail including “La Familia” and the Justin Timberlake-assisted “Holy Grail.”

“When you go in and make an album there’s not—you have to put all ego aside,” said Jay-Z. “I’m putting ego aside. Everyone has to put ego aside for the sake of the project. And he was accepting of that. That was almost like the last straw type of thing. We just went our separate ways. After those concerts he came back, I saw the new Timbaland. He had this maturity and this growth and I was like, ‘Oh okay. This is gonna work out.’”

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  • jasonnn 13th
  • ChillDaily
    Lets be real the hardest beats on MCHG were Somewhere In America, Beach is Better and Crown.
  • sxxx4
  • Anonymous
    Interesting interpretation of how Timbaland suddenly went back to his old himself after he got off pills and steroids. Maybe he was a little aggressive and physically threatened Jay? That'd explain why Timbo's weak ass beats appeared on Blueprint III.
  • Anonymous
    This nigga talks about ego but he is ego. He only cares for himself and talks about how much money he has.
    • Bene The OG
      But he doesnt let it get in the way of fucking up business
  • Anonymous
    EGO? Says the man who only talks about how great and how much money he has
  • kent69
    Jay-Z says the producer did reemerge following their fallout and returned with a more mature outlook, one that helped in easing any past tensions. so now dame dash now know what to do to get back with jay.
    • Anonymous
      Dame Dash doesn't do anything though...
    • Anonymous
      follow at noles506
  • Anony
    Who cares about Gay-Z? Ja Rule has always been a better rapper, worth more money, more relevant, has a hotter bitch, more good looking nigga, etc. FUCK GAY-Z
    • Anonymous
      Ja Rule went to jail for tax evasion. follow at noles506
    • Bene The OG
      Changing the J to a G doesn't change the fact he wakes up to over 100 milli and Beyonce everyday and you wake up to...lol whatever the fuck you wake up to.
  • Anonymous
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  • zxsss4
      JAY AND KANYE PUSHING EACH OTHER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgUsRXFw1CA
  • xx004
  • justin case
    Timb gave Jay those garbage tracks on BP3 on purpose...haha.
  • zxsss4
  • Jay
    I remember specifically Timbo announcing he was producing Blueprint 3 and Jay-Z was like lolno.
    • Anonymous
      a reminder to show you you don't know what's really going on unless you were there
    • Jay
      Suck a nigga dick!
  • zxsss9
  • zxsss4
  • Mr.Nick
    Well all I really care about is the music that results from both Jay and Timbo, aside from that I couldn't give a shit more in regards to their relationship!
  • Anonymous
    What about the fact Timbo is signed to Roc Nation?? Jay always worried about that money.
    • Anonymous
      He only signed recently. I'm sure they patched things up before he signed you idiot
  • imho
    jayz said he got mature.. 30+ year old man JUST got matured and actsl ike a man and not a kid? isn't maturing something you do as a teenager?
    • room2roam
      teenager? you think you'll be/you are completely mature by the end of your teenage years? maybe physically but mentally you're no where near it. hell many of us remain mentally immature our entire lives...
    • Anonymous
      and the inexperienced imho is ethered again
    • lmho
      Eat me, paste face!
  • xx009
  • One
    The reason why Timbos 90's sounds are gone because once he producing timberlake's albums, he decided to go for pop money cuz it's a win. Ever since mid 2000's, he's got that techno feel to him. I heard a couple of songs that leaked from the previous album jay-z did with timbo. Of course, they didn't make to the album and they weren't worthy to be on it. One of them was called "Ghetto Techno."
  • dentaldamboy
    Good move by Timbo for not working with Jay-Z. Jay-Z is a total has been. Also, working with Jay-Z would have meant that Timbo could never show up in Miami, New Orleans or LA ever again.
    • Kev
      hahahaha even though they just worked together on Magna Carta.. ok...
    • imho
      and he was on BP3.. atleast you can spell and use proper punctuation because you SURE AS HELL cant read loll let me guess though.. #swag??
    • dentaldamboy
      @lmho Go sit on a dick or something. You egg swallowing monkey boy.
  • Fans
    Timbaland had that sound in the 90's...what happen???
    • Mr,Nick
      What do mean "what happen"? He changes his style in accordance to whom he works with and the reception to that adoptive producing trend. He's been working with JT for sometime so yeah his production might sound somewhat different than when he worked with Aaliyah or Ginuwine.
    • foreal
      growth. his new sh*t is as good, just different