Sponsor Pulls Out Of Show Due To Chris Brown's Involvement

posted Sunday July 14 ,2013 at 11:30AM CDT | 24 comments

Sponsor Pulls Out Of Show Due To Chris Brown's Involvement

Roger Communications wants nothing to do with Chris Brown at a concert event.

Energy Rush, a concert event in Halifax, Canada, is now seeking an additional sponsor.

The reason? Rogers Communications decided to pull out of the event upon learning that Chris Brown had been added to the lineup.

After hearing that Chris Brown would be a part of the event, dozens of people angry at the thought of Brown, who infamously assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, drew the attention of a spokesperson from Rogers Communications:

Ultimately, the company decided it was not a good idea to proceed with sponsorship.

This year has seen a number of high-profile acts lose sponsors, including Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, who respectively lost direct sponsors in Reebok and Mountain Dew for controversial lyrics. The sponsors left the emcees after protests over their lyrics grew too great.

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  • Mortis
    The Chris Brown gets made when you pull the Twinkie out of his ass
  • zxsss9
  • zxsss4
  • sxxx9
  • sxxx9
  • xx009
  • zxsss9
  • Zeal
    Good shit, Chris brown's career should of been over right after the incident. Hopefully more sponsors wise up.
  • Anonymous
    so judgmental
  • foreal
    so they pull sponsorship because a few pruds do not like chris brown?
  • magmatic123
    give money and take it back..good grief...this world is heavy on my aching back
  • jasonnn
  • Anonymous
    Rogers make billions... worth billions... they don't want to attach their name to some crappy d list R&b singer, wanna-be rapper. follow at noles506
  • Prick James
    Great decision and I applaud it. I wish more people had principles such as this and stood behind them. A man must have a code.
  • real
    I dont agree with Chris did in 2009 but he was a 19 yr old kid. how long are people going to hold that against him. their are people in the entertainment bus. who have done much worse and dont get half the ish he gets. You have Rock Stars Ozzy, Jagger,Simmons, who have been accused of being some of the nastiest people but you will never hear of a sponsor not sponsoring one of there events. His skin isnt dark enough for that to happen
    • Prick James
      For as long as it takes.
    • Anonymous
      I don't remember any of those guys beating a teenage girl black & blue, I couldn't care less..Chris Brown & Rihanna are both talentless scum. follow at noles506
  • zxsss4
  • Cynthia J. Lancaster
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  • zxsss9
  • Anonymous
    hahaah thats great fuck rogers though
  • Anonymous
    what goes around comes around
    • Anonymous
      good song by jt
    • Anonymous
      fuck jt