Nelly "M.O." Release Date

posted Sunday July 07 ,2013 at 10:30AM CDT | 30 comments


Nelly says his seventh studio album will be coming soon.

Nelly's seventh studio album, M.O., is on its way, complete with a Pharrell Williams-produced lead single and a Nicki Minaj feature on "Get Like Me."

"It was one of the first records that I started for the album, and we kinda came back to it after we were tightening up the album," said Nelly of the record, in an interview with HipHopWired.

Nelly explained that Pharrell's involvement in the project extended beyond just the one cut.

"Pharrell did about four, five records on this album. They dope. They dope. All of them," revealed Nelly.

The St. Louis rapper then announced the album drops September 30.

Nelly's last proper studio album was 2010's 5.0, which featured hit single "Just A Dream," as well as a guest list that included T-Pain, Chris Brown, Akon, Plies, T.I., Kelly Rowland, Diddy-Dirty Money, and more.

5.0 was followed up in 2011 with Nelly's first mixtape ever, titled O.E.MO, standing for "On Everything MO."

Nelly announced M.O. would follow just about one year ago (July 4, 2012).

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous
    I am from the future and i can tell you it will flop.
  • Anonymous
    fuccboi ass nigga... foh
  • zxsss4
  • xx009
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  • Anonymous
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  • 0888333
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  • The_Swag_Daddy
    Nelly should stay out of the studio, sit back, collect his royalties, fuck Ashanti, and he'd still be one of the most paid rappers in or out of the game. Pharrell production is ill, but do we really need another lame-ass Nicki Minaj feature and some more irrelevant raps?
    • Dorian8907
      Hahahaha... man you are telling the truth homie... his life is pretty set..
  • sxxx9
  • imho
    i always fucked with nelly- he just always makes good music you wanna listen to.
  • sxxx4
  • xx009
  • zxsss4
  • Jason
    I think this dude could come back in a major way. That new country song with him in it was a smart marketing move.
    • Anonymous
      I agree with that. I just dunno if today's crowd would give a damn about a Nelly album. I still like and respect him for what he has done but it may be too late to get back to what he once was in terms of sales.
  • jasonnn 666
  • Anonymous
    Fuck this rnb girl, we want real rappers!
  • Anonymous
    Never count Nelly out. He seems to always come out with a hit single that reminds people how popular he was.
    • Chris Etrata
      It's like that after 2005, Nelly doesn't appear often but occasionally has a hit that reminds us of him. Latest example, cruise remix.
    Why is this news? Noone's checking for this "Hey Porsche" clown nigga. First to give release dates for pop artists but hold back for real MC's.
    • Anonymous
      That "Hey Porsche" song was horrible.
  • sfff31
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