Jay-Z Releases Lyrics To "La Familia," Contains Lil Wayne Diss

posted Sunday June 30 ,2013 at 04:02PM CDT | 231 comments

Jay-Z Releases Lyrics To

Jay-Z takes aim at Lil Wayne, and says he's "ready for that war."

Jay-Z keeps the headlines coming, as the latest lyrics revealed from his upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail serve as a diss towards Lil Wayne.

On Jay-Z and Kanye West's track "H.A.M.," where Jay raps, "I'm like, 'Really, half-a-billi?' / Nigga, really, you got baby money / Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain't got my lady money," Wayne took the bars as a diss towards Cash Money head honcho Birdman, a/k/a Baby.

In response, Wayne dropped "I'm Good" on Tha Carter IV, rhyming, "I got your baby money / Kidnap your bitch, get that how much you love your lady money."

Though both verses dropped in 2011, it appears Jay-Z hasn't forgotten about the bars aimed at his wife, Beyonce.

“Wanna kidnap wifey / Good luck with that bruh / You must gonna hide your whole family / What you think we wearing black for / Ready for that war / Ready for that war ready / You ain't ready, yo, you radio," spits Jay.

The two emcee's history of subliminals began in 2009, in an interview where Birdman claimed Wayne was both more lyrical and made more money than Hov. Jay brushed off the notion in an interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97. Later, at a pre-Grammy party in 2012, Wayne spit a few bars dissing Jay-Z and Kanye West's group, The Throne.

It was also heavily speculated that Jay-Z's verse on "Watch What You Say to Me," a track from T.I.'s 2007 release T.I. vs. T.I.P. contained subliminals aimed at Wayne, but was never confirmed.

So far, Jay has dropped lyrics to "BBC," featuring Nas, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Swizz Beatz, and Timbaland, "Part II (On the Run)," featuring Beyonce, as well as others.

Magna Carta Holy Grail hits shelves July 4, save one million Samsung Galaxy smartphone users, who will get the album for free via app.

Check out the lyrics to "La Familia" below:

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  • >_
    Weezy read this, and then he had a seizure. then Baby stuck his dick in his mouth and made it all better.
    • Anonymous
  • josh p
    Lil Wayne is a JOKE . Full stop
  • JUSTthink
    Wayne might not be as good as he used to, but neither is jay, i dont think jay was ever as good as wayne... but anyways... Wayne has just been rapping lazy like, he has no motivation but if jay still wants to go to war then Wayne will bring heat no doubt and will prob smash jayz Dont forget wayne hasn't stopped sending shots like jay has.. Remember the song "Lay You Down" on IANAHB2 wayne said- "Tell that pig and that cow, i go HAM if it's beef" Pig and Cow is kayne and jay and going HAM like the song they made
    • Anonymous
      Is that a joke? Jay will smash Wayne like he did Mobb Deep.
    • comachonvargas
      ^^^^ Does "you must gonna hide your whole family" "you ain't ready for that war ready you ain't radio yo you radio" sound like the Jay who blasted Mobb Deep? Those lyrics are far too lamely simplistic for Jay pre-2003... it honestly is not even readily differentiable from 2 Chainz or Jeezy these days. So if you think Jay is capable of crushing Wayne like Mobb Deep you are kidding yourself more than a bit. Secondly, Jay sure waited awhile after Wayne dissed to respond. But at least he responded, unlike when 50, Game, or Cam came at him. Probably figured he handle Wayne when his skills are on the decline, not like he was ever that good to begin with. And to think, the same Jay thought he could hang with Nas and he was ALMOST right about it. Probably the biggest nosedive in skill in the top echelon of rappers. Jay's sublime beat selection and boatload of flows used to be mesmerizing. His monotonous subject matter was a minor complaint that hardly diminished his music because his lyrics had a depth and dexterity that probably no more than 5 people had ever in rap. Where is that Jay? Nas may get non-stop hate for Kelis but amidst all that we got Life is Good... of all the great MCs Nas skill level has declined the least
    • ^^^
  • lbc562
    wtf...are these lyrics even real???sounds like some shit written by a 6 year old...i mean cmon...
    • yeezuspiece1
      That's because Jay had to bring it down to Lil Wack's level of intelligence..
  • LilWackTrolls
    Lil Wack steps on the American flag, makes awful lines up about Emmitt Till and gets kicked out of NBA games..he's got no business sense, he has a "Baby" daddy, plus his lyrics are made up of playground humor and weak insults. Dude's not on the same level as Jay All the Lil Wack trolls out there, it's obvious you can't respect Jay-Z's level of intellect and his accomplishments, sad....
  • JP
    Ni**a what war are you ready for??? If Wayne go back to his old style he could possibly win. If he spit that nonsense he does now it's a wrap. Jay-z bars be kinda lite these days too but, he still better than the new Wayne.
    • matt
      The only wayne could out rap jigga is if he has gillie da kid start writting all his bars for him. Waynes music is wack cuzhe dont have someone writting his raps for him anymore
  • heartthrobharrison
    How many time Emory coming home?
  • Don't like to make comment
    [Lil Wayne] Stop playin, I ain't with that bullshit Niggas act like bitches. Shanaynay, oh my goodness This is Waynes World, and yall are just some tourists Give me three wishes, I wish, I wish, I wish, you would bitch Brand new pussy, pussy good as baby powder Two glock 40s, nigga you got 80 problems Swimmin in the money, Imma need some fuckin goggles Its better to give, but we don't give a fuck about em I just came home, shit then got real hoe Lil Weezy-ana, the boot nigga, steal toe I ain't workin with a full deck but I deal hoe I just touched down, kick the motherfuckin field goal Talkin bout baby money? I got your baby money Kidnap your bitch, get that how much you love your lady money I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga Ill take you out, thats a date nigga I'm a grown ass blood, stop playin with me Play asshole and get an ass whippin I think you pussy cat ha, hello kitty I just throw the alley-oop to Drake Griffin I lay em down, tempur-pedic This shits a game of chess, you niggas think its cleavage Its young money, yeah tis the season I give you the business, bitch this a business meeting My niggas hungry, my bitches greedy Will I die a bloody murder? Dear Mr. Ouija Nigga, I'm straight, my girl a faggot Potato on the barrel, pop pop tater salad WHO WAS THERE FORGET ABOUT DRAKE ``KISS`` WHAT YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT JADA WHO KILL BEANS WHENT EVERYBODY KNOWS PEOPLE USE TOO SAY jAY OR SIEGLE YES SIEGLE SO SERIOUSLY NICE job JAY BUT KEEP YOUR SHIT TOGHETER PAC NOW A DAY MAN YOU WOULD'T SAY A WORD SO GET TO KNOW THE STORY come on`` You pop shit, apologize, nigga, just ask Kiss``
    • Fuck Outta here
      That's the worst verse I've ever heard.
    • Detrimental
      Your vision is too clouded to even look at genius in front o you. This verse is pure genius and i can give you two simple reasons. Lil-weezy-ana - (louisiana) "The Boot nigga steel-toe" Take a look at the map you dumbfuck Louisiana is shaped like a boot and he says his opponents would get a nasty kick in the nuts. THIS is wordplay at its best. 2. Hov spoke of baby money, Look at wayne's response to that. "Talkin bout baby money? I got your baby money (Blue Ivy Carter would obviously inherit both their fortunes) Kidnap your bitch, get that how much you love your lady money" Need more explanation? Wayne simply destroyed hov. Period.
  • Anonymous
    No disrespect 2 Jay, but Wayne would SMASH him if he wanted 2 on he mic..
    • Anonymous
      Poor soul you are and the generation you grew up in.
    • Chi-Ill
      No disrespect to jay? hahahaha Nikka, you disrespecting Jay and everyone with hip-hop knowledge with that stupid comment!
    • Anonymous
      I was 13 in 2005 when he dropped C2 & i know Wayne will MURK jay z on the mIc if he actually tried..I did grow up w/ wayne but with Jay too...and I know Wayne is better
    • Fuck Outta Here
      You were still in underoos when Reasonable Doubt came out. Stop making asinine statements that make you look foolish little dude.
    • Anonymous
      wayne has jay-z lyrics tatted all over his body! jay already won!
    • Anonymous
      thank you! wezzy might not be as good as he used to, but if he had a little push i think he'd go off on a nigga
    • Anonymous
      Dats exactly what im sayin..Im almost 21 i heard reasonable doubt..classic yes..and i was 14 when kingdom come came out..I know Wayne can out rap Jay.. T.I. can too... just wait till wayne get off probation
  • dentaldamboy
    Jay Z will lose this war. The ymcmb team is far stronger and raps circles around them. Jay Z, along with its faggot stans will be crying.
    • Anonymous
      Jay-Z alone will destroy faggot ass YMCMB. YMCMB are weak and wouldn't stand a chance against Jay. YMCMB, along with their faggot ass stans will be crying.
    • dentaldamboy
      Unless you can rap better than us, don't question our position.
  • Don't like to make comment
    You who are rich and whose troubles are few, May come around to see my point of view, What price the crown of a King on his throne, When you're chained in the dark all alone.... [Jadakiss] Im as real as they come, I follow the rules Im still in the hood but I probably should move Made enough money, I dont fuck around I just felt they needed me, so I stuck around Feds got my man, shit is real son Cause my god son just became my real son Think life is a game but all you get is a turn You live and you learn, either you freeze or you burn Kush in the air, Im pushing the gears Love turned into hate, hate turned into fear If it ain't right, I dont sign the deal Shoot me in the watch, I got time to kill Gasoline, propane, ain't no salary cap in the dope game Ain't no collective bargaining on cocaine So in other words nigga, do your thing
  • HHp
    Finaly Crush that over-hyped troll
    • Anonymous
      who jay? yea forreal
  • Steve Spag
    That was one weak ass diss.
  • Anonymous
    wayne already lost this one. he got lyrics from 2 different jay-z songs tatted on his body!
    • Boni
      Coz Wayne started from the bottom but rocketed to the top. Jay was a good rapper n inspired Weezy but gone r the day. They're both wack now n its n even match.
    • Boni
      Coz Wayne started from the bottom but rocketed to the top. Jay was a good rapper n inspired Weezy but gone r those dayz. They're both wack now n its n even match.