Kanye West's "Yeezus" "Might" Have Sequel, Says Rick Rubin

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Kanye West's

Rick Rubin says Kanye West "might" have a surprise in store for "Yeezus" fans. He also shares how he became executive producer on the project.

In a revealing interview about his work on Yeezus, Rick Rubin shared that there "might" be a sequel to Kanye West's album. 

"Initially, [Kanye] thought there were going to be 16 songs on the album," Rubin revealed to The Daily Beast. "But that first day, before he even asked me to work on it, I said, 'Maybe you should make it more concise. Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half.' That was one of the first breakthroughs. Kanye was like, 'That’s what I came here today to hear! It could be 10 songs!'" 

When asked if there is a possibility of a sequel to Yeezus, Rubin said, "Might be." 

In the interview, Rubin also discussed his involvement with Yeezus

"Kanye called me. I’d just finished working at the studio for about two months on another album, and I was getting ready to go away on vacation for a couple weeks. Then he called up and said, 'Can I just come play my album?' And I said, 'Sure.' I always like to hear what he’s working on. So he came over to my house in Malibu. We listened. I thought I was going to hear a finished album, but actually we listened to probably three and a half hours of works in progress...So I said, 'When are you thinking of finishing up?' And he said, 'It’s coming out in five weeks.' Like completely confident and fine," Rubin shared.

"I said, 'I have a record coming out in November that’s a lot further along than this.' He said, 'Really? What are you doing for the next five days?' I said I was going to go away," he added. "Then he said, 'Please help me. Would you be open to fixing it and shaping it and finishing it off?'" 

Rubin also revealed that working on the album made him feel "sick" at times.

"To me it seemed impossible what he was asking. I remember I wasn’t feeling that well that day, and I was thinking, Is the music making me sick? I don’t feel good about this. We ended up working probably 15 days, 16 days, long hours, no days off, 15 hours a day. I was panicked the whole time." 

Earlier this month, Rubin spoke with The Wall Street Journal about Kanye. In that interview, he shared his respect for West.

“He is a true artist who happens to make music under the wide umbrella of hip hop,” he said. “He is in no way beholden to Hip Hop’s typical messaging musical clichés. Hip Hop is a grander, more personal form because of his contributions, and hopefully his work will inspire others to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Hip Hop…He is pure in his art and in a form where so many choices artists make are often the result of business consideration. Kanye chooses to let his art lead.”

According to reports, Yeezus sold 328,000 first-week units. West was initially projected to sell more than this. According to a Billboard report, Yeezus was projected to sell 360,000-380,000 first-week units. 

Rubin, who is recognized as an iconic producer for his work with Run DMC, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and others, has also been featured in Jay-Z's ads for Magna Carta Holy Grail. Details of the producer's full involvement with the album are not yet known but it wouldn't be the first time Rubin and Jay collaborated. The two paired up for 2003's "99 Problems" on Jigga's The Black Album

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  • mrsmathers
    Now we know that he was talking aout MMLP2 when he talked about an album coming out in November
  • RC
    The unnecessary sequel to the unnecessary album.
  • Anthony Codomo
    this guy isn't close to as talented as kanye.
  • Anonymous
    plz dont yeezus was wack
  • So Icy Boi!
    I can make better beats den Rick Rubin... whatz so special bout diz nigga? deze Euro trash EDM beats are wack as fuck. swag
    • stupid n
      rick rubin is white ye dumb shit lol
  • Gab
    Kanye you can keep that shit for north west 1st birthday..ent nobody want to that shit
  • Anonymous
    RUN THE JEWELS!!! Kills all that shit and it 's Free. Killer mike Kills, El-Ps beats are addictive!!!
  • Anonymous
    pls no. thanks.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I gave it a chance and it honestly sucked! it aint hating when its the truth. jcole and macmiller had better albums with better beats and raps. the only people who like this shit are kanye dick riders. IT SUCKED FACE IT!!!!!!!!!
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      The album was half assed, the messages were half assed, to preach about it makes you a doltish, hoodwinked, piece of shit loser.
    • Anonymous
      Anon 1 & 3 do not waste your fucking time with idiots like Anon 2. These new to rap or hip-hop in general think they know better than anyone else or that anyone who didn't get 'it' is simple minded, you have to ask yourself what is 'it' you are suppose to get; a half ass done album, half ass lyrics, halfass concepts?; truly, Ye is a genius because he made a bunch of idiots buy shit served as caviar.
  • Anonymous
    still waiting for a black hippy album
  • uiguyf
    haters do your job and hate. thank you for doing it so well ;)
    • Anonymous
      Are you Kim Kardashian by any chance because that it is so far up your ass it's disgusting
  • Anonymous
    shit album euro trash beats
  • Paul P. Reynolds
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  • sxxx4
  • Anonymous
    Fuck that trash album. We don't want a sequel.
    • Alexander Francis DeSimone
      you're a predictable loser
  • Anonymous
    Great, it will give Kanye a chance to alienate even more fans...Yeezus was str8 garbage...He needs to get back to making real music...Fuck a sequel...
  • Anonymous
    the sick child molester is back..
    • Anonymous
      you mean cause ya'll are fuckboy sons?
  • Anonymous
    *hundred grand; *five hundred grand
  • Anonymous
    (phone ringing) - Hello? - Hey, what's up Rick? Long time no speak, huh? - Who's talking? How did you got that number? - [nervous laughing] Oh, shit I forget to ... it's Kanye, man. - Kanye? Kanye West? Yeah, long time no speak. What do you want? - Well, I have an album coming out in soon. You might heard about it, it's called Yeezus. It'll be incredible, believe me. Some next level shit. The whole album is a fucking masterpiece. A big-fucking-maste ... - Hey, man ... Kanye ... - [speaking vehemently]... and it's not even music any more, more like fluid art concentrated in Mona Lisa's tear drops! If they could unify like some Terminator T200 shit, they'd form a statue of me chillin with El Greco, Liszt and Rodin! And I swear .. - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down man, slow down. You still haven't told me what do you want from me. - [calmly again] Ehm ... yeah. So yesterday I did some thinking, you know, and I figured out you might be interested to be a part of this. - No way. I just finished pretending that I'm working with another random rock band who paying me top dollar to wander in the studio twice a week for an hour. I'm going on a vacation. - Rick, don't do this to me ... Come on, I know you want be on Yeezus. - Not really. Now, if that's all, I guess ... - [loudly] NO! Stay in the line. I pay you like a hundred thousand grand! - I can't hear you Ye, the line is crispy ... - [desperately]Fire hundred grand! Fuck it, a million! - Now it's much better. What do you have right now? - [about to cry] A bunch of bullshit. I wanted to be revolutionary ... reform the game, you know. Even told that to my producers and ghost writers! And it's a whole fucking mess. - What do you mean? How does that sound like? - Like some EDM - dancehall crossover euro trash ... - Ouch. - ... with fucked up jazz / R&B samples ... - Damn. - ... combined uncontrolled screams, shout and random noises. - Uhhh ... - [starts crying] I even got Daft Punk on 3 songs! - [sounds of dropping the phone, running away, retching in the background] - [snuffle] Rick ... Rick, are you there? - Fuck you, Kanye. I vomited on my beard. All over it. - [in a begging voice] Rick .. are you willing to help? Save my ass and I'll be in debt with you forever! - [sigh] Aight. You got two weeks, 16 hour daily. Let me see what we can cook it up. Since we haven't produced shit in the past half decade, that won't be easy. But in exchange I want something else. - [cheerfully] Yes? Anything my friend, anything! - I can name your soon-to-be born child. - [silence for like 5 seconds] ... okay. - Bye then. [put down the phone]
    • Pat
    • Anonymous
      How much time exactly do you have on your hands?
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      you should be a comedian
    • Anonymous
      (phone quickly rings again) - Hey Rick - BTW, I need another favor - What's that - My man, Weezy is being propelled by rumors that he fucked Birdman - Aren't they true Rick? - No, Wayne is straight because he's married to his girl. I need you to dispel those rumors. - But I've seen Wayne kissed Birdman - That's not being gay. That's a father and son moment. BTW, Wayne actually sold 2 million opening week of tha carter 3. Hello, Hello? (phone drops)
    • ^
      Made by dentaldamboy.
    • dentaldamboy
      You have to admit its funny though.