2 Chainz' Driver's License & Bank Card Surfaces Via Instagram Picture

posted Wednesday June 26 ,2013 at 02:35PM CDT | 101 comments

2 Chainz' Driver's License & Bank Card Surfaces Via Instagram Picture

Following this month's robbery attempt, an Instagram user posts a picture of what appears to be the driver's license and bank card of 2 Chainz.

Earlier in the month, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz turned to his Twitter account to share his account of a robbery attempt made on his entourage while in San Francisco. The Def Jam signee informed fans that while an attempt was made, nothing was actually taken from his person.

Despite 2 Chainz’ claims, a picture which surfaced on Instagram this week seems to prove the opposite. In the picture, what appears to be the rapper’s Georgia driver’s license and bank card is shown.

Along with a picture of 2 Chainz’ license and bank card was this caption: “That nigga #2Chainz said he never got robbed out here in the #Bayarea.”

2 Chainz again reached out to fans via Twitter as he addressed this latest occurrence surrounding the San Francisco robbery by referring to it as a “pick pocketing.”

On top of the newly-released Instagram picture, a video of the incident, which was obtained by TMZ weeks ago, also went viral.

The Instagram photo (via HotNewHipHop) as well as 2 Chainz’ post-robbery Tweets can be found below.

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  • Anonymous
    Pull up to the scene with everything in my pockets missing.
  • Anonymous
    ja rule got them niggaz badly.
  • Anonymous
    It's actually alot more personal to post a pic of the license because it's like saying we know where you live and can come for you anytime. They post a chain it could theoritically be anybody's.
  • Anonymous
    Lol funny when they use his shit there to commit identity theft and take out loans and shit in his name
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • j dirty
    No chainz is gunna fall off,All them flashy dumbfucks do...Mc hammer in the makin right here
  • Anon
    • Anonymous
  • xx009
  • Anonymous
    wow. this pick pocket nigga dumb as fuck.
    • Anonymous
      what pick pocket? they ran up on him with a gun and fire off shots. he ran away scared and fell down then they took his shit. he got robbed straight up
  • Anonymous
    Wow you got a credit card and a picture ID!!! such thugz!!
    • Anonymous
      did u see the video on how they got it? in broad daylight at that too! they took his jewelry but are only showing off, it appears to be, showing proof it was 2 chainz. I bet u would have run too, if two thugs with guns were chasing you.
    • Anonymous
      what video did you see blind man? lol
  • Anonymous
    2 chainz's ego is battered and bruised and so now, he acts tough, and in denial that he ran away scared from two men bearing pistols. Its okay, 2 chainz....no need to be embarrassed. I would've ran too
    • Anonymous
      Ja Rule would have stayed to inflict massive pain on the gunmen.
  • Anonymous
    where was kanye west when all dis was happen..makin cartoon ass music
    • foreal
      prolly working on Yeezus, he isnt 2 Chainz's bodyguard
  • paperboy99000
    They did 2chainz a favor with all this publicity
  • xxsss9
  • Anonymous
    I dont even like 2 Chainz but he is right that aint no real robbery u had the gun on him and all u got is a bank card and a I.D. u cant even get the money out becuuz u dont have a pin # dumbass lol., If i'm gon take sumn i want it all they basically did pickpocket him, them niggaz clowns
  • Anonymous
    Hr ain't got no gold visa card?
    • Nancy R. Harmon
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  • xsss4
  • BOY
    At the age of 16 Lil Wayne was thuggin in the deadly streets of New Orleans At the age of 16 Tupac was dancing like a faggot in a tight ass tu-tu 'Nuff said YMCMB!
    • lol
      LOOL Wayne was cuddling under a blanket with Birdman at 16
    • Anonymous
      wayne kissed more men by the age of 15 than 2pac
  • sccc9
  • sccc9
  • yessir
    This is the type of crap N^%$$@#@ argue about... gotta love it. #noprogress One dumbass gets robbed and lies about it, and the other moron posts the items he robbed so that he can feel special about himself. These are the people YOU IDIOTS glorify... I love hip hop and come to this site to get a good laugh... get $$$ tricks
    • John-Boy
      He is 100 percent correct. And I am black!
  • Nuff said...
    If u got robbed just fes up to it...it can happen to ANYBODY!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    man quit frontin, theres a video an picture of your shit online.. you wanna be a trap rapper , go back to your pretty little house an your college for english arts ass life an quit frontin like you some thug from the streets always rockin 2 chainz cause only fuckin idiots rock even one nice chain in the hood cause they know that shit gonna get got.. hip hops dead..
    • Anonymous
      "cause only fuckin idiots rock even one nice chain in the hood cause they know that shit gonna get got" ^ this says a whole lot about you nerd boy
  • Nuff said...
    He makin himself out to be a fake ass nigga.....but with most of u lame ass corny muthafuckas that dont matter bcuz u supported rick ross and lil wayne....
  • xxss9
  • Anonymous
    it will be funny if they trace the ip address them dumb niggas posted from and they get arrested
    • Anonymous
      then 2chainz will get called a snitch
  • zxsss4
  • Anonymous
    wow they got some shit they cant do nothing with
  • Anonymous
    One thing that I know for sure if 2 Chainz keep selling out and lying them boyz from the bay area gonna off that clown ass nigga. Fuck nigga you were robbed...man up and stop trying to be tough. Just admit you were robbed fuck boy.