T.I. Says Yo Gotti Is Officially In Hustle Gang, Maino & Uncle Murda May Be Next

posted Monday July 01 ,2013 at 09:49AM CDT | 54 comments

T.I. Says Yo Gotti Is Officially In Hustle Gang, Maino & Uncle Murda May Be Next

UPDATE: Yo Gotti says that "vlogs" misquoted T.I., and that he remains signed to his own CMG/Epic Records imprint, supported by L.A. Reid.

After some speculation in the springtime, T.I. has announced his announced his latest addition to Hustle Gang. Previously, Tip speculated on the possible joining of Memphis, Tennessee's Yo Gotti, Houston, Texas's Kirko Bangz, and Compton, California's Problem. At least one of those is now cemented. "[Yo] Gotti has officially joined the Gang," the emcee/mogul told VladTV in a new interview.

Gotti, a former TVT Records and RCA/Polo Grounds Records artists respectively, is the latest expansion of the Grand Hustle Records-backed crew which features B.o.B., Iggy Azalea, Trae Tha Truth, Travi$ Scott and many others. In the video, T.I. appeared with Trae.

It is unclear at this time if Gotti has signed to Grand Hustle. The Atlanta, Georgia-based label has been a pivotal home to Rap veterans including Killer Mike, 8Ball & MJG, B.G., and Trae. However, not all of those mentioned were distributed by Atlantic Records, as was the case with 'Ball & G, and Mike's three previous projects. Earlier this year, Gotti exclusively told HipHopDX about his new CMG label, backed by Epic Records.

Iggy Azalea appeared on the crew's May mixtape, G.D.O.D., despite departing Grand Hustle to sign with Def Jam Records a month earlier.

In the interview with VladTV, T.I. also mentioned that he is in discussions with two Brooklyn, New York veteran: former Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam Records hopeful Uncle Murda, and onetime Atlantic Records label-mate Maino. T.I. also expressed his positive impressions of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper Hardo.

(June 25)

UPDATE: During the 2013 BET Awards weekend, Yo Gotti clarified reports regarding his affiliation with T.I., Hustle Gang and Grand Hustle Records.

"T.I. [is] the big homie. Salute T.I., and the Hustle Gang, but I'm signed to myself, which is CMG. We got a partnership with L.A. Reid and Epic [Records]," said Yo Gotti. Elaborating further about some headlines that alleged Gotti signed to the label, he stressed, "That whole thing is just...the vlogs just went crazy with it, put their own words on somethin' homie said; he ain't even say that."

The video interview with Baller Status is below:


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  • 666
  • Anonymous
    wow, he signed another wack ass nigga??....
  • Anonymous
    T.I. and 50 Cent should form "Snitch Unit".
  • Anonymous
    " has announced his announced" oh btw wasnt this yo gotti dude down with the whole 1017 gucci mane stuff
  • tipster
    Yo gotti gonna wish he'd signed 2 the GOAT Tip... T.I. is art
  • zxsss4
    T.I. is a faggot
    • k.i.
      T.I. does'nt know you exist , lololo wtf is that , at least his a rich faggot and u just mad coz u ain't about that life. it's something only real niggaz can relate to
  • 666
  • TIP
    yo gotti is a shit version of young jeezy I like uncle murda but he aint lyrical or gonna sell shit Maino is just a average boring mc
  • JP
  • JP
    This site need to upadate it's music and stories more often....how you still got up songs from father's day??...smh
    http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/3OLJ5ArAUXo/default.jpg ///
  • hiphopaddict
    A lot of artist but where is the records ???? Grand Hustle, the new BWS !!!!
    • Ghost
      Lol difference is Grand Hustle actually has stars. BWS was a joke!
    • Anonymous
  • crazy chainsaws
  • Anonymous
    T.I. = The Informant he talked to the feds!
    • surpsamich
      nigga big meech even said TI wasnt a snitch
    I always liked lil Flip better than TI
    • ceazalio
      All I can say is WOW... you and lil flip are the only two people that liked lil flip...
    • k.i.
      no one asked you motherfucker
  • Gangsta
    He only need to sign Freddie Gibbs The others can make pancakes LOL
    • Anonymous
  • COCA
  • Nuff said...
    Yo, T.I. pick out some wack ass niggas/rappers to be part of his crew... nuff said......
  • Anonymous
    yo gotti you wack ass motherfucker how could you sink so low smh
  • Anonymous
    T.I. can sign half the industry, but what are the odds any of these rappers actually release an album through him?
  • sxx009
  • JiggleTitties
    Sad... Last time I recalled, Gotti was in the rap game as long as F.B.oop I mean T.I. I mean damn I thought Yo Gotti got Yo Gotti hot? These Memphis rap negroes are getting too old and delusional to the point where they gotta look up to their proteges now? I need some new Memphis rap dudes to stand up now.
  • xx004
  • Rap Fan
    Just watched the video, T.I is so fake. One interview he talks all normal and intelligent and the next he talks all southern gangsta, make up your mind.
    • Sco
      its not fake, do you speak to your supervisor in the same manner in which you address your potnas?...fuck no....WEB Du Bois referred to it as the "duality of the negro"......we all do it playboy....you can't approach every situation in the same manner.....
    • Anonymous
      "WEB Du Bois referred to it as the "duality of the negro"......we all do it playboy....you can't approach every situation in the same manner....." ^ truth that's why white guys can't understand it and come off as corny and contrived when they try it
    • k.i.
      you can't tell e head honcho what to do ooh he does'nt even know you exist
  • Rap Fan
    Damn, if T.I can sign all these guys that is a real boss move right there. Regardless if they sell crazy units or not they still sell something which would make T.I major money.
    • Anonymous
      How's he gonna make major money off them if they can't sell for shit? Especially Maino. I suspect this is strictly a business deal where the label will cut their losses fast.
  • Anonymous
    Hustle Gang?! Dumb niggas with dumb names! How about naming yourself SHORT YELLOW BUS GANG....NIGGA! just a bunch of niggas doing nigga thangs
    • Anonymous
      what's the name of your rap group?.....whhaat?...you don't have one?....oh well...
    • Anonymous
      How about The Retarded Ryders?
  • Anonymous
    Hustle Gang nigga.....
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