CyHi The Prynce, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Trinidad James And More Weigh In On "Yeezus"

posted Saturday June 22 ,2013 at 01:00PM CDT | 41 comments

CyHi The Prynce, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Trinidad James And More Weigh In On

CyHi The Prynce explains the meaning behind "Yeezus." 2 Chainz, French Montana, Trinidad James and more react to the album.

Yeezus has been one of the most talked about subjects in this year's Hip Hop music pool. Anyone who has even a slight interest in the genre has listened to Kanye West's sixth studio album by now and has weighed in with their opinion.

MTV recently talked to numerous headlining artists about the album as they all weighed in. First speaking with G.O.O.D. Music signee and Kanye affiliate CyHi The Prynce, Sway Calloway and Rapfix got the scoop on some of the background meaning of the album.

"A lot of people don't know Yeezus if you break it down is: 'Ye-Is-us," CyHi explained via Skype. "'Ye will let you sit there and beat yourself up about it."

CyHi also said that he was heavily involved in the album's creation, claiming he contributed to the writing of nine out of the 10 songs.

"I'm just in there with him, keeping him up, keeping the environment in the room," he said. "We wrote a booklet of different things that could be put in here. The bible just wasn't wrote by Jesus. Inspirations came from everywhere that put this whole thing together."

Separately, MTV also spoke to numerous other artists about the project to get their take on both Yeezus and Kanye's legacy as a musician.

"He got one of the best musical minds, I feel in my generation," Trinidad James said.

Atlanta native 2 Chainz also weighed in on Kanye West and his creativity.

"He's one of the forefathers of just being creative of production and just taking extra steps on not doing what everybody else is doing," he said.

Watch Rapfix's interview with CyHi The Prynce below and below that, watch other artists speak on Yeezus (Via MTV):

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  • zxsss4
  • bevis n butt head
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  • zxsss4
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  • Anonymous
    Yeezus dope and check out All 4 tracks Drake released today 'Jodeci Freestyle' Ft. J. Cole, 'The Motion' 'Over Here' and 'Versace' at www. hiphopgood .com they got it all
  • Anonymous
    Yeezus was trash. I listened to it twice, can't go through it again. Board 2 and New Slaves are the only decent songs.
    • Tbrown
      Did you not listen to blood on the leaves or I'm in it? I understand this album isn't for everybody, but there is some fire on there.
    • Anonymous
      I'm not the first anonymous but I agree that Yeezus was trash. Heard most of it, including I'm In It, and didn't like a single track. Just because its experimental doesn't mean its good. Don't think I've heard Blood On The Leaves though.
  • zxsss4
  • kis ma azs
  • wijo76
    Kanye is as retarded as his babies name North West. He really thinks he is god, and he will burn. Anyone who says Drake is good is retarded as well.
  • Anonymous
    That's why it sucks, Cyhi wrote most of it lol
  • 666
  • yeaaahh
    Look at the idiots in this comment section! Kanye makes most of his beats and as soon as he work with other producers you call him a fraud and says he uses "ghost producers"?? That doesn't even make sense. Most rappers don't produce any of their music. There's a difference between a beat maker and a producer. Quincy Jones is one of the best of all time and I'm pretty sure he doesn't go in the studio and play every instrument. Producers guide, mix, and master the album. And as far as ghost writing - Talib Kweli even said that Kanye asks for others opinions and ideas when he's writing. That doesn't mean he doesn't write anything at all.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah whatever Stan.
  • Paul
    Jesus didn't write any of the bible... smh it's pathetic how there guys try to sound intelligent, and end up saying something completely false
  • Anonymous
    You already knew they were all gonna hop on his jock before you even read it.
  • Drake best rapper alive
    yeezus was trash kanye is garbage drake kills this irrelevent niggas carreer with his next album
    • Anonymous
      Good joke.
    • Anonymous
      I know your trolling and all but I'm willing to bet Drake's next album WILL be better than Yeezus. Not because I expect quality from Drake, but because Yeezus was TERRIBLE.
  • Anonymous
    " The bible just wasn't wrote by Jesus" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Bro - Jesus didn't write ANY of bible. That was the Roman Cathloic church 327 AD
    • Jake
      The Bible is actually a collection of 66 books transmitted from God through over 40 different writers of all different backgrounds many of whom never met separated by centuries of time. It took over 1,600 years to write. & the Roman Catholic church had no part of it other than distorting much of the Hebrew & Greek wording and forbidding regular people to even read it.
  • Anonymous
    Ye is us??? - GTFOH ... I think the album is alright.... but Lyrics are the worst on any Kanye album...
  • Anonymous
    Who gives a shit if he isn't writing his own shit? 99% of artists have ghost writers/producers.....
  • Anonymous
    yeezus jeezus drizus weezus
  • Anonymous
    who really gives a fuck what french montana or trinidad james think about anything
    • Cage
      Exactly.... They're way more garbage than ye
  • more dickriders
    A lot of people don't know Yeezus if you break it down is: 'Ye-Is-us," NO ITS YE-EZ-US dumbass! You cant spell
    • Anonymous
      LOL excatly
  • jakem415
    I would argue that yeezus is doing the exact opposite of creating new music. In my opinion all kanye did was take the most popular sounds of right now (edm etc) and just threw some crappy lyrics in to make it and called it his own. I felt the same way with 808's. Shit isnt original to me.
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      Co-fucking Sign
  • Anonymous
    fuck this niggas cd and his whore of a girlfriend
    • Anonfaggot
      +1, Fucking faggot has ghost writers? What a fucking fraud.
    • Anonymous
      his girlfriend is a whore, but you got 4 brothers and sisters each with different last names. get outta here
    • Anonymous
      not only does he have ghost writers he has ghost producers. nigga is basically just like dre now. look at the credits he got a team of slaves making beats and writing lyrics for him!
    • Anonymous
      ^ more like Diddy... atleast dre still does some mixing..