Danny Brown Says Grime Scene Influenced His Music

posted Thursday June 20 ,2013 at 06:05PM CDT | 22 comments

Danny Brown Says Grime Scene Influenced His Music

Danny Brown says he was inspired by Dizzee Rascal, The Streets and the Grime scene. Brown also explains why his next album's title is "Old."

During recent interviews, Danny Brown revealed that the Grime scene played an influential role in his life and explained why he plans on calling his next project Old

"If it wasn't for Dizzee Rascal, if it wasn't for Grime music in general, The Streets, I wouldn't make the music I make now," Brown told Tim Westwood. "So, I've gotta give them all the props in the world. It's a big influence. It was a big influence on what I wanted to do and then, especially, how their careers went, how they're so huge but still, they still doing what they want to do." 

"America's not like that so as a music fan, it's tight to see people just doing what they want to do and people gravitate to that. [They're] not just trying to make radio songs or trying to make club songs. They're doing what they want to do." 

The interview with Westwood can be viewed below. 

While Brown may enjoy experimenting with different sounds, he has said that his next album, Old, will feature work that sounds like what he has traditionally done. 

“With Old you think I’m talking about my age, or where I’m at in my career. But it really [refers to] when I’m experimenting," Brown told Clash in a recent interview. "And then when I go back to my ‘hood, I have my people who be like, ‘Where that ‘old’ Danny Brown shit at? I wanna hear that J. Dilla Danny Brown.’ So I [titled the] album for them.”

In December 2012, Brown explained that this album will be "more mature" and told Pitchfork that "if people are just looking for dick-sucking jokes, there isn't too many of them this time."

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  • Troyer
    Listen. DB's music what he's living like in that moment he makes a song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS4K9QaGfng
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  • Anonymous
    '[They're] not just trying to make radio songs or trying to make club songs. They're doing what they want to do' Sorry Danny but this is absolute bullshit, Mr Rascal in particular has been spewing out garbage pop/radio/club songs for years. Plus I never undertood why people actually liked 'the streets' he always came across as Hip-Hop's Danny Dyer to me.
  • nigga creep
    Cant believe this ugly nigglet got fans when real muthafuckas like Dice been killin shit musically in Detroit for years. Nobody bumps this queer but them weird ass hipster niggas in ferndale or hazel park
    • ShystyOne
      Man, Dice is another era, 2 classic albums though. Danny Brown is now, fluck all the generic shyt. 313 all day though!
    • khordkutta
      cmon sun, db can rhyme, and we all know about dice, why u giva... what db looks like. damne you salty
  • claved
    Please bring the DSOM and The Hybrid Danny back! I have been saying this since XXX was released. There were some good songs on that album, but didnt give me that feel that The Hybrid gave me! Thank you, Danny!
  • Uk resident
    It's nice that people in the US fuck with the UK rap scene abit, but there are better things round here than shitty grime music. That scene died out years ago, no one in the UK takes that shit seriously anymore. If u looking for good UK rap go listen to Krept and Konan or Giggs
    • s
      Giggs is the single worst rapper I've heard in my life, he could take the greatest verse of all time and put you to sleep,no flow and no variation of tone. If US fans are looking for an easy way into UK rap then Sway or Kano are the obvious options.
    • mcr uk
      chek out captin - time will tell uk nigga doin it http://www.onewayent.co.uk/video_details.php?video=337 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMmie9EnLIQ
  • junMaf*ckn
    Dizzie Rascal's "Boy In The Corner" Is A Classic. I Remember They Were Comparing Dizzie To 50 Because He Got Stabbed Up. Interested In Hearing Danny's New Music. XXX Had Joints.
  • bruiser
    Danny Brown's CD is finna be a classic ya digggg
  • #RuleTalk
    Ja Rule influenced God! #RuleTalk #It'sReal #Fuck 5-0 #HollaHolla #Murdaa!
    • Anonymous
      whats ja rule or 50 got to do with this topic? let me guees, your just saying . shup