Chamillionaire "Reignfall" Release Date, Cover Art & EP Stream

posted Tuesday July 23 ,2013 at 10:41AM CDT | 111 comments


UPDATE: Get a full listen of Chamillionaire's "Reignfall," which features Scarface & Killer Mike.

Houston, Texas veteran emcee Chamillionaire has maintained an active independent career since his departure from a platinum relationship with Universal Republic Records. Paul Wall's former rhyme-partner has released two EP's through his website. Last year, Cham dropped Ammunition, after February's seven-song Elevate, announced plans for Reignfall.

Also an EP, Reignfall will self-release digitally and on CD July 23. Koopa provided fans with a number of purchasing options direct from his website, along with the EP's artwork:

Chamillionaire has not released a nationally-distributed album since 2007's Ultimate Victory, his sophomore solo album. The effort was a Top 10 debut.

(June 18)

UPDATE: Chamillionaire has released a full EP stream to Reignfall, which released today and is also for sale:

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  • J&T Photo Paris
    The new reignfall shirts and hat are awesome ! We used them for our photoshoot with two Vietnamese cuties in Downtown LA, check this :
  • Anonymous
    He needs to start selling other Houston rappers cds through his website. Put other niggas on in a way. People will respect that.
  • Anonymous
    He looks like Justin Bieber on that cover.
  • Bobyahed2dis
    I've never heard of this nigga before, he looks weak as hell on his album cover, he got a beat pair of adidas that errybody wore at one point and nobody wears their pants that baggy anymore. This all seems to be an indication that his album is gonna be wack
    • Rich
      Fuck u. Just listen dumb shit
  • He Never Left
    King Koopa ! Give it a listen !
  • Kizman
  • xx004
  • xx004
  • xx004
  • Fernando Costa (Portugal)
    Awesome stuff! Chamillionaire the king.
  • Anonymous
    Year of B.Hudson. Google B.Hudson!!! @1andonlybhudson
  • Ravaid
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  • naked brad
    well ya. lot of people after them.going out also
  • 666 rabbit mask devils
    666 devils
    going house to house to um do a little food shopping haa
  • sdxx
    yea. about to go out again. take care few things.
  • crazy mother fucker
    yea theirs ppl choped up in the kitchen.myers hell raisers out side jumping at ya. walked in one house eyes all over the wall 66 devil signs dog heads throwing around too the bitch.
  • Anonymous
    New beats available @
  • Luigi
    Damn with a 6 yr wait should give us a new Mixtape Messiah series to make it up
    • MarcusBWS
      6 years? really? you been dead?
  • Patricia T. Tucker
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  • M
    respect for cham's independant grind
  • mistabig
    Dunno if my last post is on here or what.. so Imma say what I have to say again.. I been feeling all the music Cham has been putting out for years now.. This EP goes hard! For all you haters that say "oh he's a one-hit wonder" y'all need to come out from under the rock living and check out! Guarantee you WILL NOT find another site like it on the web.... Salute to all the soldiers!! Chamillitary Mayne!!
  • Jose Lalo Andrade
    Cant wait till Poison now! All his EP'S are getting me pumped for Poison!!
  • Jose
    Cant wait till Poison now! All his EP'S are getting me pumped for Poison
  • Noreail Nissan
    man this is my favorite EP from him so far... reignfall > ammunition > elevate. i have here we go and here we go again on replay. i love when cham tells stories and shows emotion instead of just talking about getting money. reignfall was a great song with killer mike and scarface and bobby moon. cloud 9 was pretty amazing too. keep drivin, go get it, and eatin were pretty solid as well but werent as great as the other 4 songs but here we go, here we go again. cloud 9, and reignfall are pretty hard to match because all were great songs
  • don
  • mistabig
    Cham keep gettin better and better with age! Feeling everything this dude been putting out for a while now. All you people who think he's a "one hit wonder" need to come out from under the rock you living under and check out! Guarantee you WILL NOT find another site like it on the web.. Salute to the Chamillitary!
  • T
    Opening track sets it up so well. Loving it. Cham kills it.
  • Jon
    I didn't like this EP first listen, but it is getting better every listen. Favorite song has got to be Go Get It, that song is fresh!
    • Anonymous
      me too!
  • Anonymous
  • Krilla
    Cham Kills Every track agree wit most of yall this is also my favorite EP he put out
  • Haby
  • Haby
  • Eden O.
    Probably my favorite EP out of Ammunition and Elevate seems like we're getting closer and closer to Poison It's gonna be DOPE! Chamillitary Mayne
  • The 256
    So far this is my favorite EP Cham has put out...Can't wait for Poison!
  • Anonymous
    This EP is GREAT i have to buy asap!
  • Dios
    He gave you the game, and we thought you would listen...and you made a right chose if you checked this out 'cause maaaaan, I'm feeling this EP.
  • Haby
    seriously I feel not fullified....
  • Nick
    I bought the EP directly from his website, as well as the previous 2 EP's. Reignfall is very creative and each EP only seems to get better and better. I look forward to future projects. I give Reignfall 3 thumbs up!
  • BJLJBranded
    Reign Fall is Chamillionaire's Best work yet. When you can't pick any favorites that's when you know you have something special. I love it and i strongly recommend anyone looking for new music to jam to Cop Cham's Reign Fall EP.