Lil Wayne Reiterates His Intention To Retire Following "Tha Carter V"

posted Wednesday June 12 ,2013 at 01:10PM CDT | 62 comments

Lil Wayne Reiterates His Intention To Retire Following

Lil Wayne also discusses his retirement plans, his daughter's new book and his seizures during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Lil Wayne reiterated his intentions to retire during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last night (June 11). "I want to retire after Tha Carter V, which I hope would be my last album," Wayne says during the interview

But the YMCMB boss, who has discussed retiring before, didn't specify when Tha Carter V is arriving. "My next album isn't Tha Carter V because I think I have to work on other albums with my pop Birdman and things like that. But, after Tha Carter V, I hope I can retire."

Kimmel then asked Wayne what he would do when he did retire. "Everything that I've never had a chance to do," Wayne says. "Regular stuff. Drive your car down the street...Things like spend quality time with my kids."

Wayne and Kimmel then shared a laugh when Wayne couldn't remember the title of the book his teenage daughter wrote with Birdman's teenage daughter. Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter wrote Paparazzi Princesses with Birdman's daugther Bria Williams. The book was released June 4.

The conversation was more serious when Kimmel asked Wayne about his recent rash of seizures. Wayne, who referred to his seizures as "a private medical matter that I've been dealing with my whole life," says one of the seizures was particularly problematic"That one was serious because the house that I was in has an upstairs and a downstairs," Wayne says. "I was upstairs and my homies were downstairs and they didn't even know that I was up there seizing. One of them just was like, 'You know, he hadn't come down in a minute,' and they came up there."

When Kimmel asked Wayne if he was going to have a "homie on alert" in case he had another seizure, Wayne laughed before responding. "I've taken those steps and a whole bunch of other steps," Lil Wayne says, "to make sure that everything's perfect."

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  • dentaldamboy
    Wayne destroyed 50's career.
    • Anonymous
      LOL. Good joke.
    • Anonymous
      wayne was getting pimped out by birdman since he was 10 years old 50 came in the game 10 years later and still has more money than wayne
  • Anonymous
    let's hope so
  • zxxxx9
  • Nigga slim
    Weak ass nigga shoulda retired after 'tha block is hot'.
  • szzzz9
  • zxcccc9
  • COCA
    • right
      so fucking true.
  • Anonymous
    "will never be able to afford retirement after 50 ruined his rap career" 50 can't erase the 20 million albums Ja Rule sold.
    • Anonymous
      that was 12 years ago nigga that lil money gonna be drying up any day now!
    • Anonymous
      And Ja can't erase the 30 million albums that50 sold.
  • Fred Fukk
    Bullshit. This fucking gremlin isnt retiring, he's just trying to push units based off a lie and not actual talent.
    • CMb
      He most likely is retiring, wayne has been in the game since he was 11, he's 30 now....think about it..and if he does retire Tha Carter V will probably be his best selling carter album
    • Anonymous
  • HHp
    Enjoy spending time with your kids And stay healthy you little drug-dwarf Just promise to never make "music" again Never ever, never ever ever again Thank you, now drop the album and be done with it
  • zxsss9
  • Art Brooks
    Hope U can go out with a 'W', cuz all your shit lately been ass.
  • zxsss4
  • sxxx009
  • Anonymous
    this nigga gay
  • TuuGreezy
    Diz nigga ain't retirin. id be surprised
  • ubhhybyb
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  • zxsss4
  • ISeeYOu
    Copying Jay Z anyone? Trend Sweater not a trend setter Hova>
  • Dr Ken
    So long gay boy!!!!
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    • Da Fuck ^
      I seriously thought your name was Alvin B. Gay
  • oijnjudcnudcx
    lil wayne is a nigger exersist that smokes nite quil
  • dee
    bout time one good album in all that time
  • Anonymous
    Please retire............. please...
    • hiphop101
      Lil wayne shouldn't retire hiphop needs him.Just because he has made a few wack records doesn't justify a retirement ,and if so Eminem,Jay z,Nas and any other emcee should retire
    • ^
      That's a joke, right? Hip-Hop doesn't need Wayne.
  • NeverFail
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  • fuck young money
  • zxsss4
  • barrydavillain
    Please, do us a favor, retire! Thank god, all I need is Drake and Ross to follow suit.
  • dentaldamboy
    Aye, when YMCM goes bankrupt, and I get laid off, Instead of heading to the welfare line, I'm starting a new family theme park called FAGLAND. Yes, bring all your underage boys and girls so I can rub my cock around their ears. And any twelve year old named stephanie will walk funny after I give her a good rail in the tail. I will let the little boys shove a toaster up my dickhole, but hopefully my pubes dont catch on fire, otherwise I will piss all over my dick to put it out. When I go to FAGLAND, I will fuck the rhinos and shove my cock through the gopher holes. If a cat walks by, I will kill it then fuck it in the butthole, I will also eat its shit if it looks like chocolate mousse. I will bring birdman and lil wayne to FAGLAND, and will gently suck their cockheads until they explode all over my fade. I will do this in repetition while fingering their sweet, moist anus holes. Then I will use their ass hairs to floss the jizz from between my teeth. Yes Birdman, my lord, that is how I wish to service you. And lil wayne, i just want to stick my hand up your ass so I can jerk off your shit, then squeeze it between my fingers, then mix it with my ass butter and serve it to nicki minaj with a fucking souffle. YMCM 4 Life!!!
  • Anonymous
    thank god
  • JustSayin
    how about he retires before he releases it
  • dentaldamboy
    Let me assure you he won't retire for Tha Carter 5. He said the same thing about tha carter 1,2,3,4 and still kept going. Tha Carter 5 will also win best album of the year.
    • Anonymous
      No. Tha Carter 5 will win worst album of the year.
  • Anonymous
    his daughter thinks: my father is an alcholic, a junkie, fucks whores instead of my mom