Cam'ron "Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1" Mixtape Cover Art, Release Date, Stream

posted Wednesday October 02 ,2013 at 01:00AM CDT | 71 comments


UPDATE: Cam'Ron's "Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1" is available for streaming.

Cam'ron announced on Instagram July 4 as the release date for his next mixtape, "Ghetto Heaven Vol 1." He also released the cover art for the project, which features a gun-toting Ronald McDonald backed by a smiling Hamburglar. Cam'ron bills himself as Killa Cam on the art work. 

After a prolific and high-profile decade-plus run that started with the release of his Confessions Of Fire LP in 1998 and the Diplomats movement with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana a few years later, Cam'ron was shot in 2005 during a failed carjacking attempt in Washington, D.C. He kept a lower profile following the incident, but kept releasing material. His more recent output, including 2011's Gunz N' Butta LP with Vado, was released to less fanfare.

More recently, the Harlem rapper collaborated with Wiz Khalifa for "The Bluff" in 2012 and appeared in March with The Diplomats in New York, New York for a 10-year reunion concert in celebration of the crew's Diplomatic Immunity album.

(May 31)

UPDATE: Cam'ron's Ghetto Heaven Vol.1 can be streamed below via Datpiff.

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Comments 71 Posts

  • Anonymous
  • ItsMoreNigguzWearingSkirtsThanBitches
    dope mixtape, smooth ignant harlem shit
  • Anonymous
    serious though if cam gonna say Jay ain't make him a millionaire, how come this album art looks like a 6th grade mexican made it?
    • Anonymous
      and I bet that's exactly what he did, gave one of the little harlem homies a chance and threw them $50-100 for their time instead of a couple of grand to some graphics company just because he has money to spend learn something from that
  • yuujik
  • xxxxxx
    dmx drop opean up shop woaaa woaaaa. 50 cent woa woa woa woa told ya boy told ya imma rideer.
  • Anonymous
    the font sucks on the cover/.. but im sure the mixtape will be DOPE
  • Esco
    Cam my dude happy 2 see em back love dis bone thug remix Me Killa very creative my dude
  • Anonymous
    That beat for "Jungle" is mad weak.
  • Anonymous
  • Grand noir
    Yesssss!!!!!!! Hiphop is back in da house!!!!!! Going to listen that!!!!! Viva camron!!!!!
    • Anonymous
      live ya life -
  • h5678juk9
  • t6h7ynhujk
  • COCA
  • foreal
    I love the cover but cam will definitely get a letter from McDonald's and their lawyers.
    • Ja Rule Army
      its aint for sale so = FAIL
    • 50 Cent
      ^Ja, you dead homie! Love -50
  • Kroner
    Camron is a lucky man, he has so many haters!
    • Ja Rule Army
      Camron is a lucky man, he has so many groupies!
  • Amy A. Brinkley
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  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule asks the poignant question, Is there a heaven for a songbird?
  • Game 6
    I heard he's gonna sample The Barney and Friends theme song
  • Jacc
    Fuck y'all niggas, judging a mixtape by its cover.
  • Anonymous
    Come Home With Me is a classic and we all know every Cam album, regardless of how it comes off as a whole, always has at least a few bangers on it.
  • Anonymous
    i love cam but this is a cheap ass cover
  • Fuck Harlem
    This got to be the cheapest mixtape I've ever seen.
  • Sco*
    'I get computers putin'
  • p@W!E.R.
    man why does a period appear after the cam?
  • r
    sick cover that
  • Anonymous
    jay z buried this niggas career game over camron
    • Anonymous
      lol jay z is a bitch. ducked camron and dissed jim jones. cam destroyed him and jay played politics in the office. cam still drops good rhymes outta fun and jay-z is out here trying to be cool for gay kids in bow ties and nerd glasses wearing nerd glasses and bow ties himself.
    • Anonymous
      word jay ducked cam. he would have ducked nas too but we wasnt gonna let that slide.
    • Anonymous
      hmm lets see Jay "buried" Cams career. Cam disses Jay while still signed = no response Cam releases "He's a Biter" = no response from Jay but some DJ from the Bronx finds some Cam lines of him biting Jones disses Jay twice on City of God = Dissed on a Ballin Freestyle a more than a yr later Hell the only time both exchanged disses were on Yung Joc's bum ass remix & Rick Ross Hustlin' Remix Nigga sends Memphis Bleek & Tru Life to do the work yet Tru ducks Writer who ripped him to shreds Juelz ducks Peedi Crakk Shit Jay ducked them niggas the entire time WITH The EXCEPTION of two lines. Ever since Ether nigga became a bitch.
    • Anonymous
      This nigga said Jr. Writer lls, the same nigga that had his dipset chain all on the youtube after niggaz took his bitch ass off, Dont even come out your mouth talking bout that nigga,Them LES boys had Jimmy and them shook up NY hopping fences in there own hood Jimmy getting knocked out thats why Cam stopped fucking wit them lames, Juelz getting held for ransom out London him and JR Writer,Cam said he couldnt be associated wit getting robbed and beat on thats why he left
    • Anonymous
      Max B put that shit out there about them boys
  • Anonymous
    Cam's about to get sued from Mcdonalds. But i will still cop it
  • Harlem's Reckoning
    Greatest Cover Ever lol
  • Kung Pow
    Chicken go cluck cluck Cow go moo Piggy go oink oink How about you Got to be an animal just like you
    • rideonemjixxer
      Camron flow all day!
  • Betty aka Master Pain
    I'm just a birdie too!!
  • Cam'ron Rap [filnobep dudes on youtube]
    A is for apple B is for ball C is for Killa Cam D explains it all E is for ecstasy F is for Fooly McGoolie G is for gangstas H is for Hell Rell Hell Rell, yeah I'm talking bout Hell Rell.. Young Jeezy: You know what it is......
  • COCA